Get a Done-For-You Content Plan with our Hub & Spoke Strategy

Need a content strategy backed by SEO research? Hub & Spoke is your simple, effective content strategy in a box. Purposeful content, organized and promoted to earn compounding organic traffic.

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Grow your organic traffic with a solid content strategy

Custom SEO content plan

Our play on the popular hub and spoke strategy helps harder to rank hub pages, by directing users, search engines, and authority from the spokes (internal linking blog pages). By building links to the spokes, we speed up the resulting improved rankings and organic traffic.

Grow your organic traffic with a solid content strategy

With content marketing, SEOs, webmasters, and business owners commonly find themselves doing time-consuming keyword research, producing content, and building links. That’s a lot of moving pieces! Save time and money, and order our hub and spoke strategy. You’ll get a website audit, a content strategy, done-for-you articles, and regular links so you can unlock new keywords and traffic opportunities.

Do you have some questions? Okay!

Can the hub be my homepage?

Yes, the hub can be any page, including the homepage. Commonly it’s either a service, resource or blog page.

What kind of links will you build?

Most commonly, we will select links from our guest post lists, though occasionally we may borrow from our Authority Link or Reserve lists. These are in-article links, in topically relevant, well-written content.

Can I see an example of your blog content?

Yes, here are three examples from our writers: here, here and here. Content quality is important to us, but equally important is keeping editing to a minimum, and maintaining campaign momentum. If you or your client are super picky about content, this might not be the service for you.

Who writes our hub pages?

We focus on the blog pages (spokes) only, however it’s common that our clients will use our content writing service to have better hub or service pages created.

Do I get to pick out the links?

We’re very confident in the quality of our links, and so for the sake of expedient results we’ve decided to pick the best links for your campaign.

Do I get to edit the content?

For the sake of expediency and rankings, we will write and publish your content. Once published, you are more than welcome to edit.

What kind of reporting do I receive each month?

Each month we will send you an email detailing everything we’ve completed, including all live URLs. Additionally, you’ll have access to rank tracking in your dashboard, pre loaded with your keywords by our team.

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