Monthly Citation Building FAQ

Am I eligible?

Will you sing our praises to all that will listen? Do you have a taste for adventure? Do you know how to dougie? Slick dance moves! As long as you order one of our citation building packages first, you may enroll that location/order in our monthly citation building program.

What does the monthly reporting look like?

Pretty! Very pretty, much like any of the other reports that we produce. You will receive a detailed account of everything that went on, including the usual list of profiles created, their logins, etc etc etc. It will be white labeled, so you can essentially forward it along to your client, or whomever. They are going to think you are quite the hard worker, let me tell you. They just might even plant a sloppy wet kiss on your cheek.

Do you send me a ranking report each month?

Sure. We’re tracking your rankings, why wouldn’t we? We will send you a link, which will have your rankings, updated daily and LIVE. Require a nice little chart, you’ll be able to download it right then and there. OR, just give your client the link, and they too can obsessively watch the upwards and to the right movement. It’s like watching an Uber car make it’s way to your location, just a little bit slower.

What do you mean, “Structured” or “Unstructured”?

You might hear us refer to either or in the deliverable descriptions, or elsewhere. Basically a structured citation would be where a directory for example, asks you to fill out fields like Name, Address, Phone, etc and spits it out in a nice, structured manner. A profile if you will. The opposite, an unstructured citation, might look someone including Name, Address and Phone number in a Youtube comment. Both are citations. Both contribute in their own way.

How many links are you building to my citations?

Hundreds. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 or so. But we don’t stop there. You see, these types of links have a tendency to deteriorate over time. SO, in order to combat that, we will not only be building links to you NEW and EXISTING citations in a drip manner all month long.

Do you customize your Citation Building?

Each campaign is tailored to exactly your needs, we only build manual citations and each campaign uses different citation sources. You can check out our Citation Building Lists by Country & Profession to see some samples of the types of citations we’d build for you.

So is there a time when we stop doing the citations. Or is your process unlimited?

Unfortunately, it is not unlimited. We are only going to be able to take your money for so long, haha. Depending on how many citations you already have, we could go for 6 months to a year. This timeline is always extending as more, good quality citations are found. What we WON’T do, is build citations just so we get a paycheck. When we are running low, you will be notified. If one month can only deliver half of what you paid for, you will be refunded the difference. Scouts honor.

If I were to cancel my monthly subscription, do you remove all the links / citations you built during the previous months?

No, no, we’re not Yext. We put a lot of work into building your citations, and wouldn’t dare taking them down. When we are done building your citations each month, you always have the logins. These are YOUR properties. YOUR assets.

Why are you guys so awesome?

Our Carnegie Mellon scientists are looking into the matter. We will keep you apprised on their progress. In the meantime, it’s high-time you get started, and order!