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  • Local, university-educated writers
  • Understanding nuance is our specialty
  • Predictable turnaround (with a money-back guarantee)
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Before you check out our pricing, here’s what you need to know:

Get quality content creation backed by SEO research

You tell us the keywords you want to target, and we’ll write the content. Our trained copywriters create content that is designed to rank and effortlessly fit into your workflow for scaling content production.

Not only can we write the search engine ready content, but choose Content that Ranks and we will do SERP analysis using Thruuu, light keyword research with Ahrefs, and run the finished article through Clearscope. We do things the way you would if you had the time.

How it works
  1. You give your target keyword, writing style and we’ll write great content
    Or, choose Content that Ranks and…
  2. Our SEO’s analyze the SERPs, research your keywords, and present a brief
  3. We create the content and optimize it
You can expect…
  • Well-written content from U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Battle-tested process for creating content (that ranks)
  • Timely, consistent delivery of content

Case Study

“The attention to detail and the products and services we receive from them. The detailed step-by-step and walkthrough on how to use each deliverable effectively helped us create a cohesive marketing strategy that was easy to understand for our entire team.”
Steven Orechow

Our Content Services

Choose the type of content you want us to produce for you.

Great Content Well-written blog content
Excellent writers

Local university-educated writers

5-Day Turnaround

Quick, reliable delivery guarantee

$60 /per 500 words
Content that Ranks (CTR) Highest quality blog content
Excellent writers

Local university-educated writers

7-Day Turnaround

Quick, reliable delivery guarantee

Content Brief
  • SERP intent matching
  • Keyword Research
  • Clearscope Optimization
$149 starting at

Vouched for by people
who don't vouch for everyone.

Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.
Nick Eubanks, From the Future
Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by a leader in the space.
Brian Dean, Backlinko
Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.
Chris Dreyer
Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we'd need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.
Jerry Zheng

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies by content product. Our Content product will deliver in 5 days, whereas our more involved, Content that ranks (authority content) delivers in 7 days.

Who writes your content?

All of our content is produced in-house by university-educated digital marketing copywriters from the United States and Canada. Each one has more than 3 years’ (as much as 10 years) experience handling business and marketing copywriting, and has extensive experience with SEO & writing for search engines. We do not outsource our copywriting, so we control and take complete responsibility for the quality.

What industries do you work with?

Our thorough research means we can deliver high-performance content writing services for almost any industry, but we have extensive experience with law offices, field service businesses, and clinics. We’ve also written content for clients in more English-speaking countries than we can remember.

Can you write about my industry?

Yes! (most likely). Our team of writers has a wide breadth of expertise and experience writing across multiple industries — it’s what helps our blog writing service be so successful for our clients. If we need help, our writers will reach out for feedback on a content outline and speed up the research process by speaking directly with you, the expert. If you’re in a technical or niche industry, feel free to reach out to confirm our writers have the required expertise before ordering!

Can you choose the topics for me?

Yep! You’re busy, you need content up on the blog ASAP and the creative juices just aren’t flowing? If this sounds like you, then our content strategy product is exactly what you need. We will take care of the entire topic selection process, utilizing in-depth keyword research to find gaps in search engines for your content to rank well and drive targeted traffic. You can purchase a content strategy in the dashboard.

Are these posts optimized for search?

Yes. The very first thing we do when writing our blog articles is lay the SEO structure with the keywords you’ve selected or had us research. These are then used naturally in the titles, headings, and throughout the blog post for maximum search impact. Taking it a step further, we can run your article through Clearscope to make sure we’ve evenly covered all relevant keywords throughout the entire piece.

How long are your blog posts? Do you write different lengths?

Our blog writing service starts at 500 words for a single post, at checkout you can select the exact word count you’re looking for up to thousands of words per post. We recommend starting with 750 to 1000 words so there’s room to craft an amazing post around your topic. Some topics may require more to fully flesh out, while others can be brief. Our end goal is to always make sure our articles are only as long as they need to be to make sure they maintain your customers’ interest and engagement. If you’re unsure of the word count required to create a great post, reach out and our team can help define the best word count for topics in your industry.

Can I pick which writers from your team to write my blog articles?

Blog posts are assigned, based on availability, to the writer with the most expertise on the industry your post is focused around. If you really enjoy the work delivered by a team member, let us know and we’ll match up your future orders to the same writer.

Can I see samples of your work?

Of course, we’re always excited to show off our work. However, as a ghostwriting service, client privacy is of utmost importance. Contact us to request a sample, noting the industries you’re looking to get content written for, and we’ll share any relevant examples that we have permission from our customers to show off.

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What’s The Ideal Page Word Count for SEO?

As with most answers in SEO, it depends. You’ve probably heard 250 or 500 words recommended a bare minimum content length, but those recommendations are very outdated at this point. The general consensus in the SEO community for minimum word count is now 1000 words. The data pushes that count even higher with the average length of a first-page result on Google containing 1,890 words, according to a Backlinko case study.

We would recommend analyzing the search results for the terms you want to rank for before picking your word count. Determine the intent of the SERP, whether it’s informational or commercial, and pick a content style and length to match or better the sites you’ll be competing against. If the top results for a search term you’re targeting average 1500 words per page, then you would want at least 1500 words of well-optimized content – ideally more.

Image from Backlinko Search Engine Ranking Case Study

What is SEO copywriting? (and do you offer it?)

SEO copywriting is all about creating useful content that targets keywords AND helps to sell your product or service.

For years, Loganix has set the standard in local search and defined how a page optimized for local search should look. In the past 7 years, our SEO copywriters have produced quite literally thousands of landing pages, service pages, and well-researched, optimized blog posts.

SEO copywriting is a complex writing project, so get in touch with us to discuss it further.

In order to deliver content that perfectly meets your needs, we ask all of the right questions first. Each order comes with a questionnaire to make sure that the delivered content meets your exact specifications.

Our questionnaire will include information such as the number of pages you’d like us to create, the types of pages, any keywords you’ve already researched for yourself, any services or special offers you’d like to plug, and where you’d like the links to go. We can also showcase any lead magnets you have on the page.

We’re not building your content off one template. We research your competitors to find out what’s working for top results in your industry. We’ll also analyze the SERP for keyword intent. Only then will we put ‘pen to paper.’

All of our content is produced in-house by university-educated digital marketing copywriters from the United States and Canada. Each one has more than 3 years’ (as much as 10 years) experience handling business and marketing copywriting, and has extensive experience with SEO & writing for search engines. We do not outsource our copywriting, so we control and take complete responsibility for the quality.

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