April Marketing Ideas

Adam Steele
Jun 3, 2023

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April marks the start of a new season, which makes it a perfect time to launch fresh campaigns and reengage your target audience.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase brand awareness or introduce a new product, these 20 April marketing ideas will bring your business into the spotlight.

20 April Marketing Ideas

Ready to put last year’s April profits to shame?

Let’s do it.

1. Launch An April Promotion Campaign

Creating an April promotion campaign is an excellent way to drive more sales in April. You can use traditional and digital platforms to launch a campaign and reach your target audience.

You can even tie the campaign to a holiday or event, such as April Fool’s Day, Easter, and Earth Day. Create unique marketing materials with exciting content related to the theme and share them on social media channels.

Here are some more April events you may wish to use in your promotions:

  • April 1st: National Burrito Day
  • April 7th: National Beer Day
  • April 11th: National Pet Day
  • April 18th: World Heritage Day

See a complete list of April events and national days.

2. Introduce New Offers

Introducing new offers can help you drive more sales and boost customer loyalty. Consider announcing special discounts, free shipping, and other offers during April. If you have a membership program, offer exclusive April discounts to existing members and welcome new members with an attractive offer.

To inspire some new offer ideas, consider the following:

  • A “buy one get one free” offer for a newly launched product.
  • A gift with every purchase over a specific value.
  • A discount code that customers can use on multiple purchases.

3. Launch A Social Media Campaign

Social media is a big part of any marketing strategy, so don’t miss out on making the most of it during April.

As with most marketing strategies, it is essential to set a clear goal and plan before creating content. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Research which social media platforms best fit your brand and target audience. This will help you determine where you should focus your efforts.
  2. Use popular hashtags, so your content is easy to discover.
  3. Include a call-to-action in the post description to engage users and inspire them to take action.
  4. Make sure the content is on-brand and resonates with your target audience by using images, videos, and other mediums to help tell your story.
  5. Track which content resonates best and which platforms have the highest engagement rate. This will help you refine your strategy and maximize the impact of your campaign.

4. Implement April-Themed Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your current and potential customers. Create eye-catching email templates with April-themed designs and copy. You can also use the holidays, events, and national days to make your emails stand out.

Before you start writing, let’s look at some key steps you should take when planning your email marketing:

  1. Are you hoping to increase sales, increase website traffic, or generate more leads? Knowing your goal will help you choose the right content to include in the email and will also allow you to measure the effectiveness of your email.
  2. Whether it is discussing a relevant holiday, special offer, or something else, make sure the content is in line with the goal of your email.
  3. You’ll want to create an eye-catching subject line that will entice readers to open your email.
  4. Remember to include personalization in the email by including the reader’s name or segmenting your audience.
  5. Include a compelling call to action that clearly expresses what action you want readers to take.

5. Use Visual Content

Using visuals such as pictures and videos can help you capture more attention and increase engagement with your audience. Consider creating visually appealing content such as infographics, GIFs, or short videos related to April events and holidays.

GIFs and memes can be an ideal way to engage with your audience and keep them entertained. You could also present informational content in an easily digestible format using infographics.

6. Hold April-Themed Contests

Holding an April-themed contest is a great way to engage your audience and boost brand awareness.

When planning your contest, consider the types of prizes you’d like to offer and the entry rules you’ll need to follow when running the competition. You can also use the holidays, events, and national days to inspire creative competition ideas. An April Fool’s Day-themed competition could generate some exciting ideas.

Embed code.

7. Partner With Social Media Influencers

Using social media influencers to promote your brand is an effective way to reach a larger audience. Nurturing relationships with influencers can help you expand your reach and increase brand visibility.

Start by researching influencers who could be a good fit for your brand. You could even involve influencers in your existing April promotions and contests. Send influencers special offers such as discounts and free products to encourage them to promote your brand on their channels.

8. Take Advantage of Unconventional Strategies

Unconventional strategies such as pop-up stores and mobile commerce can help you reach more people and tap into new markets. Set up a pop-up store during April to engage local customers and create a more personal experience.

To drive more sales and build customer relationships, you could promote April-themed events, such as workshops, tastings, and seminars.

9. Look for Opportunities to Partner With Other Businesses

Look for opportunities to partner with other businesses during April. Consider hosting a joint promotion, partnering with a local venue for an April event, or leveraging the audience of another business to promote your products and services.

Partnering with a respected business or organization in your industry can help you increase your reach and credibility. It can also help you better understand the unique needs of your target audience.

10. Invest in Advertising

Investing in paid advertising can help you reach an even larger audience. Platforms like Google and Facebook Ads offer several targeting options, so you can customize your campaigns to reach the right audience.

Ads can be a great way to promote a new product, advertise an April offer, or generate leads. Just be sure you set a clear budget and have measurable goals to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns.

Learn more: see our PPC marketing services.

11. Bring Your Brand Into the Real World

Engage with communities in your local area by sponsoring a local event or charity. You can also take your promotion to the streets using guerilla marketing tactics and podcasts.

By combining traditional and modern marketing tactics, you can discover creative ways to promote your brand during April. With the right approach and consistent effort, you can make the most of this month and increase your visibility.

12. Focus on Customers

Another effective way to promote your business during April is by focusing on your customers. Consider organizing a customer appreciation day or creating special promotions. This will help you build relationships and gain more loyalty from your customers.

You could also share customer stories on your website and social media channels to showcase their experiences with your brand. This will help your customers connect with your brand and make it more relatable.

13. Leverage Your Existing Content

Make the most of your existing content by repurposing it during April. Whether it’s an article, an online course, or a collection of videos, look for ways to freshen up the content and make it more relevant to the month.

You could also use the holidays, events, and national days to create new content. This will help you stay relevant and draw more attention to your content.

14. Be Creative and Have Fun

Have some fun by creating unique and creative April-themed campaigns. From Easter egg hunts to April Fool’s Day pranks, there are plenty of ways to entertain your audience. Try to be creative in your approach and have fun with your campaigns.

When creating your campaigns, keep your target audience in mind. This will help you create campaigns that are more relevant and engaging.

15. Leverage April-Themed Landing Pages

Create April-themed landing pages with special offers, discounts, and other promotions. Make sure you optimize your landing pages to ensure they have a clear structure and are easy to navigate. Place links to the pages in your emails and on your website.

Using April-themed landing pages can be a great way to capture your audience’s attention and drive them to take action.

16. Embrace Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is a great way to promote your business during April. This involves creating content that speaks to your brand values and personality. You can also use brand marketing to position your business as an expert in its field.

Embrace brand marketing by creating content that resonates with your audience. This could involve creating videos, infographics, or blog posts. You could also participate in April-themed marketing initiatives such as World Autism Day or World Health Day. This will help you gain more exposure and build strong relationships with your customer base.

17. Redesign Your Website

Is your website outdated? April is a great time to redesign your website. Refresh the design, add new content, and ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices.

A modern, professional website that is easy to navigate will help you attract more visitors, gain more leads, and improve your website’s SEO.

18. Take Advantage of Data-Driven Insights

Gathering data-driven insights can be an invaluable tool for developing effective marketing strategies. Consider using existing customer data to segment your audience and build more targeted campaigns.

Analyzing your competitors can also help you determine what works and doesn’t in your industry. You can optimize your offers and promotions using data-driven insights to maximize sales and improve the customer experience.

19. Review and Refine Your Strategies

Remember that April’s marketing strategies should be regularly reviewed and refined. Take the time to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns and adjust the strategy if necessary.

Listen to customer feedback to understand what works and doesn’t for your April campaigns. This way, you can tweak and modify your strategies to help increase your sales and revenue.

20. Follow Up With Your Customers

After your April promotions and campaigns, remember to follow up with your customers. You can reach out via email or social media and ask for feedback or invite them to join an online group or event.

Following up with customers will help you build relationships, gain insights, and increase loyalty. This will also help you stay in the know and ensure your customers are happy.

Looking for more? Check out the collection of hundreds of actionable marketing ideas.


April is an ideal time for businesses to promote their brand, launch new products and services, and generate leads. Make sure to set a clear budget and measurable goals to ensure the success of your campaigns. Leverage your existing content, take advantage of April-themed events, and follow up with your customers to maximize the effectiveness of your strategies.

If you need a helping hand with your brand’s April marketing, reach out to us here at Loganix.

Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Adam Steele on June 3, 2023

COO and Product Director at Loganix. Recovering SEO, now focused on the understanding how Loganix can make the work-lives of SEO and agency folks more enjoyable, and profitable. Writing from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.