Find valuable backlink gaps… and then replicate them.

  • Compiled by experienced SEOs
  • Understanding quality links is our specialty
  • Predictable turnaround (with a money-back guarantee)
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Before you check out our pricing, here’s what you need to know:

Find new backlinks and unlock additional organic traffic.

Give us your domain (or your clients) along with five competitors and we’ll put together an actionable backlink gap analysis. Our process pulls in up to 1000 backlinks per site and then highlights the links shared by two or more competitors.

This report can (and will) save you hours.

A backlink gap is competitor link analysis turned up to 11. But doing this yourself can take a lot of time. Save yourself from exporting and cleaning link data from tools like Ahrefs and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Find valuable backlink gaps that you’re missing out on and unlock more organic traffic, with our action-oriented report.

How it works
  1. You give us 5 competitor URLs + your site/clients URL to compare against.
  2. Our SEO’s analyze the backlink profiles of each of the URLs and look for overlaps.
  3. We organise this data into an actionable backlink gap analysis.
You can expect…
  1. Well-researched backlinks gaps done by U.S. and Canadian marketers
  2. Robust process for finding valuable backlinks to replicate
  3. Timely delivery of report

Trusted by businesses like you

As a Digital Strategist on a lean in-house team, time and efficiency are always front of mind. Thanks to Loganix, we were able to outsource key aspects of our SEO efforts without having to worry about compromising quality. We found huge value in the competitive reports. They helped us identify opportunities that had the best chance of making an impact and played a significant role in our recent growth.
Steven Orechow
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Service and Pricing

Backlink Gap Analysis
5 Competitors

Find and get the backlinks your competitors have

Save Time Compiling

Our deeper analysis will compare anchors & link types

Actionable Data

A beautiful, instructional report assembled by an experienced SEO

2-day Turnaround

Our always timely delivery guarantee


Do you have some questions? Okay!

Can I see a sample report?

Sure thing! Check out the sample here.

What is the turnaround time?

The estimated turnaround time is ~2 business days.

Do you have an even more comprehensive version of this?

Absolutely. Generally speaking, we provide more topics and a deeper dive. Speak to our support team today.

Is this automated?

While we do employ sheet formulas, the research is compiled manually by an SEO on our team.

How many competitor URLs can I provide?

You may add up to 5. If you’d to add 5 more, simply order a 2nd or 3rd order to your purchase.

Save time and unlock valuable links with our custom report