Find Valuable Links with our Backlink Gap Analysis

Our backlink gap analysis finds valuable link opportunities you could be missing out on to help increase your SEO visibility and keep you ahead of your competitors.

It’s also super-simple to get started:

  1. Give us your domain + up to 5 competitor URLs you want to analyze
  2. We’ll dig through their backlink profiles to find potential link opportunities
  3. Our team pulls the data together and organizes it into actionable gaps

Our analysis is backed by industry-leading data, a tried-and-tested process and years of SEO experience building links that actually move the needle.

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Uncover Hidden Backlinks

Did you know, there are likely HUNDREDS of potential link opportunities your competitors have, but you do not?

By researching your competitor’s links, we can uncover these hidden backlinks for you using our proven link gap analysis process.

We analyze the backlink profiles of competing domains to discover untapped backlink opportunities for you. Once we find backlinks that 2 or more competitors are ranking for, we mark it as a gap and pull more actionable link data about that site.


Link Building Quick Wins

Why are backlink gaps important?

The goal of this process is to find sites that have linked to your competitors, but have not linked to you. The theory being, if the websites linking to your competitors have already shown they are interested in the topic, then the chances of them to linking to you have increased.

Don’t miss out on these untapped link opportunities. Uncover gaps in your backlinks today with our Backlink Gap Analysis.

Reverse Engineer Your Competition

Despite Google’s frequent ranking algorithm updates, our experience in the industry has shown that a few things hold true over time no matter what new test Google is running: building high quality backlinks – consistently.

Minimize some of the risk and go after the links that are already working for your competitors. Our gap analysis makes reverse engineering your competitor’s links easy and effective.


Find new backlinks and unlock additional organic traffic

Custom Backlink Gap Analysis

A backlink gap analysis is a process of identifying valuable backlinks that your competitors have, but you do not. It’s a must-do report for every SEO campaign.

Agencies & teams tell us that on average, their team members spend 1-2 hours producing this cornerstone report. Many of these teams are producing these reports as part of every website link building campaign. We’ve also heard many re-run a backlink gap analysis every year to find new link opportunities. Focus on the tough stuff, and leverage our team’s scale and process.

Competitor Link Analysis Turned Up To 11

Identify overlooked, valuable backlink gaps and unlock new organic traffic for your website. A backlink gap goes beyond standard competitor link analysis, and finds backlinks 2 or more competitors are ranking for. Unlock links opportunities that are hiding in plain sight.

Grow Your Backlink Profile With Better Analysis

With new competitors appearing in the SERPs all the time, SEOs and webmasters commonly find themselves re-doing time consuming competitor backlink research. Save time and money, and order our backlink gap analysis. You’ll unlock new links opportunities far exceeding this value-rich audit.

Do you have some questions? Okay!

Can I see a sample report?

Sure thing! Check out the sample here.

What is the turnaround time?

The estimated turnaround time is ~1 business day.

Do you have an even more comprehensive version of this?

Yes, please ping with your project details and needs and our team will provide a custom quote. Generally speaking, we provide more topics and a deeper dive.

Is this automated?

While we do employ sheet formulas, the research is compiled by a Jr. and Sr. SEO on our team.

How many competitor URLs can I provide?

You may add up to 5. If you’d to add 5 more, simple order a 2nd or 3rd order to your purchase.

Save time and unlock valuable links with our custom report