The Citation Cleanup and Repair That Does it All

Perfect your citation profile and increase your rankings! We’ll clean up your listings, remove duplicates & enhance your citations – all of ‘em.

Why You’re Here, And Why You Came to the Right Place

It all comes down to the NAP: Name, address and phone numbers. When any one of these comes up wrong in your results, it means problems like confused customers and angry search engines. Our process starts with an extensive citation audit, followed by several rounds of aggressive, targeted outreach.

Worst Case Scenario

Your customers won’t like showing up at the wrong location or calling the wrong number. When you break their heart, Yelp will be right there with a shoulder to cry on.

Search Engines
Search engines interpret incorrect citation as a new listing, or as a manipulative listing. You divide-and-conquer yourself through in-fighting and penalties while your competitors watch with glee.

You don’t need that.
That’s why we’ve developed the most exhaustive, take-no-prisoners citation cleaning process that exists anywhere. Our team storms the big directories, the medium ones and even the ones that just about everyone else misses. This isn’t a game. At least we don’t seem to think so – I can’t speak for our competitors. You may not realize that cleaning up your citations can actually mean bigger and better results than you could expect from producing brand new ones. Give us a chance, and we’ll show you how much power you can buy for such an affordable price.

How We Do It Better

Exhaustive Outreach
Some helpful directories make it easy to change information, but others require emails—emails to people who really don’t want to read them. We aggressively pursue bad information until we have someone’s attention.

Fight to the Death
Anyone who is promising fast results is promising bad results. Our six-week campaign length gives us the time to address all of the most-important directories and motivate the laziest gatekeepers they can throw at us.

Case Study

“We went from having an aggravated client on Monday, to a plan in place on Wednesday, to a fix in place one week later.”
Dev Basu

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a citation cleanup campaign run?

Six weeks from start to finish. Why so long? We don’t just hit up the big directories, we contact everyone. We don’t believe in shortcuts at Loganix, because we realize it is more than just citation consistency, it’s brand and messaging consistency. It only takes one dude to see your incorrect address on a directory, show up, and then cause a fit so huge, you’re in hole for 5k/mo to an ORM company, which by the way, we do that too : ) Don’t settle for any less than the full job. Your cleanup is done in 3, 2 week increments: week one outreach, week 2 wait, reply and update status. Rinse and repeat.

Do you need my email address for outreach?

If you or your client can give us an email address (with webmail access) that is associated to the business we are cleaning up, AWESOME. In campaigns where we have use of this, our success rate is much higher. Otherwise, we create a Gmail address like… and use it. It is somewhat shocking just how many directories, without verifying who you are, will change business info.

How do you handle verifications?

If we had directory logins, a login to the email that created the directory, we’d be good to go. Guess how many times out of ten that happens? Nearly zilch. Oh well, we are pretty resourceful when we need to be, and can usually get around email verifications. However, when it comes phone and postal mail verifications, unless you’ll allow us to get on a flight, and pick up your mail or phone at work (or that of your client), we are kind of SOL. BUT wait, what’s this, yes we do have a guide for that. Not only will we tell you in your report what you should do (labeled ACTION RECOMMENDED), we have a nifty little FAQ that will accompany it. You didn’t think we’d leave you high and dry did you? We’re not like other citations builders – you’ll learn that.

What is your typical cleanup success rate?

1712%. No, that doesn’t make sense. We’re good, but not that good. Generally speaking, without any logins, or email associated to the business, we average at about 70%. Not bad considering we need to convince a ton of directories that don’t give a crap to a) give a crap and b) trust that we represent you. IF we do have an email, or logins, that % gets a heck of a lot higher, obviously. I mean, it gets real good. You might just call us Mr. Clean. Call me, Mr. Clean. I’m Mr. Clean.

Do you clean up at the aggregator level?

No, but it’s them, not us. We talk a big game, but these guys just won’t play ball. We tried to talk to them, I swear it. Alas, they need to get paid like everyone else. And so, we update manually, one by one by one by one by one….by one. By one. HOWEVER, if there is already a listing there, we are going to appeal to our connects (short for connections because we’re cool like that), and see if they’ll hook us up and fix it for you. Does it work all the time, no. Occasionally we run out of Ramen and Haagen Dazs minis to bribe them with, and they aren’t quite as forthcoming.

What if I have directory logins?

Bonus. Winner, winner chicken dinner. Not only is this going to cost you less than a nice dinner out, we’re going to be able to tackle it way more fast-like, and with much greater success. Because, well, we have logins.

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