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Citations are the foundation of a successful Local Search campaign. If you’re opening a new location, a proper citation building campaign can speed up the discovery process for search engines and help establish local search traffic. If you have an established location, a recurring citation build can help boost both local and organic link signals to help you stay on page 1.


Consistent citations every time. We have exhaustive systems in place to make sure we never miss.


No order is ever the same. We spend hours researching your city, niche & competition before building a thing.


Using internal, and advanced 3rd party ticketing systems, you’ll never find yourself out of the loop.

Case Study

“Citation building is really important for search, so we couldn’t NOT do it. But it takes time and expertise to do well. We were faced with the problem of how to deliver this service without having economies of scale.”
Dev Basu

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Local Business Directories


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Local Business Directories


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Social Media Citations


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions most often asked about our services and process. For basic information about citations and what they are, see this information that we’ve provided just for first-time buyers. If you need answers to questions that you don’t see covered here, please use our handy website chat to speak directly to a knowledgeable team member.

How long will my order take to complete?

When you place an order with us, we will fire you a note, letting you know we have received your order, and quote you a date of completion. Typically, it takes 5 business days. We will always deliver on time—or your money back.

Tell me about your volume pricing?

Ordering multiple packages per month? If you spend $1k or more per month, you can stand to save as much as 20% off your orders. Fire us an email today to learn more.

What information will I need to provide?

Do you know the business address? Phone? Name? Website URL? Well, you are pretty much set. We’ll ask for a few things beyond this, but as long as you have the basics, you should be good.

What Can I Expect for Reporting?

So revealing you’ll blush. One highly-detailed report, including new links, logins, and everything else included in a white-labeled spreadsheet. Here is a blank sample report for you to peruse.

Do you offer citation audits?

Do you have existing citations, but aren’t sure where they are? Maybe you’ve recently rebranded or moved, and your citations are all out of date? Did you know that 9/10 times we find inconsistent citations the client has no idea? Well, if they share common problems—specifically errors in your business name, address and phone number—it is likely hurting your local rankings. Order your very thorough, manual citation audit for $7 here.

These aren't those crappy slideshow videos are they?

They are not, not those crappy slideshow videos. They aren’t hollywood, but they aren’t horrible either. We make them using Powtoon, which we’ve found to make a better quality explainer video than Animoto. Take a look for yourself at what is made on the platform. If you’d like to see a sample, just let us know. Bottom line, these videos generally don’t get seen. Instead, they fall to the back of Google and just serve as a good citation (and link)!

Can I see your list of citations?

We don’t have a list per se. Each order is different, based on competitive analysis, niche and geographic location. And of course, what you already have! Certainly there are a handful we will always want to build (the BIG ones), if not already built. If you’d like to see the proposed list before we submit, please ask before ordering so that we can organize one for you.

Can I provide you with a list of citations to build?

Sure thing. Happy to put one together for you, if you wish. One thing worth keeping in mind though, not all citations go live the same day. We tend to build citations that publish right away so that we have evidence of our work. If the citations you wish us to build do not publish same day, we will provide you with a screenshot of the submission.

Do you have a monthly effort I could sign up for?

Yes. It’s awesome. It’s one less thing you need to think about each month. You can be confident we will build only until we run out of good citations to build. Check out the prices above and note the Monthly column on the right.

How do you handle phone verifications?

In short, we don’t – well, we can’t. If citations require phone or physical mail verifications, it’s not possible for us to accomplish this, especially in a white label capacity. However, we will provide you with instructions and advice on how to verify these important listings.

How many listings will be live once you’re done?

The fact that you have to ask this, is really telling of the other providers out there. When you get a report from us, 100% of the citations you paid for, are live. And we deliver in 1/3 the time of most providers. Think about that for a second. What are they doing? I have no clue either.

How many directories can you submit our business to?

How much money you got? A lot, a lot, a lot of directories. I’ll make you a promise. If we start running thin on GOOD sources, we will let you know, and refund you the difference. Let me be clear: we do not build citations, for the sake of building citations. It’s that simple.

Is this all, like, automated or whatever?

Nope. Each and every citation we build is handcrafted. Your citations are assets, and assets should possess value, no? You won’t get thin, weak citations here. Scroll down to the next part of the page to read exactly how we create every citation.

Do you work with international clients?

At last count, we have had the fortune of working on campaigns in 33 different countries. We’ve now stopped counting. We love the challenge of digging around to find the best local directories in your area. From Papua New Guinea to Belize, we’ve done it. Bring it on!

I am new to this. Which package is right for me?

Not sure which package fits the bill? The way we usually look at this is: how much value is to be gained by ranking #1? The more value, the larger the package recommended. Think lawyer vs cleaning service. Both essential services, but the value typically generated from a #1 ranking in one vs the other is different.

Do you have a monthly effort I could sign up for?

Yes. It’s awesome. For $79/mo you will receive 20 structured (business directory) citations and 10 social media citations. If you’re ready to get started, order now.

We Build 4 Types of Citations

We build a variety of citations, because that’s what delivers the best results. However, that doesn’t mean picking sources at random. We go past the top-50 lists to choose sources that have a real connection to your niche, city, state, etc. Being able to build so many types just helps us find the perfect fit.

Biz Directories

Business directories are still the gold standard for structured citations. We build a mix of them for every citation building client, on directories that match their industry, location or other factors.


Social citations utilize the massive size and authority of social platforms to get you a high quality citation that has some juice behind it. Social citations mentioning your business details are a balanced part of any Local SEO campaign.


Users and Search Engines alike enjoy images. We’ll fill the photos of your business you’ve supplied with useful metadata and submit these to the largest photo sites around. You’ll receive a local citation on multiple high authority photo sharing sites and may even pick up some image search traffic.


Video citations give your citation profile the variety it needs, and allow you to appear for video searches for your business information. If you don’t have a video we will create one using Powtoon and on submission include your business details & link in the description on high authority video sites.

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How we Build Citations Better

We build better citations, because every citation we build must meet three high-quality criteria.

  • Every citation is built by hand by smart people!
  • Every citation is researched!
  • Every citation can be justified!
Our process

We protect the quality with a comprehensive 7-stage process that includes:

  1. Verifying your business data
  2. Auditing your existing citations to figure out your existing profile
  3. Analyzing the citations being used by your top 5 competitors
  4. Researching the best sources not exploited or known by your competitors
  5. Handling the directory submissions
  6. Activating your new profiles
  7. Recording the logins in a clean and easy-to-use spreadsheet so you can take ownership of and continue to update your new citations
Why build by hand?

Not all citations are created equally. Well-built citations take time, attention and expertise, but they help you grow reliably and only get more valuable as they age. Badly-built citations perform poorly compared to ours, but that may be only the beginning of the problems they cause you.

The biggest priority in citations is accuracy. The information used in the citations must be accurate and identical in every citation. A single citation with the wrong business name can be interpreted as a competing business. First, you lose any growth that was supposed to go to your business from creating the citation, but then things can get a whole lot worse if the bad citation is picked up by an aggregator.

Aggregators are companies that compile massive amounts of local business data from other directories, public records and other sources. They do this so they can provide this data as a service to local search engines, advertisers and newer directories trying to fill holes in their existing data. When one of these companies picks up your bad information, they can send it out to be duplicated on hundreds or thousands of other sources.

Those citations should have been yours, but now you’re sharing your growth with a fake company! Fortunately, it’s still not the end of the world. The process of finding and deleting bad citation is called citation cleanup, and we do it better than anyone around.

First time buying citations? Get the basics

See this information for first-timers if this is your first time trying out our service. Remember that our team is always happy to talk to you, feel free to submit questions through the chat box on the right or the contact form.

What are citations?

Citations are an instance online of your business name, address and phone number (often abbreviated as NAP). Think of them like a listing in a phone book in the days before the internet. However, the online version has a lot more versatility than that. Places where citations are built are called citation sources, or more specific terms such as business directory.

Why do they matter?

For the same reason that offline listings matter: they promote your business. They put your information in front of more people who are looking for your products and services. Additionally, search engines consider them to be authoritative signs of how well-known you are. If you have a lot of (good!) citations, you are likely to see growth from a lot of different directions.

What is a structured citation vs. an unstructured citation?

Structured citations are those built on sites that are designed for listings. In other words, if you filled out a form that asked you for your business information, you’ve built a structured citation. Unstructured citations are created when you write out your information outside of form fields. For example, when you write it out in a blog, leave it as a caption on a photo or when you include it in the description field on a video site.

What makes citations effective, or less than effective?

The accuracy of the information is the most important. A listing with bad information may as well be a listing for a different business for all it’s going to help you. After that, the relevance of the source to your business is important, and so is the distance away from the source.

What is citation indexation?

Citations only count when Google knows about them – they need to be indexed to be effective. Eventually, almost all citations built will be found but we can speed up the process with our citation indexation add-on. Our team will build links to the structured citations we’ve just created for you to help Google find them faster, resulting in more citations that can immediately help your local rankings.

More questions?