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Fill your blog with content that informs, engages, and entertains.

  • University-educated U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Well-written and well-researched content at scale
  • Predictable 5-day turnaround
  • Money-back guarantee

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On-brand, high-quality blog content delivered by talented writers at scale.

What this is

Well-written, well-researched content turned around quickly, and according to your brief that you can optimize yourself.

How it works:

  • Hand us your content brief (Don’t have one? We can help with that)
  • Our experienced, University-educated writers research your topic and craft your blog piece
  • We incorporate your revisions until you’re excited about the final draft
  • You optimize for search or leave as-is (Need SEO included? Go here!)
  • Here’s a sample

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What we promise

  • Only in-house, experienced U.S. and Canadian writers working on your projects
  • Well-researched pieces that capture the nuance of your niche
  • High-quality, well-written content that focuses on accuracy and readability
  • Attention to detail that follows your brief
  • 5-day turnaround
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

Ideal for…

  • When you want well-written content that lets you DIY your SEO
  • Filling your blog with content your audience will appreciate when you don’t have the time or resources to write it yourself
  • Getting end-to-end research and production by adding on our Content Strategy Service. With this combo, you’ll get a full library of content across 5 topical themes (4-6 posts per theme)

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"A vital partner helping us accomplish our content needs...

We work on high-impact, complex topics - with clients who scrutinize every word. The Loganix team consistently exceeds expectations, time and time again - no matter what we throw at them."
Thom Pryor, Founder, Lawsuit Legal
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Get done-for-you blog posts from talented writers for less than you'd expect.

Our blog writing services are priced to help you scale content production without giving up quality or breaking the bank.

Great Content

Quality content without the SEO add-ons or price tag:

500 – 3000 Words
Choose content length based on your needs

5-Day Turnaround
Delivery is quick and reliable

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We’ll make sure you’re happy with the finished product or your money back


Per 500 Words

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Need SEO included?

To get content that’s fully optimized to rank in search by the time it’s delivered, check out our SEO Content Writing Service.

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Need more guidance before you can order content with confidence?


“I’m not sure which topics to target or prioritize in the big picture.”

Go in with a plan and get more ROI out of each piece of content. Add a Content Strategy to your order at a no-brainer cost and get:

  • Strategy around 5 content themes of your choice (4-6 article plans per theme)
  • A content plan based on hours of high-level research
  • Keyword data and topic ideation for each article
  • Competitive keyword targeting using the ‘Hub & Spoke’ strategy

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“I know the keyword I want to target for each post, but that’s about it.”

Add a Content Brief to combine research with your content writing order – or get the brief a la carte and hand it off to your own writing team for execution:

  • Editorial direction and strategy by a Loganix content strategist
  • Suggested page title, metadata, and URL based on SEO research for your target keyword
  • Ideal for when you have an overall strategy in place, but need a detailed blueprint per post
  • Take a look at a sample here

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Fill your blog with posts that engage and entertain while staying cost-efficient:

Seasoned Writers

3-10 years of experience writing quality content.

Never Outsourced

Quality controlled and reliably well-written all in-house.

High Quality, Low Cost

Save money on content that you can optimize yourself.


Writers who know your niche and do the research to get it right.

​​Vouched for by people who
don't vouch for everyone.

"Loganix always delivers. These folks understand SEO, and they prove it with their work."
Nick Eubanks, From the Future
“Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by a leader in the space”
Brian Dean, Backlinko
"Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something."
Chris Dreyer,
"These guys are killers. They put in a ton of effort to provide you the quality and scalability you need. They actually care about getting it right, making your job easier, and keeping it honest."
Jerry Zhang, OneLocal

Frequently Answered Questions

What if I need SEO for my blog posts?

For search optimized content, you’ll want to take a look at our Content That Ranks service. Our “Great Content” blog writing services do not include search optimization.

What industries do you work with?

We can deliver high-performance content writing services for almost any industry. However, we have extensive experience with law offices, field service businesses, and clinics.

Can you write about my industry?

Yes! (most likely). Our team of writers has a wide breadth of expertise and experience writing across multiple industries — it’s what makes this service so successful for our clients.

If needed, our writers will reach out for feedback on the content outline and speed up the research process by speaking directly with you. If you’re in a technical or niche industry, feel free to reach out to confirm our writers have the required expertise before ordering!

Can you choose the topics for me?

Yep! If you need content for your blog ASAP but don’t have the time, skills, or resources to figure out what to write or how to prioritize it, check out our Content Strategy Service.

We take care of the entire topic selection process, utilizing in-depth keyword research to find gaps in search engines for your content to rank well and drive targeted traffic. You can add a content strategy to your order in the dashboard or learn more about it here.

How long should my blog posts be?

We recommend starting with 750 to 1000 words so that there’s room to craft an amazing post around your topic. Some topics may require more words to fully flesh the idea out, while others can be brief.

Our end goal is to always make sure our articles are only as long as they need to be, making sure they maintain your customers’ interest and engagement.

If you’re unsure of the word count required to create a great post, reach out and our team can help define the best word count for topics in your industry.

Can I pick which writers from your team to write my blog articles?

Blog posts are assigned (based on availability) to the writer with the most expertise on your topic. If you really enjoy the work delivered by a specific team member, let us know and we’ll match up your future orders to the same writer.

Can I see samples of your work?

Of course!

Here is sample Great Content post -> Sample

If you would like to see more samples, Contact us noting the industries you’re looking to get content written for. We’ll share any relevant examples that we have permission from our customers to show off.

What is your guarantee?

We stand by our work and we work tirelessly to make sure you are completely satisfied. Click here to read our full terms & conditions.