Find Valuable Keyword Gaps with our Keyword Gap Analysis

Identify hidden, valuable keywords gaps and unlock new organic traffic for your website. A keyword gap goes beyond standard keyword research, and finds keywords 2 or more competitors are ranking for in organic search.

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Find new keywords and unlock additional organic traffic

Custom Keyword Gap Analysis

A keyword gap analysis is a process of identifying valuable keywords that your competitors rank well for, but you do not. It’s a must-do report for every SEO campaign.

Agencies & teams tell us that over average, their team members spend 1-2 hours producing this cornerstone report. Many of these teams are producing these reports as part of every website optimization. We’ve also heard many re-run a keyword gap analysis every year to find new opportunities. Focus on the tough stuff, and leverage our team’s scale and process.

Grow your organic traffic with better analysis

With new competitors, and changing searcher behaviour and volume, SEOs and webmasters commonly find themselves re-doing time consuming keyword research. Save time and money, and order our $49 keyword gap analysis. You’ll unlock new keywords and traffic opportunities far exceeding this value-rich audit.

Do you have some questions? Okay!

Do you support multi-location?

No and yes. By ordering a single keyword gap analysis (KGA) we will be preparing a report based on the competitor URLs you provide (we ask for 5). So whatever market you and they are competing in, will be the basis for this report. For multi-location, order a KGA per location.

How are the top 1000 keywords chosen?

The 1000 keywords are the top 1000 via Ahrefs will show us as many keywords where 2 or more domains provided have a keyword in common.

How do I pick my competitors?

We recommend you choose competitors who are ranking in Google where you’d like to rank. Please provide the exact URLs that are ranking.

What is the turn around time?

The estimated turn around time is ~1 business day.

Save time and unlock valuable traffic with our custom report