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Get needle-moving authoritative brand links.

  • High authority DR70+ sites
  • Manual outreach & link pitching process
  • Pay only for the links you receive

What you need to know before you scroll down to look at pricing:

What exactly are these?

Brand Links are highly authoritative links from blogs, media publications – the type of sites that make you stop and stare when reviewing a backlink profile. Our done-for-you prospecting, publisher communication, content creation, and reporting means you hit order and sit back while we deliver your links.

  1. Links from large web publishers, news sites – brands you’re happy to associate with
  2. Dofollow, DR70+ link to a non-promotional page i.e. blog/resource
  3. Topics mostly focused around marketing or business
Who these are best for

Our Brand Links are ideal when…

  • You’re competing against large, established competitors in your field
  • Link quality and authority are more important than quantity
  • You have high quality informational content/resources on your site

When it seems like you’ve done everything you can to improve rankings, sometimes you need to call in the big guns. Our Brand Links have helped elevate Fortune 500 companies, national law firms, and countless other sites in extremely competitive industries.

You can expect...
  • Inclusion in a post from large, brand name publications in the marketing, business and tech spaces (sample)
  • Expert-level article of 1500+ words (sample or anything from our blog)
  • Delivery within 4-8 weeks
  • Guaranteed placement

How it Works

Place Your Order

Share your URLs and ideal anchor text. Please provide URLs to pages with informational and/or promotional content that could be quoted or referenced in a larger piece. If you’re unsure about a URL, just reach out before ordering.

We Get To Work

Immediately after receiving your order and verifying your URLs, our outreach team starts wheeling and dealing on your behalf. Matching your URLs with content pitches to find the best overlap between the post and your site.

Follow Up, Review, & Report

Our team handles the back and forth between publishers until the content is live (typically within 4-8 weeks, depending on the publication). We’ll verify your link is in the content and then send you an update with the post URLs.

Services And Pricing

You supply the target URLs, we supply the content with links and a white-label report.

10K+ i

average monthly organic traffic

DR 70+

Domain Rating


deep, expert-written article


recognized brand name site

2 month

average delivery time

$800/link Incl. content creation
10K+ i

average monthly organic traffic

DR 70+

Domain Rating


deep, expert-written article


recognized brand name site

2 month

average delivery time

$1000/link Incl. content creation

Done right or made right. Guaranteed.

If your links don’t go live, we’ll replace them with equal or better opportunities.

If you’re unhappy with your experience, we’ll bend over backward to make sure you leave a satisfied, confident customer.

More of a “D.I.Y” type? Shop the Reserve list.

We’ve helped clients get mentioned, interviewed, or featured on world-class sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot, and Adweek.

  • $9.99/mo membership for access to opportunities
  • High traffic and authority
  • Done-for-you outreach, content, and placement
  • Guaranteed placement or your money back

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Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.
Nick Eubanks
From the Future
Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by leaders in the space.
Brian Dean
Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.
Chris Dreyer
Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we'd need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.
Jerry Zheng

Case Study

"In the personal injury space, no SEO agency has better search results in major markets than us, and our clients are typically in the top three for their key search terms. Loganix has been an important contributor to these results."
Chris Dreyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept all sites/pages?

No. Everything will be screened. Gambling, adult and the like will be turned down immediately – sorry folks! The destination URL should be high quality, non-promotional. We generally don’t have any say-so on anchors either.

How long does this process typically take (TAT)

Anywhere from 1 to 3 months. We generally have some idea of the timeline on a site-to-site basis, so we will advise the best we are able. If it were fast and 100% predictable, everyone would be able to get these.

What are your guarantees?

We guarantee the link will be placed on the site you wished. If not, you owe us nothing and your payment is returned in full.

How are we different from other providers?

We don’t have a single connection at each site. We often have multiple, so if one falls through (these are humans after all), we have a back-up. You won’t find a larger inventory of sites that are truly attainable. We are trusted by agencies far and wide, with over 6 years in the link brokering business and 10s of 1000s of orders. Our communication and support is second to none. We are a US/CAN outfit, with regular business hours, available by phone, email, Skype, Slack, whatever.

Who writes the content? Can I?

Generally speaking, the contributors write it. We have little to no creative control here. We may, if requested, view it before it goes live.

Half now, half when it goes live?

We only accept full payment. You have our guarantee, if the links does not go live, you may have your refund. Please remember, turn around times are estimates.

Can I see a list of the sites?

Certainly. There is an interview process and a membership fee. We do not share our list with anyone asks. It’s an incredible effort to put it together and keep it from being abused.

What is the price range on these?

On the high end, you’re looking at $5k, and on the low end, $150. We have a full range of opportunities. You will find something that suits your needs.

How does it work?

Following payment, you immediately get access to all our perks, including credit back on purchases.

Purchases are added up throughout the month, and on the first couple days of the next month, your credits will be deposited in your account. We’ll notify you by email when your credits have been added.

Please note: credits do not accumulate with purchases where coupons are used. Credits do not expire. Credits can not be withdrawn for cash. Your Loganix membership does not contribute to your total monthly spend.

What can I use my credits for?

You can buy any Loganix dashboard service with your credits, including, but not limited to: audits, citations, links and content.

You can see your credit balance by looking at the top right corner of your dashboard.

How do I get access to the 'Reserve' List?

Ready to get access to our exclusive, ‘Reserve’ link building list? While Loganix Pro members get access to the list, there is still an application process. We make sure only sincere buyers see the list. Once you’ve signed up for Loganix Pro, head on over to our Shop the List page, fill out the quick application, and stand by. We’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve reviewed your application.

When approved, we’ll send you an email to let you know. Visit the same Shop the List page, and click the ‘Reserve’ tab next to General, Edits and CBD.

That’s it. It’s that simple. As we add more member perks, we’ll also notify you.

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