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Manually built, trusted links from authority sites within your niche. Our relationship with 2,000+ site owners means you get your link placed in articles on the most relevant sites in your industry. Guaranteed placement, you only pay for published links.

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Quality, Trafficked Websites – Avoid the Spam

Up your quality standards. The sites we work with have to pass the most stringent quality checks in the industry. A member of our SEO team reviews every site, on-page and off, to ensure the sites we work with are real, have a readership, and get 1,000-10,000+ guaranteed organic visits a month.

Reviewing each site manually allows us to spot: low quality content, spam links embedded within posts, poor inbound link metrics, spammy inbound links used to manipulate link metrics, and foreign (non-english speaking) primary sources of traffic. These are things we avoid when we build links, and we want to help you avoid them too.

Sites That Stay On Topic – Content To Match

What sets our Authority Links apart from other link building and guest post products is our focus on each site’s topic/niche relevance. We match up your URL to the most appropriate sites we work with, that write about topics within your industry, to make sure there’s a perfect natural fit.

Our in-house writers and contributors we work with will craft a piece of content that’s themed around your URL and desired anchor text, as well as the publisher’s site and topics they write about. This means a higher success rate of publication and a more relevant backlink for you.

You Pick The Sites – We Guarantee Placement

After submitting your desired URL and anchor text along with your order, our team will present our best picks that match your site. This gives you the ability to review the site, making sure it meets your own quality standards, before giving us the go-ahead. If you don’t like a pick, let us know and we’ll present a replacement option.

Or, if you’re more of a do it yourself-er, shop our list via our DIY Links service, with prices starting at $150/link.

Quality sites also means stricter publishing requirements. If we can’t get your link placed we’ll work with you to find a suitable replacement URL on your website, help you create some epic linkable content with our SEO copywriting service, or find another site to replace your original pick. Placement is guaranteed, you only pay for links we deliver.

Our Pricing

Tier 1

Topically Relevant Site

1K – 5K

Monthly Organic Traffic

6 Weeks

Average Delivery Time

Tier 2

Topically Relevant Site

5K – 10K

Monthly Organic Traffic

6 Weeks

Average Delivery Time

Tier 3

Topically Relevant Site

10K – 50K

Monthly Organic Traffic

6 Weeks

Average Delivery Time


Link building without the headaches.

Order your Authority Links today to see just how easy it can be.

Authority Links Process

Place Order & Give Us Some Details

Purchase your authority links and supply us with your desired URL and anchor text you’d like for each link ordered. Our team will review your info and get started.

Picking Sites & Crafting Content

Watch your email for a message from our team with sites that are relevant to your URL. Review the sites and give us a thumbs up if you like our selections. If you don’t like them, we’ll go back and find suitable replacements. Once you’ve approved the picks, our writers will get started crafting your content.

Optional: Save $10 per authority link by having our team make the final picks for you.

Publishing & Reporting

It can take up to 6 weeks for your Authority Link to go live. When it’s published our team does a manual check to verify your link is live. If it passes our quality checks, we’ll update your report and send you an email with the URL of your new link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of niches are the sites in for Authority Links?

All sorts, and we’re constantly adding new sites to our list. Here is just a small sampling of our niches: Business, Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, Home, Food, Health, Travel, Construction, and many, many others. We also sell multi-topic opportunities.If you’re curious whether we have relevant topical blogs for your niche/industry, just reach out via our contact form and provide the niche/URLs. We’ll check for you before ordering.

Can I just see your list?

We’ve got just the product for those of you who want a less hands-on approach. In our dashboard, check out our DIY Links product, and view our list of sites and their prices.

Do you accept all sites/URLs?

As the quality of sites goes up, the more discerning and critical the site owners and editors are. We’ll do our best to match your desired URLs with a relevant site and a content piece designed to naturally encapsulate your link. Our general rules: no pharma, adult, casino/gambling, etc links.If you’re concerned about whether or not a specific domain/URL would be accepted by sites we work with, please contact us before placing an order.

Can I pick my own anchor text?

You can suggest an anchor text when submitting your information after ordering. Our team will do our best to get your exact anchor text within the content, however it is ultimately up to the contributors and site owners we work with to naturally fit your URL into their content.If you request an exact match anchor, it may be modified to a partial match anchor to fit naturally into a sentence. If you request a raw URL anchor (not recommended), it may be modified to a mix of generic/branded anchor text.

How is your topical Authority Links service different from your guest post offering?

The main difference between our Authority Links and guest posts are the quality and types of sites. Sites for our Authority Links are generally more established, higher trafficked, and upwards trending. The focus is getting your links placed on topically-relevant domains, surrounded by content that matches the theme of your URL. Our guest post service sites are generally newer sites with lower traffic and focus on multi-topic sites. Multi-topic meaning the domains aren’s as tightly themed to your niche/industry, only the content will be themed as closely as possible to match your site. Depending on the type of URL you’re trying to rank, you may benefit from fewer Authority Links or a higher volume of more affordable Guest Post links. If you have any questions about strategy, feel free to reach out with your desired linking URL and our team can help make some suggestions.

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What are High Authority Backlinks?

In SEO, everyone has their own gauge for what they deem to be a high authority link. We view high authority backlinks as links placed on niche-relevant sites with strong link and quality metrics. We look at Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating), Moz DA (Domain Authority), and most importantly the organic traffic the site generates. Authority means the site should be well trusted by Google and regularly receiving search traffic.

The links themself should be placed within a piece of content that is relevant to the site the content lives on, as well as the site being linked to. We generally refer to this as ‘theming’ – creating a perfect match between 2 sites so a link appears natural and effortlessly placed, it belongs there. That same approach carries into the anchor text for the link, which must easily fit into the content of the post in the right section. If anchor text is forced and unnatural it will stick out like a sore thumb and create problems for initial publication and, if approved, increases your site’s penalty risk in a manual review by search engine quality teams.

Loganix Authority Links vs Guest Posts vs DIY Links

Simply: Authority Links are higher quality, niche-relevant guest posts. The process is nearly identical, the quality and categories of sites are what make the difference. Traditional guest posts can be placed on a wide variety of sites that cover multiple topics between published posts, and therefore have lower topical relevance across the domain you’re trying to get a link from.

Authority links are placed on sites with the highest relevance to the URL you’re trying to get a link for. If you sell a medical product, your post will be placed on a site that talks about medical topics. If you own a law firm, your post will be placed on a site that discusses legal topics. If possible, our team goes even further to match relevancy – like placing a link for a law firm that handles business law within a post on a site that discusses both business and legal topics.

Both our authority links and guest post service will theme the content submitted for publishing to best match the topic of your URL and the site the post is being published on.

Finally, our DIY Links service is geared around folks who’d like to just shop our list. You don’t need us to pick domains for you. You’re able to determine which metrics you care about, and review the domains for best fit yourself. These are same and similar sites to those offered in our Guest Post and Authority Link services.

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