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Before you check out our pricing, here’s what you need to know:

SEO Packages That Drive Business

Need an effective SEO campaign for your business that doesn’t break the bank? Get the double-punch combo of monthly links and monthly content for your site, along with an SEO audit and content strategy to kickstart your organic traffic growth.

Loganix SEO packages are the perfect combination of services, designed to drive traffic and sales for your small business without the high costs of a traditional SEO campaign.

Get in-depth foundational SEO research combined with new content for your site AND link building, all done for you at an affordable monthly price.

For larger businesses and more in-depth campaigns, ask about our managed agency services.

How it works
  1. You give us your site/clients URL to audit + topics to create a content strategy around
  2. In month 1, our SEO’s analyze the site’s different elements (on-page, URL equity, competitors, etc) and create an SEO content plan, while also getting busy with links and content creation.
  3. From month 2 onwards, we execute (creating monthly content, building links + reporting).
You can expect…
  1. Well-researched SEO audit + content strategy done by U.S. and Canadian marketers
  2. A streamlined process for creating content and building links each month.
  3. Timely delivery of deliverables.

Trusted by businesses like you

Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we’d need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.
Jerry Zheng

An SEO Formula That Works

Our SEO methodology is actually fairly simple.

Despite frequent ranking algorithm updates, our experience in the industry has shown that some things hold true over time no matter what test Google is running. Know what your customers are searching for, write better content than your competitors, and build high-quality backlinks – consistently. That’s it, seriously!

Where we see campaigns from other SEO firms fall apart the problem is never with strategy, but nearly every time – without fail – in execution. As a service provider that primarily works with other SEO agencies, we’re the team that gets called in to execute and deliver on campaigns.

Auditing, implementing technical fixes, writing content and building links is what we’re built to do. Our SEO packages are the perfect merger of our finely tuned individual SEO services, firing on all cylinders.

Everything Starts With An Audit

All of our SEO packages start with an initial audit that’s designed to determine what keywords you should be ranking for and how well your current site stacks up against the competition.

Each audit includes detailed keyword research specifically for your products and services, and with a region-specific focus if you run a local business. We crawl and review important on-site elements and look at features like Schema to make sure search engines understand your site to give you the best possible results in the SERPs.

We also look into your backlinks to determine if you’re losing link equity anywhere on your website, or if there are potential penalty issues based on previous link building.

Once we’ve compiled all of the data we score your site on a number of ranking factors, and provide detailed recommendations to implement that will have the highest positive impact on your rankings. You can tackle these recommendations with your team or work with us to get them implemented, creating a solid foundation for SEO traffic growth.

Creating Content That Ranks

Content strategy is the next step to success.

We collect relevant data about your business – particularly your products/services and ideal customers – to develop a content plan that attracts the right traffic, earns links, and acquires important rankings.

Each content plan we develop is unique and tailored to your business to prove to search engines just how valuable and authoritative your site is.

Writing long-form content can be exhausting, and not everyone has the time to do it. That’s okay! We take care of it all for you. Our team of US & Canadian writers will take the content plan you’ve signed off on and make it a reality.

Each month we will write and publish posts directly to your site – no need to lift a finger. The number of posts and publishing frequency varies depending on the size of the SEO package you select.

Regular Link Building That Gets Results

Link building has been the key metric in pushing rankings up the search results as far back as we can remember.

Despite what Google may tell you, that hasn’t changed much in recent years based on our experience. A key factor other SEOs miss is a proper link building strategy, largely because it’s really hard to do right. Luckily, link building is our specialty here at Loganix.

We’ll build an outreach plan for your website to get links placed on blogs and websites that are relevant to your business and products/services offered.

We handle everything from writing guest post content to outreach to the sites – the end result is high-quality links every month that boost your rankings. The number of links varies depending on the size of the SEO package you select.

Monthly SEO Plans & Pricing


Mini Website Audit
Content Strategy
1x Blog Content
2x Guest Post Links
Monthly Reporting


$497 One-Time Setup


Mini Website Audit
Content Strategy
2x Blog Content
4x Guest Post Links
Monthly Reporting


$497 One-Time Setup


Mini Website Audit
Content Strategy
4x Blog Content
8x Guest Post Links
Monthly Reporting


$497 One-Time Setup


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these SEO packages designed for?

Loganix SEO packages were built with small businesses in mind and scale up based on the competition you’ll be encountering in search results. Customers who see success with our SEO Packages are generally local businesses with 1-2 locations and small e-commerce stores.

Our SEO packages are designed to be mostly hands-off and provide results for businesses with a limited marketing budget. If you’re not currently doing any (or very limited) SEO work for your business – but know you should be – one of our monthly plans is probably perfect for you.

If you have questions about whether our SEO packages are the right fit, reach out to our team for a free consultation and suggestions on the right options for you.


Which size of SEO package is right for my website?

Our packages start small and scale up linearly in terms of monthly deliverables (content and links) depending on how aggressive your marketing goals are and (most importantly) how competitive your field/market is for the services you provide.

Some businesses that have successfully used our SEO packages include bakeries, interior designers, consultants, landscapers, jewelers, accountants, and many many others. Depending on local competitors and/or the size of the market, businesses like law firms, cosmetic surgeons, furniture stores, and others will have better results with a customized Loganix Agency offering.

If you’re unsure which package is right for you, reach out to our team for a competitive analysis and suggestions on the best SEO package or strategy for your website.

What kind of links will you build?

Most commonly, we will acquire links from sites on our Guest Post outreach lists, though occasionally we may borrow from our Authority Link or Reserve lists. These are in-article links, in topically relevant, well-written content.

Can I see an example of your blog content?

Yes, here are three examples from our writers: here, here, and here. Content quality is important to us but equally important is keeping editing to a minimum, and maintaining campaign momentum. If you or your client are super picky about content, this might not be the service for you.

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