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  • Backlink Quality Checklist
  • SEO Contract
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A quick and clear how-to-use guide.

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  • Explanations on each template section
  • Step-by-step guidance anyone can follow
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Education through doing

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Here's a sneak peak at what's inside the free template bundle:

Content Brief Template

A comprehensive, straightforward brief you can hand off to anyone for accurate execution.

  • Know which information is essential for the brief and why
  • Guidance on interlinking, metadata, suggested URL and more
  • Includes step-by-step guide with video walkthrough

Content Strategy Template

A plug-and-play SEO content plan based on the popular Hub & Spoke framework. Prioritize you content around topically grouped keywords and confidently hand it off to anyone for execution.

  • A proven internal linking strategy used by experienced SEO specialists
  • Includes step-by-step guide with video walkthrough

Keyword Research Template

Get valuable insight into your audience’s search trends with a focus on commercial intent.

  • Know what to look for and how to find it, with links to the SEO tools we use daily
  • Create a comprehensive, white-label keyword research report
  • Includes step-by-step guide and video walkthrough

Backlink Quality Assessment Checklist

An easy-to-follow checklist for assessing backlink quality based on Loganix’s own stringent standards. Includes the what, why, and how of auditing:

  • Domain and Hosting Details
  • Core Metrics
  • Site History and Trends
  • Manual Content Review

SEO Contract and SOPs

You’ll also get access to our growing collection of useful templates and SOPs for SEO angecies, including:

  • SEO Service Agreement Template
  • Website Outline Template
  • SEO Roadmap template

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Jerry Zheng, Senior SEO Specialist, One Local

For SEOs needing more advanced templates...

Our Premium Template Bundle includes the proprietary processes we use for auditing SEO opportunities at a no-brainer cost. You’ll get:

Backlink Gap Template

Quickly see how your backlinks stack up against the competition. This analysis looks at the top 1000 links to a site (+ 5 competitors) to show you any backlink gaps.

  • Understand the competitive landscape of your niche
  • Replicate the backlinks that are working for the competition
  • Generate new link building ideas backed by research

Keyword Gap Template

See where your organic rankings stand against the competition and where they fall short. This analysis looks at the top 1000 keywords a site ranks for (+ 5 competitors) to show you keyword gaps and opportunities.

  • Understand the competitive landscape of your niche
  • See which keywords your competitors are targeting
  • Plan new content ideas for going up against established sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these templates free?

The standard SEO Template Bundle is completely free for you to download and use.

We also have a more advanced Premium SEO Template Bundle which is available to order for a small cost within your Loganix dashboard. This bundle is completely optional to buy.

Are these templates all done-for-you?

While we do use sheet formulas to speed up the number crunching, the research is compiled manually by you.

Our templates include comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step guides to make the process of filling out your template as easy as possible.

Do you have even more comprehensive versions of these templates?

Yes, please ping with your project details and needs and our team will provide a custom quote.

What is a Loganix dashboard?

We’re glad you asked! The dashboard is your personal account used to download informational content (like these templates) and order our services if you so choose. It’s completely free to use and only requires entering your email address.