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Get links from guest posts that won’t get you fired.

  • Approve domains before placement
  • U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Predictable turnaround
  • Pay only for approved links you receive

If you only read one section other than pricing, make it this one:

What this is

We earn you links the ‘hard way’ but make it easy for you, with done-for-you prospecting, quality control, content creation, placement, and reporting.

  1. Share your URLs and desired anchor text
  2. See a curated list of vetted domains to approve or replace
  3. Relax while we create content, conduct outreach, and report when it’s live
What we promise
  • Links from trusted sites (how?)
  • Topically relevant, well-written articles
  • 1-month turnaround
  • Guaranteed placement or replaced with an equal or better link
Who it's best for
  • Tighter budgets and timelines
  • When diversity matters more than authority, but reputation is critical

Sites in ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ are safe, but still growing. They’re usually multi-topic. These links work best to diversify your profile without putting you at risk.

Need more authority or a tighter topic match? See our authority links service.

You can expect...
  • Great communication
  • Well-written content  (sample)
  • Client-ready reporting  (sample)
  • Guaranteed placement

How it Works
Order, Approve, Report

Place Your Order

Share your desired URLs and the anchor text you’d like placed within each post, and we’ll get to work!

Quality Control

We’ll send you a list of sites that fit your criteria to approve or veto. Then, our writers create content that fits your targets and each site’s specific publishing guidelines (sample).

Publish, Review, & Report

Our team will manually verify that your link is placed as-ordered, naturally within the content. Then, we’ll send you a white-label report (sample) with links to the guest posts you purchased.

What about quality control?

Leading brands and agencies trust our thorough vetting process.
We go beyond metrics alone to find sites with stable histories and quality content.

Domain & Hosting Details

As a first check, dangerous sites are eliminated by analyzing critical factors such as:

  • DNS and A records
  • Use of SSL / https
  • Hosting country
  • Hyphen spam in domain name
  • English TLD & language
  • No poker, pills, adult sites
Core Metrics

Domains must then meet, at a bare minimum, the following observable metrics (and several others):

  • Indexed pages: 10+
  • Organic Traffic: 100/mo+ (minimum)
  • Ref. Domains: 50+
  • Average DR: 30
  • Average DA: 30
  • CF/TF: 10+
  • Traffic origin (50%+ from country of origin)
Site History and Trends

To weed out gamed metrics, false authority, and sneaky spam, we also evaluate historical factors such as:

  • No penalizations or expirations
  • No wild swings in traffic or links
  • Traffic trending up
  • trending up
  • Ref. domain anchors
  • Ref. domain types (real, quality sites)
Manual Content Review

Finally, our team manually reviews 5 – 10 recent posts for quality, scrutinizing for:

  • Last updated <30 days
  • No anchor text abuse
  • No links to poker, pills, adult
  • Less than 50% paid posts
  • No obvious PBN designs
  • Readability
  • Relevance
  • Authors (country, verifiability)

Learn more about our vetting process

Finally: a guest posting service for clients with
standards, deadlines, and reputations.

Verified Sites

Indexed sites, verified organic traffic, and stable histories

No secrets

See domains before placement and approve or replace

Placement Guarantee

If your link is rejected, we’ll replace it with equal or better

Easy Tracking

View progress in our dashboard and get client-ready reports

Services and Pricing

All orders include content creation (~500 words) and a white label report.

Guest Posts Basic Younger sites still building authority


100+ Visits i

Site Monthly Organic Traffic


Sites cover broad topics.
Articles are relevant to your niche.

1 Month

Average Delivery Time

$200Incl. content creation
Guest Posts PremiumMore established, steadily growing sites


500+ Visits i

Site Monthly Organic Traffic


Sites cover broad topics.
Articles are relevant to your niche.

1 Month

Average Delivery Time

$300Incl. content creation

Optional Content Upgrade: Add 250 words and review content before it’s submitted for just $50

Done right or made right. Guaranteed.

If your links don’t go live, we’ll replace them with equal or better opportunities.

If you’re unhappy with your experience, we’ll bend over backward to make sure you leave a satisfied, confident customer.

More of a "D.I.Y" type? Shop our list directly.

Browse our huge list of unvetted opportunities and filter by DR/DA, traffic, niche, price, turnaround time, and more. Do your own quality control.

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Vouched for by people
who don't vouch for everyone.

Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.
Nick Eubanks
From the Future
Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by leaders in the space.
Brian Dean
Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.
Chris Dreyer
Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we'd need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.
Jerry Zheng

Case Study

"In the personal injury space, no SEO agency has better search results in major markets than us, and our clients are typically in the top three for their key search terms. Loganix has been an important contributor to these results."
Chris Dreyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your guest posting service different from your topical Authority Links offering?

Mainly, they differ by price, turnaround time, authority, and niche-specificity. The Authority Links product has a list of higher trafficked domains that are more topical and niche specific. This means if you’re promoting a law firm, Authority Links will focus on getting your guest post placed on sites that talk about legal topics. Our guest post service focused on multi-topic sites that cover a more broad range of topics on each individual site. There isn’t a direct match on the overall theme of the sites like there is with our Authority Links. No matter which Loganix service you purchase, we always do our best to match the theme of your site to the content we supply for the post. Making sure your link is naturally placed in a post that makes sense for your site, not just jammed into a completely unrelated post.

What more do I get with the Premium guest posts?

A premium guest post will place your link on a more developed site, with over 500 monthly organic visitors, whereas a standard guest post may be a younger site, with at least 100 monthly organic visitors.

What types of niches are the guest post blogs in?

Our Guest Post products focus on multi-topic blogs and websites. These sites cover a wide variety of topics and we do our best to ‘theme’ your niche to the site within the content we write for your post. Drawing connections wherever possible. If you’re looking for strong topical-relevance guest posts, check out our Authority Links service. Our Authority Links service covers niches like Business, Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, Home, Food, Health, Travel, Construction, and many, many others. If you have any questions about niche relevance or the types of sites we work with, just reach out to us with the URLs you’re building links to and our SEO team can offer some suggestions.

Do you accept all sites/pages?

The partners we work with, the quality blogs, and different verticals that cover a variety of topics are discerning. Each one has different rules on what is acceptable for publication (a site that will link to anything is not one that we want to work with)—general rules: no pharma, adult, casino/gambling, etc., links. If you’re concerned about whether or not a specific domain/URL would be accepted by sites we work with; please contact us before placing an order.

Guest post guidelines? Which keywords can be used for the post?

Guest posts are a good opportunity to get high quality, relevant, exact, or at least partial match anchor links to your site. You get to pick and choose the keywords (anchor text) used in the link, however, the URLs provided must be quality. Low value, spammy URLs with rich anchors will likely be denied by the contributors and webmasters we work with. If a URL is denied by a contributor we’ll work with you to pick a more suitable URL. You can also use our SEO copywriting service to create some epic link-worthy content for your own site.

How long does it take to deliver a guest post (turnaround time)?

~30 days is the average time from order to the content going live, but we do occasionally have outliers on both sides of this timeline. Our team will contact you and keep you updated if we run into any problems that may delay your order.

How is this different from other blogger outreach providers?

Loganix has been around for over 8 years in the link building/brokering industry and has worked with thousands of SEOs, agencies, and business owners in that time. We are a Canadian-based company with staff members in Canada and the US. Unlike other guest post outreach providers, we guarantee our work and the guest posts you purchase. That’s worth a lot more than just the opportunity to have a post published. The sites we work with must meet some stringent minimums in terms of SEO metrics, organic traffic, and qualitative guidelines. You will not receive a guest post on a low-quality PBN-type site as many other providers sell. Finally, and perhaps most important of all, we share the sites we think are a good fit before we secure placement. You can give us your thumbs up or down. We will work with you until we are both happy with the links that are going live.

Who writes the blog content? Can I provide my own?

Guest content is primarily written by our US & Canada-based writers. In some cases, it is written by the site owners and contributors we work with. Whether done by our writers or contributors, each piece of content we produce meets the site’s quality standards and guidelines. Our goal is to make sure we naturally fit the desired link and anchor text provided by you. We do not currently accept client-contributed content largely for logistical reasons. This also helps us ensure that the quality and styling standards of the sites we work with are met. We do, however, offer a content upgrade option at checkout. This gets you a higher word count post, as well as the opportunity to review & suggest edits to the post before we submit it.

How do you come by these sites - are they your own?

We do not own or control any of the sites we work with; this is a purely relationship-based product. Be it with the webmaster or a writer/contributor, these are relationships that began with an email. A simple outreach email, a pitch, and a deal was struck. These are managed reliable relationships because, like any strong relationship, we put in the time and communicate weekly. This relationship ensures that a client link can be placed and that everything remains on schedule for publishing.

Do you have locally-based blogs in your list?

We have some and domains in our list, which may be useful to increase country relevance, but rarely do we have city/hyperlocal sites. Should you send us a locally focused, or domain, we will always try to match it with something that is geographically relevant if possible. All sites in our list are written in English. If you have custom requirements or want a hyper-local campaign, get in touch with us about our custom content marketing services.

Learn More

What is Guest Posting/Guest Blogging?

Simply: A guest post is a piece of content you write that you get published on someone else’s blog instead of posting it on your own site. This is done in exchange for some recognition in the form of a link that points back to your site.

Guest posting is a white hat link building method that has been around for years and remains one of the most valuable ways to build safe, high quality, contextual links back to your site.

Guest posts give you access to a larger audience and a quality external backlink in exchange for your efforts in writing the post. In the case of Loganix, our guest blogging service takes care of every step in the guest blog posting process (pitching ideas, writing the post, placing your link, and working with the blog owners to get the piece published).

You get to sit back and receive a link while we handle the hard work. Additionally, in the case of our placements, you are not the contributor/writer. The content will be written and placed by the contributor or website’s owner.

How Does Guest Posting Improve SEO?

Guest posting is one of the most powerful link building methods available today. Along with editorial links, they help you boost your search rankings with reliable signals of success. Getting content posted on high authority blogs gives your domain a boost and allows you to use partial or exact match anchor text links without coming off as spammy.

The blogs we work with receive organic traffic from Google and have an extensive quality link profile of their own. A link from a Loganix guest post order will help boost your page’s rankings and your overall domain authority. For higher traffic, higher authority & topically-relevant guest post links – check out our Authority Links service.

Is Guest Blogging different from Article Marketing?

Yes, very much so. Article submissions/marketing are an outdated SEO technique where people published (generally) low quality, spun content to article sites that would accept submissions from basically anyone. Guest blogging is a form of content marketing where quality blog posts are offered up and published on different blogs that can be relevant to your industry.

The blogs we work with expect quality, relevant blog posts that do not contain spammy links or links to poor quality domains. The editors of these blogs are discerning and wish to only have content that provides value to their readership.

This is not article marketing, where almost anything goes, and Google quickly catches onto the low-value content. Those types of sites get devalued in search, and we don’t want that to happen to you. The blogs we work with are trusted by Google and receive hundreds to 10s of thousands of unique, organic search visitors each month.

Loganix Guest Posts vs Manual Blog Outreach Services

The difference between Loganix and other manual guest post outreach services is: we’ve already done the outreach and built the relationships. We’ve worked with the blogs in our list over months or years and have a relationship that speeds up the process of getting a post placed.

With every new order, we slowly expand our list in that niche. We don’t start with a fresh outreach campaign for every order because we’ve worked hard to establish existing relationships, and we can get results much faster than other outreach services.

However, almost every new order prompts a new outreach campaign because it’s our chance to expand our options in that niche. As our client base grows, so does the amount of outreach we do and the partners we add to our list.

If you’re interested in a pure outreach, fresh guest posting campaign, please reach out to us with some information about your site and your goals. We’d love to discuss some custom content marketing options with you!

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