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Public reviews are hard to come by in our line of work, especially when you offer primarily white label services. We have the pleasure of working with some of the biggest agencies out there and executing campaigns for a range of clients from SMBs to Fortune 500s. Below are a handful of some of the best in the game that we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Real Video Reviews from Real Clients

DR70+ Link Building:Nick LeRoy of Nick LeRoy Consulting
Citations and Link Building:Branko Kral, SEO for ChosenData

Real Reviews from Real Clients

Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by a leader in the space

Brian Dean, Backlinko

Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.

Nick Eubanks, ftf.agency

Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.

Chris Dreyer, President & Founder, Rankings.io

Loganix is great to work with for several reasons. The quality of their links is top notch, their dashboard is slick and user friendly, and their customer service folks are one of the best I’ve experienced in this business. They’ve helped me produce consistent results month after month.

Skyler Reeves, Founder, Ardent Growth.

Our agency relies on Loganix to deliver links to clients. We love that Loganix presents you a list of the sites ahead of time, so we’re able to evaluate each and make sure it’s a perfect fit for our clients.

Ryan Stewart, Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

Adam and his team deliver what they promise in their smart and simple offering. I will continue to turn to Loganix for their transparency, knowledge and reliability.

George Zhu, Search Director, Amebae

As an agency owner, my clients have enjoyed reliable, durable rankings for years thanks to Loganix. The product is solid, and the customer service is even better. I sell, Loganix delivers. Simple.

Nathan Prescott, Founder, Beaver Marketing

This is the perfect option for design shops. My team of creatives don’t need to be focusing on SEO. They do what they do best, and leave the SEO to Loganix. We act as conduit, that’s all. Great addition to our services without any of the hassle.

Alex A., Founder, hyper6

I treat Loganix as a trusted advisor and partner in all things SEO. For the past 6-years, Loganix has helped my Agency in leaps and bounds. I’ve stuck with Loganix due to their demonstrated ability to deliver reliably. Another factor is their structured SEO approach (that adheres to my fastidious safety criteria). I mirror other agency owner sentiments that the product is solid. And yes, the customer service is even better.

Conrad Ayunon, SEO

I love working with Loganix. They deliver incredible, high-quality work. They are very timely, often with a couple day turnaround time, and their support has been helpful and prompt.

Sam Bretzmann, Founder, Whiskey SEO

My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I’m always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service. Can’t recommend them enough!

Nathan Gotch, Founder, GotchSEO

We’ve been using Loganix again and again. The systems they’ve created greatly facilitate our work in local SEO and winning quality backlinks.

Branko Kral, Director of Analytics & SEO, Chosen Data

Optimise has partnered with Loganix for a number of critical service deliverables that we cannot handle ourselves, even if we wanted to do them in-house Loganix has built a great platform and a strong team who deliver this work flawlessly. We have been using Loganix for a few years now and have been more than happy with the quality of the projects. The Loganix team are reliable, have excellent attention to detail and are friendly to work with. We look forward to many more years of cooperation as both our companies scale.

Stephen Sumner, Founder, Optimise Agency

Loganix $7 audits are simply the best thing that has ever happened to maps seo… easily worth 10x what they charge. They make doing map seo a breeze, been using these guys for the better half of a decade, I can’t recommend them enough.

Matt Prados, Founder, Gotchalocal

Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we’d need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.

Jerry Zheng, Senior SEO Specialist, OneLocal

Loganix are our go-to for citations and link building. We’ve been partnering with them since 2017 and it’s a relationship I’m happy to continue indefinitely due to their great work and support.

Daniel Sandoval, Director, Digital Assembly

As a Digital Strategist on a lean in-house team, time and efficiency are always front of mind. Thanks to Loganix, we were able to outsource key aspects of our SEO efforts without having to worry about compromising quality. We found huge value in the competitive reports. They helped us identify opportunities that had the best chance of making an impact and played a significant role in our recent growth.

Steven Orechow, Digital Strategist, stevenorechow.me

I’m usually doing these kinds of researches but at the time, I was swamped with so many other things being the only marketer/SEO at the company. So, the report really helped us (today most of the article suggestions have already been written and posted, and we got to page 1 ranking on a handful).

Kaloyan Dimitrov, SEO & Content Marketer, Enhancv

Your keyword research forms a great base for me to finish up with a little fine-tuneing. Saves me hours of work. Useful information and it does not feel like a KW dump that anyone can do with Ahrefs.

Robert Hising, Partner, Green Unicorn Farms

I’ve worked with Loganix on a recurring basis and they’ve done a great job! The quality has been higher than competitors I’ve used. They are organized and responsive which leads to quality output. It feels good to know that you have a friendly and knowledgeable team helping you with your SEO efforts.

Judd Lyon, B2B Web Developer, Lyon Digital LLC

We work on high-impact, complex topics – with clients who scrutinize every word.  The Loganix team consistently exceeds expectations, time and time again – no matter what we throw at them.  They provide an easy streamlined process with their content briefs that ensure the work is exactly what you need, no lost time.  Consistent, well-researched, nuanced, deep-dive content that ranks…   The team is a joy to work with, responsive, and I’m proud to consider them a vital partner helping us accomplish our content needs.  We keep coming back because they make us look goodevery time – period.

Thom Pryor, Founder, Lawsuit Legal
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