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People love to talk about Loganix because it is different. It is different from other link building and local SEO services in deliverables, customer service and most of all, passion. If you’ve worked with us then you know. If you’ve had a chance to do some Q&A with one of our team members, you’ve felt how much we care. Not only about you and the product, but also about search marketing in general. For the last 5 years we have dedicated ourselves to it, and to folks like yourself.

Join the ranks of our other clients and learn for yourself why publishers/affiliates and agencies choose us over and over again.


Clients served

As of Friday, February 14th 2020

Agency Owners & SEO Directors

Conrad-Ayunon-300x300[1] I treat Adam as a trusted advisor in all things SEO. Loganix has helped my agency in leaps and bounds.

Conrad Ayunon

nick Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand Local SEO and they prove it with their work.

Nick Eubanks

georgelinkedin_(1) Adam and his team deliver what they promise in their smart and simple offering. I will continue to turn to Loganix for their transparency, knowledge and reliability.

George Zhu

ramsey-086[1] Loganix can do some serious deep dive into citations that will leave most tools way back in the dust. Definitely recommended.

Mike Ramsay

quote-testimonialsAs an agency owner, my clients have enjoyed reliable, durable rankings for years thanks to Loganix. The product is solid, and the customer service is even better. I sell, Loganix delivers. Simple.

Nathan P.

quote-testimonialsThis is worth every penny. So far it feels like what I was using previously was nowhere nearly as powerful as this. The ability to cut costs, increase my revenue and spend less time doing with more time for selling is priceless. I’m probably going to discontinue my previous process and use some personally tailored variations of this going forward.

Brian Tucker, agency owner

quote-testimonialsI’ve used this service and a bunch of other products offered by Adam and they have ALWAYS been top quality.

Don’t be fooled guys, citations are a perfect link type for whitehat and blackhat sites a like. Powering them with a ton of spam can really give you a huge, long term boost. I will be ordering more of these bad boys soon. This is the perfect product to use for clients. Jonathan Waller, agency owner

quote-testimonialsAdam and his services are some of the best on the internet. I’ll be getting a few of these!

Michael B, agency owner

quote-testimonialsSo if work with a provider (I don’t work with many) I typically send them a couple of test runs to see how we work together and if the results are there. Loganix and Adam have excelled on all fronts. I just gave them a pretty good size order and look forward to more goodness. If you want someone who communicates, get’s results and easy to work with… I would suggest this package.

Liam Lennon, food delivery startup founder

Got my Report and citations done very fast.

Awesome report. A+ Also received notice the tier 2 are complete (fast) Will update on any rankings as it is to soon to tell. They did this for my service based business that I run and is local. Highly recommended and very professional. Ted, Locksmith

quote-testimonialsThis is the perfect option for design shops. My team of creatives don’t need to be focusing on SEO. They do what they do best, and leave the SEO to Loganix. We act as conduit, that’s all. Great addition to our services without any of the hassle. Alex A, design agency

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quote-testimonialsCleanup was absurdly cheap, but we got everything we wanted out of it. They found about a half-dozen bad listings for our clients, and had them all removed by the end of the month. Amazing timing. – Brian Sarz, SEO

quote-testimonialsLoganix handles all of our citation cleanups, and they have since they did such a great job on the first one we passed to them. They work very quickly, and they still caught stuff our process kept missing. – Marco Gutierrez, Search Lead

quote-testimonialsThey have the best citation cleanup for the price out there. Love how they can get directories to respond when they’ve ignored our messages for weeks. – Adam Reynolds, Agency Owner

quote-testimonialsVery comprehensive cleanup work. We’ve had cleanups done for this particular client before that did not find the old listings that this team did. They were also able to stop one of the old ones that kept getting picked up by aggregates. It’s finally dead now, and our client is very pleased. Desmond Verde, SEO

quote-testimonialsThe audit was affordable and fast enough that we’ve been able to move to Loganix for a lot of our early client work. I was worried about depending on them, but they’ve been nothing but reliable. The clients are always happy, and I am too. – Edward McManus, SEO

quote-testimonialsNice, fast audits from these guys. Great quality for both the speed and the price. – Mike Nolte, Search Director

quote-testimonialsWe saw the results of the Social Audit within just a couple weeks. Bumps to our client’s position on the page started to come regularly and by the end of it, he moved from page 9 to page 2. We will definitely be passing more clients this way. – Jonathan Alan, Agency Owner

quote-testimonialsThe social accounts have been a huge help. We use it for nearly all clients who come to us with websites that don’t have a decent history or link profile. It’s a pretty affordable boost that has always paid off very early for us. – Armand Brunswick, Search Lead.

quote-testimonialsWe have links on Forbes and Huffpo now thanks to the work of Adam and his team. It wasn’t cheap, but the results were delivered as promised, and about a week ahead of the time I was expected to wait. I also really love the content they chose to post our link in. It’s exactly the lead-in I wanted for my visitors. – Mark Olivia, Importer and Business Owner.

quote-testimonialsI love the quality of these editorial links, and the way they set all this up. I chose the sites I wanted (great amount of options btw), and they were able to develop editorial links for every single one of them. – Nathan Lancaster

Loganix Reviews From Established SEO Communities

quote-testimonialsI can’t speak highly enough about Adam. The man knows SEO. Get in on these links before someone gets smart and pays him to make these private! StackCash

quote-testimonialsAdam’s pretty smooth with this service. I got a badass video explanation, and went through the report. I haven’t seen this much detail in a report before, even a citation audit; you can tell him and his team takes their time doing this. Afterwards I asked him what he was going to price it at, and I was floored he was going so low for this high quality of a service. It’s truly beautiful work. I’m already telling my consulting clients to hit up Adam as soon as possible. For the people that can read between the lines, this is one of those things you can use to help extend your ‘more aggressive SEO’ methods… CCarter

quote-testimonialsGot my report back the other day and I’m very impressed with the speed of the works and the very unique properties. I’m definitely seeing some green arrows and i haven’t been doing much else with the site lately, so that’s a good sign. I’ve got a couple more sites that can definitely use these links. Thanks for the great work. efeezy

quote-testimonialsReceived my report and this service rocks. I never knew that local directory has that sort of metrics! Your money will be spent on this (even if you are broke like me). arxs

quote-testimonialsGood sh*t. I’m a fan branding. This does branding. evolutionvision

quote-testimonialsIf i lost all of my skills tomorrow, woke up and my proxies were all dead. I couldn’t build a single link. I know where i’d be going for links. These guys understand how to make a perfect cocktail to move the needle. Good stuff skohh

quote-testimonialsWorked with Adam on a project for almost half year,and i tell you what – Loganix kicks a**! This is a legit as it may be, and, combined with Spamfinity, I think the service should become even more powerful. Get it! evgenktulu

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quote-testimonialsI recently placed my first Loganix order. I had a few pre-sale questions, and Adam has been extremely helpful. This looks to be an awesome deal for the money and expertise.


quote-testimonialsThis service has been part of my local seo arsenal for the past two months or so. The links look great. These are the types of links you can show to clients with no shame. Adam aka bluesteele is great guy to work with and and put up with my annoying self. I plan on buying these as long as i am doing local seo. Real deal service, a must have for yous clients



quote-testimonialsAnd all the thanks go to Adam and his team.


quote-testimonialsI spoke with Adam Steele yesterday. He was extremely professional. Adam has a very good reputation within the local search community and really understands local search. 7 bucks a citation is extremely reasonable as these are customized. My clients are international and none of the other services are willing to work with me as they are used to just using a standard list. Adam customizes each campaign. I couldn’t sign on with Adam right away as I needed to speak with my partner. We will sign on this weekend. Again, you can’t really compare a customized list to the standard citations that everybody uses. Alex Hamilton

quote-testimonialsGot my report. Damn that was quick! Looks absolutely solid. Wow.



Adam is a citation building BOSS! It took me a while to get Adam the details he needed, he was super patient with me. I just got his report, and haven’t even had the chance to to through it all in it’s entirety and I can already see some my client rankings have improved – and it’s only been a couple days! Matt Lee

quote-testimonialsGot my report today. It was a professional excel sheet. I was amazed to see too many authority links that look 100% natural. The better part is most of them are already indexed in google with address and phone number. If you have a local business website, you can’t miss this opportunity. If you don’t have one (as me) then you will be getting tons of link juice from authority websites. I got a review copy, however after seeing the report i am so pleased that i will happily pay 197 bucks and order it for my next website. P.S. Adam and the team are one of coolest people i have ever dealt with.

Baba Pandey

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quote-testimonialsVery impressed with this service offered. A detailed report of all links, all directories are filled with your businesses information including pictures. Not some half hearted effort.

Some very high da websites in the report which will only add authority to your business. The report also contains links where your business is missing vital details such as address and telephone number. To early to see any improvement in rankings. All in all a very professional service being offered and I would not hesitate to recommend or order for myself. Thanks again Options

quote-testimonialsThis service is great. Use these links to set up a solid foundation for your website, or fill in some of the holes on an older type site. The other great part about this service is, you should see a nice boost with these links within 2-4 weeks, but over time (4-6 months) they still continue to push authority to your site (once they cycle). Adam is a super cool dude and customer service is top notch. Highly recommended. jstover77

quote-testimonialsI got my citations report from OP yesterday. The links to citations will be built in the coming 7-10 days. This review is about the quality of the citations.

I am going to over the different sections in the report 1st is the citation audit. OP does a wonderful service where they go through your current citations so that they don’t create any duplicate ones and also if any inconsistencies are found then they correct the details. 2nd section is the biz directories submissions. I got 30+ citations for my lead gen site and most of them are live and verified with all the correct details. All the directories are DA 30+. 3rd section is the video submissions. OP submitted 15 videos for each of the keywords that I provided and my citations are also present in the description of those videos. 4th section is image submissions. OP submitted 15 images for each of my keywords and also mentioned my citation details in the description of the images. Overall I am very happy with the service that I got and I am looking forward to the boosts that it will give my site along with the additional tier links. Dj Co2

quote-testimonialsJust wanted to give a little review

I took the service out a couple of weeks ago, there was a slight delay with something their end but nothing too drastic and my results went live just over a week later, the tier 2 links were finished last week, I could ramble on but probably best if i let the results do the talking Very happy with the results, the keywords below are not just local keywords but national fairly big hitters, very happy with the results and the communication from Adam and his team, as you can see from below some keywords came from nowhere so just to get the keywords in the limelight for me was a great achievement I am sure in the coming weeks there will be further improvements once all the tier 2 links get indexed, so if your on the fence jump in. kellyman

quote-testimonialsThese guys provide a quality service, the first report is very well written and I am waiting for the teir 2 links now. I see a long term relationship with these guys.


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quote-testimonialsOk, quick update. The site I submitted for the Loganix + Spamfinity run is a local site that I hadn’t done anything with for six months. It had gone from pos 20 to 27 in Google over past 6 months. It had a handful of naked URL, Web 2.0 and bookmark links. Main keyword is pretty competitive and for a U.S. City of 300k population, CPC $35.

Today, it jumped from #27 to #13 in Google for main keyword. All other related keywords have shown significant movement. Very impressed so far as I don’t think many of my tier 2s have even been built yet and this site has shown no movement whatsoever for a long time. fmurphy1970

quote-testimonialsJust got the first report and I’m happy to say that I am very impressed with the service so far. I can definitely see using this for client work. Not only are the reports thorough but they explain the what and why of each portion. Which saves me from having to explain it to clients!


quote-testimonialsjust got my delivery notice and my main keyword shot of 40 positions overnight. largest move in 2 months. if it stays then it was well worth it. i’ll be ordering the monthly package to keep this going.


quote-testimonialsI got my first order back and all I can say is WOW! The results were amazing. I just ordered 3 more full package orders and will use this from now on for all my client citations. Here is the screenshot after I did the package. Thanks Adam.


quote-testimonialsJust received my order. very happy so far with the way the guys at Loganix do the citations. Also received a very detailed report with my current correct listing plus my incorrect ones. Could not ask for more. Will definitely use them again for my other businesses.


quote-testimonialsJust had an extensive conversation with Adam about what he offers, how it fits with what I need, and what differentiates him in the citation building market (other than the spam boosting of course). I’m extremely impressed with his honesty and knowledge. Waiting on some client info before making a few orders but will report back with my experience once the jobs are done.



quote-testimonialsI got back my report the other day and i must say I was really, really impressed I even made a video and sent it to my client to show him the work that you guys did and he was impressed also. The didn’t realize how many of the citations had the wrong addresses. The report gives up a chance to go in a try and correct or delete all the citations that had the wrong address over 300 Thank goodness my VA is willing to do in and make the corrections.

Anyway again I am very happy with all the reporting and the new quality citations that you guys have creates, just waiting on the sites rankings to improve. birdie28a

quote-testimonialsI received a confirmation email that the packages have started but even without the report I can tell the links are being made. I have seen amazing movement already! Todd

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quote-testimonialsAnyways 2011, I took a package for to get into the A listing in Google. It was a about position E. Adam in a couple of months took it to position A.

Its now 2015 and I still own that spot for my main terms. 4/5 years later and still Position A. Now that is RESPECT and I have not done any SEO for that listing and not touched it for 4 years. Hard to believe. Daniyal

quote-testimonialsOkay I received an extensive report from Adam and his team. Lots of great information to digest – lots of cleanup to do on my end!

Next step is getting those juicy backlinks to some citations they built up for me! Looking forward to it. So far I’m impressed! Fred