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Legal Marketing Agency gets 7x more keywords on the first page of Google for their clients – without the cost of an internal team.

Hear it from Founder, Chris Dreyer:

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SaaS Marketing Agency

Powered By Search is able to fulfill their heavy client demands with speed and care using our manual citation-building expertise and economies of scale.

Hear it from CEO/Founder, Dev Basu:

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Local Search Marketing Agency

SixEstate uses our flexible link building services as a cost-effective and high-quality solution for meeting their clients’ expectations and fluctuating needs.

Hear it from Content Director/Founder, David Reich:

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The People’s Cannabis Shop

SpiritLeaf’s organic monthly traffic grows consistently despite heavy competition, resulting in higher rankings, more time efficiency, and amazing long term ROI.

Hear it from Digital Strategist, Steven Orechow:

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B2B & Saas Content Marketing Agency

Skyler knew that there are numerous companies out there that offer services such as citation building, citation audits, citation cleanup, link building services, and SEO services. But most of the ones he checked out didn’t provide him with a self-serve platform.

Fortunately, a strategic partner of his recommended Loganix to him. So he knew he could count on us to bring results. And that’s where his growth journey began.

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Instant Tutoring Platform

Learnt was seeking a long-term partner to assist with their search marketing efforts. Other firms they had worked with were either unresponsive or did not produce outcomes. Their initial move toward attaining their long-term marketing objectives was to contact Loganix.

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Real Video Reviews from Real Clients

Real Reviews from Real Clients

Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by a leader in the space

Brian Dean, Backlinko

Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.

Nick Eubanks,

Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.

Chris Dreyer, President & Founder,

Loganix is great to work with for several reasons. The quality of their links is top notch, their dashboard is slick and user friendly, and their customer service folks are one of the best I’ve experienced in this business. They’ve helped me produce consistent results month after month.

Skyler Reeves, Founder, Ardent Growth.

Our agency relies on Loganix to deliver links to clients. We love that Loganix presents you a list of the sites ahead of time, so we’re able to evaluate each and make sure it’s a perfect fit for our clients.

Ryan Stewart, Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

Adam and his team deliver what they promise in their smart and simple offering. I will continue to turn to Loganix for their transparency, knowledge and reliability.

George Zhu, Search Director, Amebae

As an agency owner, my clients have enjoyed reliable, durable rankings for years thanks to Loganix. The product is solid, and the customer service is even better. I sell, Loganix delivers. Simple.

Nathan Prescott, Founder, Beaver Marketing

This is the perfect option for design shops. My team of creatives don’t need to be focusing on SEO. They do what they do best, and leave the SEO to Loganix. We act as conduit, that’s all. Great addition to our services without any of the hassle.

Alex A., Founder, hyper6

For the past 7 years, Loganix has been my trusted advisor and silent delivery partner in all things SEO. What I most appreciate is their reliable execution that doesn’t cut corners – but most importantly – how they always meet or exceed my fastidious safety criteria (which is especially important in the legal sector). My Agency would not be as successful as it is without Loganix and I wholeheartedly recommend them to those who require White Hat SEO delivery AND powerful results.

Conrad Ayunon, Founder, Lawyer SEO Pro

I love working with Loganix. They deliver incredible, high-quality work. They are very timely, often with a couple day turnaround time, and their support has been helpful and prompt.

Sam Bretzmann, Founder, Whiskey SEO

My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I’m always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service. Can’t recommend them enough!

Nathan Gotch, Founder, GotchSEO

We’ve been using Loganix again and again. The systems they’ve created greatly facilitate our work in local SEO and winning quality backlinks.

Branko Kral, Director of Analytics & SEO, Chosen Data

Optimise has partnered with Loganix for a number of critical service deliverables that we cannot handle ourselves, even if we wanted to do them in-house Loganix has built a great platform and a strong team who deliver this work flawlessly. We have been using Loganix for a few years now and have been more than happy with the quality of the projects. The Loganix team are reliable, have excellent attention to detail and are friendly to work with. We look forward to many more years of cooperation as both our companies scale.

Stephen Sumner, Founder, Optimise Agency

Loganix $7 audits are simply the best thing that has ever happened to maps seo… easily worth 10x what they charge. They make doing map seo a breeze, been using these guys for the better half of a decade, I can’t recommend them enough.

Matt Prados, Founder, Gotchalocal

Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we’d need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.

Jerry Zheng, Senior SEO Specialist, OneLocal

Loganix are our go-to for citations and link building. We’ve been partnering with them since 2017 and it’s a relationship I’m happy to continue indefinitely due to their great work and support.

Daniel Sandoval, Director, Digital Assembly

As a Digital Strategist on a lean in-house team, time and efficiency are always front of mind. Thanks to Loganix, we were able to outsource key aspects of our SEO efforts without having to worry about compromising quality. We found huge value in the competitive reports. They helped us identify opportunities that had the best chance of making an impact and played a significant role in our recent growth.

Steven Orechow, Digital Strategist,

I’m usually doing these kinds of researches but at the time, I was swamped with so many other things being the only marketer/SEO at the company. So, the report really helped us (today most of the article suggestions have already been written and posted, and we got to page 1 ranking on a handful).

Kaloyan Dimitrov, SEO & Content Marketer, Enhancv

Your keyword research forms a great base for me to finish up with a little fine-tuneing. Saves me hours of work. Useful information and it does not feel like a KW dump that anyone can do with Ahrefs.

Robert Hising, Partner, Green Unicorn Farms

I’ve worked with Loganix on a recurring basis and they’ve done a great job! The quality has been higher than competitors I’ve used. They are organized and responsive which leads to quality output. It feels good to know that you have a friendly and knowledgeable team helping you with your SEO efforts.

Judd Lyon, B2B Web Developer, Lyon Digital LLC

I’ve been ordering reports, audits, and content from Loganix for two years now. Over that time, they saved us countless hours, never failed us on provided top-notch work, and when you ask a question or request a change they are very responsive (compared to other similar companies I’ve worked with). I trust Loganix and for me, that’s really important so I give them 5-stars and 2-thumbs up!

Adam Walters, Founder, muON Marketing🚀

I’ve used Loganix 4 or 5 times now for their $7 reviews on GMB. They consistently produced an excellent report that is easy to read and put actions in place from. In addition they have always produced their report on or before the time stated which enables us to plan efficiently for client work delivery. Great job team!

Martin Finn, Director / Founder, Move Ahead Media

We work on high-impact, complex topics – with clients who scrutinize every word.  The Loganix team consistently exceeds expectations, time and time again – no matter what we throw at them.  They provide an easy streamlined process with their content briefs that ensure the work is exactly what you need, no lost time.  Consistent, well-researched, nuanced, deep-dive content that ranks…   The team is a joy to work with, responsive, and I’m proud to consider them a vital partner helping us accomplish our content needs.  We keep coming back because they make us look good, every time – period.

Thom Pryor, Founder, Lawsuit Legal

You guys have been great—really transparent and professional, which is refreshing to see in this line of work.

Your approach to link building stands out. No shortcuts or shady stuff, just solid, effective work. It’s good to know there are still teams out there committed to doing things the right way.

There will always be unpredictable events in the SEO world, but your willingness to go above and beyond to make things right elevates this industry.

We’re happy to be working with you, and we’re looking forward to doing even more awesome stuff together.

Carlo DeFalco, Marketing Coordinator, RELENTLESS Venture Studio

I have been using Loganix for years and highly recommend them regularly to family and friends. We spend a lot of money on links every month and these guys never disappoint.

Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Organics

I have been using Loganix for some weeks. Their service is professional. Their pricing is not cheap to me. But the results have been very good. I use their guest post and brand building service. I will continue use their service.

Andy Zhou, CEO, OpenTimeClock

Elevating our off-page SEO with Loganix. We partnered with Loganix to acquire more authoritative backlinks for our client’s websites, and the results have been outstanding so far. Thanks to their high-quality work and responsiveness, we’ve seen significant growth in organic traffic and SEO rankings to our client’s website. Working with Loganix has been a breeze, and I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to build their off-page SEO strategy and execution.

Kenzie Austin, Associate Director, SEO, Envisionit

I’ve been using Loganix for years for both my clients and my own sites. Good value and a large choice of services.

Jim Clark, Director of SEO, Kinetiks Consulting

We have a good collaboration, and we are planning to continue working with them.

Andreea Marcu, Head of Marketing and Communication, AROBS Transilvania Software

Local SEO citation Experts

Having worked with various SEO teams in the past, Imer’s team stands out with their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Highly recommend Loganix for anyone seeking top-notch citation-building services.

Ken Buis, Founding Partner, SEO, Fervid Business Solutions

Great Service

I have been using Loganix for a few months now. Originally recommended by some peers and mentors. So far I am very pleased with the services offered, price points, and end results. I use them for guest posting and some content strategy.

John Ellis, Managing Partner, KeyWave Digital

Outstanding Service and Communication

Loganix has been instrumental in elevating our team’s SEO strategy. They provide excellent communication and a great level of expertise in the highly competitive link-building industry.

Blake Altice, SEO Specialist, PeopleConnect

A Rose Among Thorns In The SEO World

I have worked with a handful of off-site SEO partners in the past, but none have been easier to work with than Loganix.

Great price points. Excellent control over your messaging. The user experience is nice & modern. The directory is extremely robust (& growing). Insanely fast customer service — which you rarely have to use.

If you are any level of SEO professional and need an outsourced partner, Loganix is the one.

Stephan Reed, Digital Marketing Strategist, Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions

High Quality Backlinks From Relevant Niche Sites

Loganix excels in providing a highly personalized link-building service, consistently delivering top-quality links that significantly enhance online visibility and SEO performance.

Gary Honold, President, Array Digital

Loganix is an excellent resource for SEO and a great SEO partner. Top notch customer service and on time deliverables. Love working with them!


Super professional company, deliverables were completed well within the timeframe and were done properly. You can tell their operations are tip top!

Gary Simpson, Founder, thewavedigital

I’m using Loganix services for a couple of years. They are very professional and also very helpful. They have contributed a lot to our SEO efforts during these years, and they always have new services which we can use. As a happy client, I fully recommend them.

Tal Paz, Brand Manager, 5 Star car title loans

Loganix is top-notch all around. As an agency owner, they are vital to my business and are always happy to help. They always deliver high-quality products that help my customers grow their business.

Josh Mauney, Founder, Click Cascade

Loganix is a huge value-add for our agency. Working with their team is seamless and easy helping us augment some of the tasks we would have to do in-house.

Staci Cretu, Founder/CEO, Uncommon Marketing Works

We provide SEO to primarily local clients and regularly use Loganix for initial citation audits and ongoing citation directory building. TBH, they cost more than other providers but are worth it. They are prompt, organized, responsive, and ensure things are done right. Highly recommend!

Steve Rouleau, Courtier Immobilier Montreal , Remax du cartier Montreal

They stand by their work

We have been using Loganix for a while now, and I have to say they are great. The one time that an issue did arise, they were more than dedicated to proactively fixing it. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s how you handle them that matters. They have won my full trust.

Rodney Wagner, Founder/CEO, Connective Web Design

It’s hard to know who to trust on the web for services like backlinks and press releases. I’ve come to trust Loganix and rely on them for quality work.

Anthony Hendriks, Owner, Hendriks Marketing

I’ve been using various services from Loganix for years, and they are a consistently good company to partner with for my SEO needs.

Matt Grammer, CEO, Therapy Trainings

Highly recommend for outsourcing your link building efforts. Dependable, trustworthy, and worth the cost.

Rachel Ellis, Owner, WINRO MEDIA
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