A done-for-you content strategy for SEOs, by SEOs.

  • Compiled by experienced content strategists
  • Understanding search intent, topics & nuance is our specialty
  • Predictable turnaround (with a money-back guarantee)
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Before you check out our pricing, here’s what you need to know:

Grow your organic traffic with a custom content strategy

You tell us the topics you want to target and we’ll turn them into topically-grouped articles backed by keyword research. Our trained SEO strategists create content plans that are actionable, helping you to kickstart your content production.

With content marketing, SEOs, webmasters, and business owners commonly find themselves doing time-consuming keyword research, producing content, or even just getting lost in messy spreadsheets.

That’s a lot of moving pieces!

Save time (and money) by ordering our content strategy. Our play on the popular hub and spoke strategy helps higher competition hub pages rank by directing users, search engines, and authority from the spokes (aka internal linking blog pages).

How it works
  1. You give up to 5 high level topics you want to target
  2. Our SEO’s analyze the SERPs, research your topics and map to relevant keywords
  3. We organize this data into an actionable content strategy.
You can expect…
  • Well-researched content topics from U.S. and Canadian marketers
  • Robust process for planning out relevant content that ranks for the right keywords
  • Timely, consistent delivery

Trusted by businesses like you

I'm usually doing these kinds of researches but at the time, I was swamped with so many other things being the only marketer/SEO at the company. So, the report really helped us (today most of the article suggestions have already been written and posted, and we got to page 1 ranking on a handful).
Kaloyan Dimitrov
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Service and Pricing

Content Strategy
5 Topics

Research 5 topics that you provide

Keyword Research

Analyze keywords and share keyword data

SERP Analysis

Analyze keyword search engine result pages (SERPs) and write 15+ blog titles

2-day Turnaround

Our always timely delivery guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

A done-for-you SEO content plan based on the popular Hub & Spoke content strategy framework. This is a one-time content strategy that gives you a list of blog topics (backed by keyword research) to write about.

Inside the finished strategy doc you’ll see an actionable content plan containing:

Content-type groupings (hub or spoke)
Keyword topic groupings
Difficulty score, search volume + CPC (from Ahrefs)
Page title suggestions for your blog posts
White label reporting (sample)

How does it work?

The team at Loganix use a robust process to do keyword research and then comb through the data to select terms that lend themselves to informational content.

You give us the topics you want to rank for and then we’ll find the content you should create to target them.

The finished content strategy contains:

1) Content-Type + Topic

This explains the hierarchy of content and what topic it maps to. This is useful for internal linking when your content is live. As a minimum, you should link between all content (hub + spokes) within a topic to help build relevance.

2) Keyword Data

These are the main (informational) keywords that are being targeted in the content, along with metrics pulled from Ahrefs.

3) Links

This is a (very) rough measure of many backlinks a keyword/article needs to rank, via Ahrefs. This is just a rough guide to give you a top-level view of how competitive a keyword is in terms of links.

4) Page Title Suggestions

This is a suggested page title you can consider using. It’s only a suggestion designed to save you time, so feel free to change it.

What can you do with it?

Once you have your content strategy, you can hand it off to your in-house writers or outsource it and start producing content designed to rank for your chosen topics.

This strategy document is backed by SEO data and research. It is designed to help you (or your clients):

Rank for informational keywords
Create relevant content
Build topical relevance around meaningful keywords

How long will it take?

Turnaround time is 2 business days for your finished content strategy.

What do you guarantee?

We stand behind our services 100%, no matter what. If you’re not happy with your report, or there’s something we could have done differently, we’ll work with you to make it right. Guaranteed.

Do you have a sample?

Yes, please see this sample here!

What information will I need to provide?

Our SEOs will need your site/client’s URL, target market, and your Top 5s (competitors, website pages, and keywords). We’ll analyze the different elements (on-page, URL equity, competitors etc) and organise this data into an actionable audit.

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