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Leave the grunt work to your SEO team: Loganix

Get a detailed snapshot of how well your website is optimized for search engines. Our SEO audit service provides immediately actionable insights into weaknesses and opportunities that we find to put your site on the right path.

Combined with our one-time optimization, our team can take care of the implementation work needed to increase search traffic to your business.

Whether you want to find out why your SEO isn’t working, how to get ahead of your competitors or find fix holes in your site, we can help with our done-for-your SEO audit service.

How it works
  1. You give us your site/clients URL to audit
  2. Our SEO’s analyze the site’s different elements (on-page, URL equity, competitors etc).
  3. We organise this data into an actionable SEO audit.
You can expect…
  1. Well-researched SEO audit done by U.S. and Canadian marketers
  2. Robust process for finding and compiling actionable audit results
  3. Timely delivery of report

Trusted by businesses like you

My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I’m always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service. Can’t recommend them enough!
Nathan Gotch
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Actionable SEO Audits to Grow Your Business

When you’re shopping around for an auditing service, you want advice that works… and works fast.

Our team of SEO experts give you none of the crust — only actionable insights to improve targeted search traffic, conversions and revenue. We offer proven experience with current trends and established SEO best practices for optimizing your website to increase visibility and targeted traffic.

We provide clear feedback in the form of a prioritized ‘immediate actions’ list you will see improvements from once implemented. These actions cover a variety of important SEO factors such as the technical structure of your site, website speed/page load times, on-site optimization, keyword research and targeting, content optimization, and a detailed backlink analysis.

Each audit includes a list of the problems identified, the reports and documents used to reach our conclusions, as well as tips to implementing the changes.

Professional On-Site Optimization Service

If the feedback we provide from our audit seems too time consuming or complicated to implement yourself, you always have the choice to use our team of experienced SEO experts to do it for you.

That way you can skip the back and forth of passing on our tips to someone else to interpret, and have the same people that identified the problems to fix them. Our search team is comprised of experienced SEOs, web developers, copywriters and link building experts who will fully implement all action items quickly.

Our one-time on-site optimization service is the best way to ensure your website is optimized correctly the first time, turning your website into a top performer for your business.

White Label SEO Audits

Agency owners: reduce your team headcount, expand your service offerings, and effortlessly scale your active client base by letting us knock it out of the park for your clients.

Our SEO audits and on-site optimization service are completely white label by design. Our team will only contact individuals you authorize (such as your own in-house team), never reaching out to your clients under any circumstances.

Audit materials and final reports can be rebranded with your logo, business information and any specific recommendations your own team may want to include before final delivery to your client.

Leave the grunt work to your SEO team: Loganix

Mini SEO Audit

Included, but not limited to:

On-page SEO review

Keyword research

URL equity

Competitor analysis

Key takeaways & recommendations

10-day turnaround

Full SEO Audit

Included, but not limited to:

On-page SEO review

Keyword research

URL equity

Competitor analysis

Backlink gap analysis

Keyword gap analysis

Content audit

Page speed review

Schema audit

Key takeaways & recommendations

10-day turnaround

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample?

Certainly, here is one of the larger audits. The Mini audit would just have a few less tabs.

How long does an audit take?

Most audits are completed in under 2 weeks. Depending on the size and type of website, our team may require additional time to get your final report delivered – especially in the case of custom audits. Reach out to our team before purchasing and to receive an accurate delivery estimate for your specific site.

Why should I have my website audited?

There are many reasons why a business might want to have an audit of their website. If you never see your website on Google where you see your competitors, if you just finished migrating your website to a new domain or platform (or are thinking about it), if you noticed a sudden and significant drop in your traffic and conversions, and so on.Many customers come back to us for annual audits to ensure their in-house teams or contracted SEOs are truly taking care of all the specific details. Many SEOs and agencies utilize our service to act as a second opinion and to validate their own recommendations are going to create a positive impact for their clients.

How does it work?

When you sign up for an audit with us, we run through the complete checklist of known ranking factors that search engines use as we put your website under a microscope. We look at your page load times, mobile friendliness, keyword use, internal and external links, analytics and reporting, coding, technical errors, crawlability, accessibility, and more. At the end, we show you what you’re currently doing on your website versus what you should be doing. In each section of the audit we outline any problems we have identified and exactly what you can do to fix it.

Can you make the fixes for me?

Absolutely. Our on-site optimization service is built for businesses who don’t have the in-house technical and SEO expertise to implement all of our recommendations, or who are just too busy focusing on other parts of their business. Our team will take on the most important tasks outlined in the audit that are holding you back in the search results and swiftly implement them. We’ll work with you, or individuals on your team, to approve content and website changes before anything gets put online – it’s your brand, you always have final say on any work we do.

What is an SEO audit?

When we perform an audit, we assess how well your website has been set up to get noticed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are innumerable factors that go into how well a website ranks in search results, and we look at all of them to determine what (if anything) is holding your site back from ranking higher and generating more traffic.Our experience in SEO allows us to focus in on only the most impactful items to get your business where it needs to be in the search results.

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