50% Growth for Learnt in Organic Traffic With Loganix’s Link-Building Strategies





Grew #1-#3 positions by 300% in 9 months

“The thing that has exceeded my expectations the most and made me a lifelong customer is the accessibility and openness of Loganix. Loganix is not only a company that does marketing very well, but they're also a community where they discuss marketing plans and ideas. You can grow as a marketer or just by being involved with Loganix.”
Eliza Nimmich


Learnt is an online marketplace that links students with professionally vetted tutors for online and in-person assistance with studying, standardized tests, homework, and entrance examinations. Learnt makes it simple for students to locate a tutor for any academic topic in under a minute, allowing them to return to their studies and stop browsing.

Learnt was seeking a long-term partner to assist with their search marketing efforts. Other firms they had worked with were either unresponsive or did not produce outcomes. Their initial move toward attaining their long-term marketing objectives was to contact Loganix.


Eliza first came to Loganix five years ago, asking for help with link building, and she stayed in touch with us.

Learnt had difficulty with organic search visibility as well as attracting the right visitors to the website. Furthermore, Eliza Nimmich, the Co-Founder, found it difficult to locate a reliable marketing firm that could produce high-quality services at a fair price.

“It is really frustrating because it’s super hard to find a trusted marketing service that’s going to deliver quality work at a reasonable price, to be honest, and open about their methods. So when I found Loganix, I was so excited because this team really knows what they’re doing.”


We designed a complete link-building approach to assist Learnt in driving more leads from organic search, which included producing high-quality backlinks, guest blogging, and targeting high-quality links from authority domains.

We also worked to improve total organic exposure by increasing relevant visitors to the website and improving targeted keyword rankings with a high conversion rate.


Our link-building tactics not only created a great many backlinks, but also considerably boosted Learnt’s authority, which was a big step forward for the site and the firm.

By collaborating with Loganix, Learnt dramatically increased its exposure on Google and received tangible benefits from its investment, as seen below. Learnt’s Google ranking positions:

  • Increased organic traffic by 50% in 9 months
  • Grew #4-#11 positions by 120% in 9 months
  • Grew #1-#3 positions by 300% in 9 months


Finally: a guest posting service for clients with standards, deadlines, and reputations.

Get links from guest posts that won’t get you fired.

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