How Ardent Growth Enjoys an off-the-Charts Monthly Increase in Organic Traffic with Help from Loganix


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Murray, Kentucky

Position 1 ranking for “local search marketing company”

“The biggest benefit that we've got from working with Loganix has been the ability to scale our services, ultimately make more revenue without having to hire and train staff. Scaling without having to expend all those resources on things that could frankly not pan out right has been one of the biggest benefits of working with Loganix thus far”
Skyler Reeves


Skyler Reeves is the founder and CEO of Ardent Growth. He’s on a mission to blend data and creativity to make the web a better place. Ardent Growth is a B2B and SaaS content marketing agency that works with home services businesses around the US to grow their revenue and expand operations.

So, what prompted him to engage Loganix?

The long story: Skyler knew that there are numerous companies out there that offer services such as citation building, citation audits, citation cleanup, link building services, and SEO services. But most of the ones he checked out didn’t provide him with a self-serve platform.

Fortunately, a strategic partner of his recommended Loganix to him. So he knew he could count on us to bring results. And that’s where his growth journey began.


When Ardent Growth first started out, they were more focused on local SEO. But one of the things that they had never really built out internally was the best way to find and audit business directory citations at scale and then clean them up. 

Also, the intricacies that go into crawling the web, finding citations, auditing them, reaching out to those businesses —oftentimes was extremely time-consuming.


Ardent Growth worked with Loganix to audit business citations as well as cleaning them up.

The process started with an extensive citation audit, followed by several rounds of aggressive, targeted outreach.

In addition, Loganix has the most advanced citation audit & competitive analysis to ever see the light of day.  They worked hard to find ways to give Ardent Growth a competitive edge in local search. The advanced audit also included insights into their biggest local competitors.


Loganix has helped Ardent Growth achieve an off-the-charts keyword growth and high ROI. Ardent Growth now ranks Position 1 for “local search marketing company” as a keyword in the majority of large markets and has enhanced its clients’ search rankings.

As if that’s not enough, Ardent growth enjoys the ability to scale its services, ultimately increasing revenue without having to hire and train staff. Also, a lot of the labor-intensive tasks are handled by Loganix at an affordable rate and so they get to save time as well as put these internal resources to good use.

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