Loganix Delivers Smiles With a 42% Increase in Organic Rankings for Brain Finance


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42% growth in organic rankings in 7 months

“The results so far after starting to work with Loganix have been amazing. Our content is of a much higher quality, much higher caliber, and more trustworthy. It has led to a higher online reputation. Also, the outreach campaigns helped us build great relationships with other websites.”
Dror Zaifman


Brain Finance is a well-known financial technology company that offers its consumers responsible and constructive credit solutions. They are redefining credit access with their groundbreaking technology, which uses machine learning and automation to give better and easier financial services to everyone.

Brain Finance had an in-house digital team and was attempting to analyze how they compared to the competition in the organic area, spending many hours integrating data from multiple SEO tools in vain. A more organized strategy would be essential to their success.

Dror was then referred to Loganix by Ryan Stewart, a leading online marketing expert.

“The reason we were confident that Loganix was right for us was because we were referred to them by Ryan Stewart, a leading online marketing expert,” Dror says.


The initial challenges that we had which made us reach out to Loganix was that we were seeing our competitors gaining market share and Share of Voice”, says Dror.

Brain Finance struggled to establish attention against huge competitors. They were seeking an SEO agency that could assist them in ranking, increasing traffic, improving relationships and their online reputation as well as increasing brand recognition.

He further says,

“The original problem that sent us looking for a company such as Loganix was to enhance our online reputation.”

As a result, Brain Finance worked with Loganix to utilize their SEO knowledge, allowing them to not only analyze keywords and boost ranking but also develop well-optimized content and enhance their online reputation.


Prior to collaborating with Loganix, Brain Finance’s SEO efforts were “just skimming the surface.”

Loganix recommended doing a study of Brain Finance’s backlink profile to determine the best areas to focus on. Guest posting and creating content that ranks were also part of the winning strategy.


Brain Finance has had great outcomes since partnering with Loganix. They have seen a 42% increase in organic rankings, an increase in brand visibility, online reputation, and market share in just 7 months!

With help from Loganix, the Brain Finance team has also been able to save a lot of time that would be spent creating content and running outreach campaigns.

“The content they wrote for us, the outreach campaign that they did, it was all on their side. …Huge time-saving for us. Also, we were able to increase our ranking on Google and it showed positive results because it was hard to rank for some keywords and after working with Loganix we were able to get that push that we needed.”

These outcomes cleared the ground for their executive team to advocate for an SEO-led improvement.


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