How Loganix Propelled Lawyer SEO Pro to Number One in Every High-Volume Keyword in Australia’s Legal Market


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Became number one in every high-volume keyword in Australia’s legal market

“Thanks to Loganix, we secured the number one spot in every state and every capital city in Australia for every high-volume money keyword. This has helped boost our visibility and attract valuable clients. It’s been a real game-changer for our position in the legal marketing industry."
Conrad Ayunon


Lawyer SEO Pro is a specialized marketing agency focusing solely on legal marketing strategies founded by Conrad Ayunon, who boasts 9 years of expertise in lead generation, marketing, and SEO. With a background as the Acquisitions Director for one of Australia’s largest national law firms, Ayunon leverages proven and tested legal marketing strategies for his clients.

Lawyer SEO Pro aims to deliver quick, safe, and effective solutions to elevate its clients’ online presence within the legal industry.

To improve how easily people could find them on Google Maps across multiple cities, jurisdictions, and states, Lawyer SEO Pro wanted to fix their local SEO issues. They needed better citations and information organization. To achieve this goal, they sought the help of Loganix to show up better in local search results.


Conrad Ayunon, the founder of Lawyer SEO Pro, faced huge challenges managing different offices in different places. Also, making sure that people found his firm online was an additional problem. They needed lots of citations for each office, but it was difficult to do this safely and affordably. He explained, “We struggled to manage many offices needing citations. It was crucial to find a partner like Loganix for safe, affordable solutions in the tricky SEO world.”


Loganix stepped in to assist Lawyer SEO Pro by offering meticulous citation-building services and refining their information architecture. They focused on crafting perfect citations tailored to each location. They ensured accuracy and adherence to stringent safety criteria demanded by the legal industry’s highly scrutinized space.

Additionally, Loganix provided invaluable guidance and consultancy, ensuring that Lawyer SEO Pro’s local SEO strategy was effective and aligned with ethical practices and Google’s guidelines.


With Loganix’s support, Lawyer SEO Pro achieved remarkable success in its local SEO endeavors. They attained the coveted number one position across every state and capital city in Australia for high-volume, lucrative keywords within the legal market. This achievement significantly increased their online visibility, propelling them to the forefront of legal industry searches. This translated into an influx of qualified leads and clients, solidifying their position as a leading authority in legal marketing.

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