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“Prior to partnering with Loganix, our SEO initiatives were largely unfocused and haphazard. We did collaborate with various agencies, but we were unable to get a good estimate, much less an exact figure, of our return on investment. While we had a grasp of SEO principles, we struggled to implement them at scale.”
Garrett Clough


Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies is a specialized e-commerce platform catering to the scientific, medical, industrial, and technical sectors. Offering a wide range of products, from Swab swipes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and static control equipment, Harmony Lab focuses on delivering top-notch solutions to businesses through its online storefront.

Garrett Clough, the Marketing Manager, sought to enhance their SEO initiatives for long-term growth. Prior experiences with other agencies led to unfocused strategies and ambiguous returns on investment. Seeking a partner with advanced SEO strategies, Harmony Lab turned to Loganix. A decision that was pivotal in their quest for improved online visibility and a competitive edge.


Garrett Clough, the Marketing Manager at Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies, encountered considerable challenges before partnering with Loganix. The primary hurdle revolved around the lack of specialized expertise in implementing advanced SEO tactics at scale.


Loganix formulated a comprehensive SEO plan for Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies, that focused on enhancing their online visibility and search engine rankings. “They were not just an SEO provider but a dedicated partner that wanted to grow with us. Their thorough understanding of SEO principles was evident in how they helped us implement changes on our website at scale,” stated Garrett.

Their approach involved refining their website’s content and enhancing keyword targeting to attract more relevant traffic. This strategy sought to attract a higher volume of qualified leads, increasing the chances of conversion for Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies.


The collaboration with Loganix led to a substantial surge in organic traffic and notable improvements in search engine rankings within a relatively short period. Harmony Lab also experienced an enhancement in its Google ranking positions across targeted keywords. This reflected the success of the optimization strategies deployed. Also, there was a notable increase in lead generation and conversions.

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