How Loganix Helped Spiritleaf Consistently Increase Their Monthly Organic Traffic and Exceed Their KPIs





Increased Google ranking and lots of time saved without compromising on quality

“The attention to detail and the products and services we receive from them. The detailed step-by-step and walkthrough on how to use each deliverable effectively helped us create a cohesive marketing strategy that was easy to understand for our entire team.”
Steven Orechow


Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience with its brand of high-quality products.

They have created a modern retail model that offers legitimacy, reputability, professionalism, and a feeling of confidence.

Spiritleaf has become Canada’s largest recreational Cannabis retailer with expansion plans to exceed hundred-plus stores across Canada by the end of 2022. With such a massive goal, and especially being in the Cannabis industry, they were surrounded by limitations on most major marketing channels. This led them to focus on content marketing and SEO.

Besides, they were always looking to get things done as efficiently as possible and so they sought the help of Loganix to shape their SEO strategy. Loganix assessed Spiritleaf’s Google rankings at the time, did keyword research, link-building, and SEO that made them consistently rank higher and save on time.


Spiritleaf, being in a niche that has a high level of competition, was struggling to rank higher on search engines. They also faced limitations on major marketing channels and using up a lot of time figuring out and implementing content marketing and SEO strategies. This translated to low organic traffic and ultimately poor conversions.


Loganix helped Spiritleaf with laying the groundwork for an effective SEO strategy and content marketing at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality.


With the help of Loganix, Spiritleaf now enjoys consistent monthly organic traffic that keeps soaring by the day. This has led to higher search engine ranking, cost-effectiveness, long-term results, time-saving, and a better conversion rate.

Stay ahead of your competition with an effective SEO strategy.

From keyword research to full campaigns, we do it all and we do it right.

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