Car Rental Business Directories

Reach more customers and improve the authority of your results by building citations. There are tens of thousands of directories online, and you need to be anywhere your customers may find you. Not just any business directory will help, however. You need a list of directories that are both authoritative and relevant to your particular industry.

Fortunately, we’ve been working with car rental clients for years, so we have one. Here’s that list. For new users, we’ve included some helpful tips on getting the most out of this strategy immediately after the list.

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Remember When Building Citations…

If you want to build citations the right way, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing all of the following:

Build Them All: We’ve provided you with a nice long list here. You’re going to want to take advantage of all of them if you want your strategy to work. In fact, it’s probably for the best that you continue to look for new citation opportunities after you’ve built all the ones that appear on this list. You can find them by googling, or turning to our professional citation building team to find new ones for you.

Provide As Much Info as Possible: Name, address and phone number are where you’ll want to start, but you should take any chance to add information that could help you stand out even more. If you’re allowed to add a web address, that’s great, though usually only paid directories will let you build out links that directly.

Allow No Mistakes: You aren’t providing much information to these directories, so there’s really no excuse if it isn’t perfectly accurate. Profiles with mistakes aren’t just unprofessional; they’re dangerous to your strategy. Check up on our citation cleanup page if you want to understand exactly what kind of headache a bad citation is worth.