Costa Rican Citation Sources

Citation building for Costa Rica doesn’t have to be difficult. Using our curated list, you’ll be able to skip past the hardest part and go right to getting more search engine attention for your business or client. Over the years we’ve been offering this service, we’ve had a surprising amount of requests for Costa Rica, so we’ve had plenty of time to build out a really great list.

The list that follows includes some of the best Costa Rica citation sources. You can see from our list that most of the entries here are for business directories serving the country or the wider Central American area. You don’t need to place citations on only business directories, but you’ll find that they tend to perform better than many other types of citations. Also, the clear standards and instructions of directories mean that using our list is as easy as following directions each one sets for creating profiles.

After you’ve had a look at the list, check out our tips for working in Costa Rica that follow.

The Best Citation Sources in Costa Rica

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Building Citations in Costa Rica

Now that you’ve got our list, getting started is simple. If you already speak the national language, Spanish, all you’ve got to worry about is heading to each of these Costa Rican business directories and following their directions for creating accounts, and then creating the profile for your business. If you’re working from outside of the country, you’ll likely need to know Spanish, or at least hire someone who can do translations.

There are some things you’re going to want to remember when it comes to building citations in general. The first is that you should always include as much information as possible. Your name, address and phone number are particularly important, but when you’re given the chance to include more information than that, you should take it.

Our team can take the lead if building citations in Costa Rica is harder than you imagined. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we can build them out both quickly and affordably.

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