Cuban Citation Sources: Our Great List of Business Directories

Start competing for better map results near Cuba! Changes in the political landscape have made this country a top priority among those looking to break out in a region without too much competition. Building citations in Cuba will give your customers more places to find you, and may even lead to improved placements in rank.

To create a really effective strategy for building, it’s important to build out citations by the dozens. You can’t simply do 5-10 and expect real results. Fortunately, we’ve provided you with sources for many more than that, and you can get started on making a powerful difference by filling out every one of them.

Here’s our list! We built it by choosing samples from the sources we’ve already identified for our valued clients in Cuba. For our valued client, we build many more citations, and we create them from more sources than just your standard business directories. Everything listed here is perfect for you to get started, however, and you can find even more helpful information in the frequently asked questions that follow this list:

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What to Do with Our List

First timer? Don’t expect to have problems. This is really simple stuff if you’re willing to learn, though it isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend a day. There are three terms it’s helpful to understand:

Citation: An online business listing, typically containing your name, address and phone number.

Source: Sources are places where you can put online listings

Directory: A type of source that focuses on collecting and displaying listings

Now that you understand that, it’s easier to understand that our list is a list of sources. Specifically, All of these sources are also business directories, since those are what you want to use as a beginner. We use other citation sources for our clients.

For each source we’ve provided, you want to use the links to register your business. We’ve made sure that the “add business link” column goes directly to the registration page. Visit each one, and create a complete listing to start your strategy.

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