Build Florist Citations Using These Directories

Build citations for your florist business to get attention and help customers find you in more places. It has always been a good idea to build as many listings as possible, but it’s even more important now that major search engines like Google seem to be factoring listings into their search algorithms. For whatever reason, it’s good to build as many citations as you can.

We’re here to make that as easy as humanly possible for you. We’ve done all the hard work now, and you just need to use the list we’ve complied below to start building out the best set of listings possible. These are the same citations we build for our own customers, so you know they’ve been properly vetted and tested. Refer to the information after the list if you need more help.

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Using these Directories

‘How do I build citations?’, you may be wondering. It may not look like we’ve provided you with much, but the truth is that everything you need is right here waiting for you. First, I’ll give you a brief introduction into citations.

Citations can be considered any placement of your NAP (name, address & phone number). Business directories are best for placing long-living citations, so we prioritize those when creating new citations for our clients. It’s important to build a lot of them for the strategy to work, so we try to build a great list for each industry and region.

That list you see posted above is one of those lists, the one we’ve created for our florist clients, in fact. While we won’t give you the most up-to-date ones used by our paying clients, you can take advantage of this great starter list. Click on each one and register to create your business profiles. After you’ve done all of these, try to find even more on your own.