Citation Sources for Jewelers

Building citations is one of the most effective ways to improve local search rankings, which is why we’ve made it the focus of our services here at Loganix. Building citations is something that every business should be doing anyway, but most don’t give it the attention it deserves because of the massive time investment involved in tracking down relevant business directories and building out enough citations to make a difference.

We’ve made one part of that really easy for you by providing, for your use, our own proprietary list of the best citation sources for Jewelers. This is the same list we used (though, an older one) when working on a campaign for our customers in the jewelry business. If you follow the instructions we’ve provided, you’ll enjoy the some of the same benefits our customers enjoy without the cost.

To begin, just scroll down to the list and start with the “add business link”. When you click this link, you’ll be taken to the registration page for that business directory. Create your listing (citation), by filling out the form and following the instructions given. For this strategy to be effective, you really need to build as many of them as possible.

New to all this? We’ve included some basic instructions after the list that may help.

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Citation Building—What and Why

Citations are basically the same as listings. You want to get your name, address and phone number out to as many places as you can get it. You’ve likely hit all the major directories already—that would be websites like Yelp or Yellowpages. However, if you want building listings to become a strategy with ROI, you need to build them at great volume.

This can be frustrating because there are thousands of directories out there, but only a select number of them are going to be helpful. The most relevant directories to your business are the most effective, but you still need to build as many as you can. That’s easy when someone’s already taken the time to gather the good directories so you don’t need to waste your time on the bad ones.

Still need help? It would be our pleasure to handle all of that citation building for you. We have many affordable packages to meet the needs of our clients.