New Zealand Citation Sources

New Zealand citations have been requested by a surprising number of our clients, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to find the ones that work the best. The list you see below is the result of all of our work—tons and tons of the best business directories in New Zealand. Using these links, you’ll be able to quickly create powerful citations.

Limited experience with creating citations? That’s fine, our list is very easy to use. Each of these links represents an opportunity for you to drop (at minimum), your name, address and phone number (NAP). Each profile you create on a quality directory, like the ones we’ve collected for you, can give your business or website a small boost. Create as many as possible from our quality sources.

Find more tips about working in New Zealand under the list.

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Citation Building for the Kiwi Businesses

There aren’t many rules you have to remember when working in New Zealand. You should be following the best practices for building citations no matter where you’re building them.

It’s always important to include as much detail as the directory will allow when you are building the profiles. Your NAP is an absolute necessity, but other information, like your website address, can also be helpful. No matter what information you include, make sure that it is absolutely correct and consistent. Incorrect or conflicting information on business directories can create long-term stumbling blocks, and these bad profiles can be hard to track down again once you’ve created dozens of citations.