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A citation building campaign for your restaurant could give it the attention it needs. Improving your local rank, and particularly your rank on Google Maps, relies partly on increasing the number and quality of links that are coming back to you from around the web. For most restaurants, the best links you’re going to get are the ones that are coming from business directories.

Choosing the best business directories is often the hardest part of citation building, but we’ve already done that for you. What you see in the list below is a list of directories with an emphasis on dining. We’ve developed this list over several years, and it represents some of the most effective and authoritative sources we’ve found.

To start building, you’ll just need to click on the links. They’ll take you right to either the home page or the registration page for each source. If you have questions, you may find the section that follows the list helpful.

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Restaurant Citation FAQs

What are citations?

Basically just business listings as you already understand them: name, address and phone number. Website is always helpful, too. You can build them anywhere, but directories are usually the best performing.

Why do they work?

Many search engines don’t have a more reliable way to judge your relevance than by judging how relevant you already seem to be on the web. When they crawl results, and find your listings all over the place, it looks like you’re a business with lots of customers and staying power (which you very well may be already).

How do I build citations?

When it comes to our list, you just have to click the links and fill in the blanks. “Add Business Link” is the column that will make it easy on you. That will take you right to the page where you’ll be creating your listing for each site.