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Pay-per-click campaigns may be what your business needs to break out of the pack in Honolulu, Hawaii and reach customers that have never been reachable before. With PPC, you can target searchers directly by the terms they’re using and jump past competitors who are ranking based on their long-term SEO efforts.

PPC has a reputation as an expensive strategy, but when the campaigns are managed well, they have an excellent ROI. Our team has managed thousands of campaigns for hundreds of different niches. We have the experience to launch and optimize the campaign that will make a difference for you.

Our PPC Process

Our excellent results depend on a careful process. There’s always room to make a PPC campaign better, and we give ourselves every opportunity to improve the performance of your campaign with fresh research and data from your campaign.

Here’s the process we use to make every campaign a successful one.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Nothing happens before we’ve researched your niche as much as we possibly can. We look at the needs of the customers you’re targeting with our PPC services in Honolulu, then we look at the competition. We note how they’re using terms, and ads to determine what works for them and how that can be improved. Every campaign is backed up with an intense amount of keyword research to make sure the searchers with the correct intent are being targeted.

Ads and Tracking Tools Setup

In the second stage, we begin to set up the ads and tracking tools that we’ll be using to analyze your campaign. We use some of the most modern tools available to poke into every aspect of the campaign. If some part isn’t delivering the results that it should, we quickly know why and how to fix it.


In the third stage, we launch the campaign. Even in this stage, we’re watching everything very closely. If anything goes wrong, such as the wrong ads being displayed, or the banners not appearing as intended, we can quickly intervene before a small part of your investment goes to waste.


PPC campaigns really come together after they’re launched, when we can see the performance data and amplify what’s already resonating with searchers. Our tools can help us find lucrative trends very quickly, and with a few cycles to work with, we can create a campaign that delivers reliably with a great ROI.

PPC Platforms

Reaching visitors and residents of Hawaii relies on utilizing many paid advertising platforms. With our experience, we can help you build successful campaigns on all of them for maximum reach. Here are some of the platforms where we can make a difference for you.


Google Ads (previously AdWords) is still the largest ad network with access to the most searchers possible. It uses a powerful analytical platform that can be used to discover almost everything about how your campaign is working.


Facebook’s powerful ad platform allows you to target potential customers based on very specific self-sorting guidelines. You can target only people in Honolulu or only people who are interested in a certain hobby.


Bing is an ad network that has some amazing potential for budget campaigns. They don’t reach as many searchers, but they do have a lot of great deals designed to draw people to the platform. The perfect addition to any paid search campaign.

Do you have another platform in mind? We just need to hear from you. We can help with Twitter Ads and many other platforms and networks.

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The Loganix Difference

No one does PPC quite like we do. When you choose us to handle your campaigns, you get to enjoy all of the following advantages.

You Own Your Data

We use your paid advertising accounts for the campaign. When we’re finished, you can revoke our access and retain complete control of all your banner images and data. We never threaten you with the loss of the data that you’ve paid for.

You Can Approve Everything

Do you like to have choices? You always do when you choose Loganix for your PPC campaign. You have the power to approve every choice we make to get a campaign that truly reflects your goals and brand.

Your Reports will be White-Labelled

Want to use our reports as part of a campaign you’re doing for someone else? That’s just fine with us. Every report we create is white-labelled for your convenience. Just slap your own branding on it and you’re ready to impress.

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