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Our manual link building approach helps to scale and speed up your campaigns, without compromising quality.

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Manual link building for sustainable growth, without the effort.

Building high-quality links manually is hard work. It needs significant time, resources, and persistent effort.

The wrong link could hurt your site, whereas the right link (from relevant + authoritative sites) could boost your rankings.

Finding the best link prospects and then successfully acquiring them is the real challenge…

Manual link building is time-consuming

  • + 4 hours to research keywords and topics
  • + 6 hours creating link-worthy content assets
  • + 3 hours to find relevant sites to pitch
  • + 5 hours personalizing outreach emails
  • + 2 hours tracking placement of secured links
  • + 3 hours monitoring impact on rankings
  • + 1 hour disavowing any low-quality links
  • + too many hours waiting for responses…

= 20+ hours of effort

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you

  • + 30 minutes to provide your target keywords
  • + 1 business day for our team to create content
  • + 0 seconds of your time finding relevant sites
  • + 0 minutes sending personalized outreach emails
  • + 0 hours tracking link placements
  • + 0 hours monitoring ranking impact
  • + 0 hours worrying about low-quality links
  • + too many hours waiting for responses…

= 1 hour for quality links

The solution? An effective manual link building service.

Loganix have a dedicated team of seasoned link building specialists who research, evaluate, and acquire backlinks for your site.

Or you can browse our huge list of backlink opportunities and filter by DR/DA, traffic, niche, price, turnaround time, and more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is manual link building?

Manual link building is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that involves acquiring backlinks from other relevant sites to your own website.

Unlike automated link building, manual link building requires effort and time to build links that are juicy and high-quality.

Relevant links from authoritative sources should also not be neglected. These authoritative sources prioritize their target audience by serving valuable, helpful content, so a backlink from this site would be considered high-quality.

Is manual link building a worthwhile strategy?

Manual link building involves using human efforts to build high-quality backlinks, which are more effective for improving search engine rankings compared to automated link building.

Building relationships and offering value to others in your niche is a key strategy in manual link building for earning quality backlinks.

Obtaining positive reviews and testimonials from third-party websites with high domain authority can boost a business’s reputation and establish authority in its industry.

Some may argue that automated link building is a faster and easier option, but it can result in penalties from search engines and harm a website’s reputation.

Building relationships and earning high-quality backlinks through manual link building can be time-consuming and may not guarantee immediate results

What are earned links?

Earned links, also known as organic links, are the most valuable type of backlink. They are earned by creating high-quality content that is relevant and informative. These links are seen as authentic and can significantly boost a website’s SEO score.

Earned Links Best Practices

  • Create great content
  • Vary your content
  • Quality over quantity
  • Originality matters
  • Offer to write guest posts
  • Promote your content
  • Leverage other audiences
  • Use interactive elements
  • Vary the link text
  • Ask for a link
  • Write endorsements or reviews
How To Earn Backlinks

How to ensure the quality of manual links?

When it comes to link building, it’s quality vs quantity.

This is especially important if you are building backlinks manually.

To protect our clients (and yours), we go beyond surface metrics and conduct a thorough, manual review that includes all of the following:

  • Domain & Hosting Details – As a first check, dangerous sites are eliminated by analyzing critical factors.
  • Core Metrics – Domains must meet, at a bare minimum, the following observable metrics (and several others).
  • Site History and Trends – To weed out gamed metrics, false authority, and sneaky spam, we also evaluate historical factors.
  • Manual Content Review – Our team manually reviews 5 – 10 recent posts for quality (readability, relevance, authors etc).

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