Have We Met Yet?

Whooaaaaa Nelly, I ain’t there yet. Go back to the instructions.

OK,. You’re all set now partner. The next time you have a look at your Google Analytics account you’re going to notice some things. You might notice a little less traffic. Don’t be scared. We just got rid of the historical BAD traffic. If you dig deep you’ll see that only your referral traffic was effected, nothing else.

Going forward we’re going to keep a close eye, and nuke each and every bad referrer we see.

One more thing: In order to keep the spam at bay, you need to keep updating your segment. It’s a pain I know, but it’s the only way we know how. SO, we recommend that each week, you come back and visit http://segment.loganix.com. Same process. Should take no longer than 30 seconds. Maybe add it to your calendar?

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And thanks for supporting our tool. We appreciate you.

Adam Steele
Founder, Loganix