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Seattle is one of the most competitive local markets in the world. If you want to get a head start on the competition, you need pay-per-click advertising. PPC allows you to target searchers in a more direct way than you can with any SEO strategies.

PPC is both powerful and effective when managed correctly. However, when campaigns are mismanaged, they can be incredibly expensive with few or no conversions at all. That’s why it’s vital that you choose an experienced partner to handle your pay-per-click ads. Loganix is the partner you need.

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How Loganix does PPC in Seattle

Our process is built entirely around delivering the best ROI for you. We give ourselves the time it takes to complete insightful keyword research and develop attractive ads that can get clicks. After that, we follow your campaigns closely to ensure that they’re targeting is perfect.

Our four-stage process is part of all of our PPC campaigns for Seattle.


A significant amount of research goes into everything that we do, and our PPC campaigns are no exception. For this step, we research the terms that are being used by the competition and what combinations of them have the power to drive clicks.

Ads and Tracking Setup

With the research in hand, we begin to build out the ads and copy that we’ll be using for your campaign. This may include the development of new ads. That part can be handled by our in-house teams. We can also take your existing ads and further refine them with our research.


We launch your PPC campaign on the platform of your choice. This isn’t a passive step. We watch everything that goes live to ensure that it appears as planned. Anything that doesn’t show up properly is fixed or replaced until a permanent fix can be completed.

Monitoring & Optimization

A campaign isn’t done when its launched. PPC campaigns can be endlessly optimized once they’ve been launched. After we see how your customers react to each ad, we can tweak the terms, ad copy, or banners that are used in order to maximize your ROI.

When is PPC the Right Choice?

PPC is the right choice when your goal is to start collecting leads immediately. It can be the best strategy for you if your business is new and still working on developing a presence in the city. If you aren’t anywhere near competitors who have a longer time to work on their SEO, PPC can be a way to bypass their lead and reach searchers directly.

Google Adwords results appear at the top of the page, before any of the organic results, and that means that you’re buying your way to the #1 spot as long as you’re paying for the ads. As long as you’re working with someone who knows how to target searchers, you’re going to get results.

PPC Platforms

There are many platforms for paid advertising.
Fortunately, we can help you with almost all of them. Let us give you the support you need on…

Google Ads

Google Adwords has been the biggest PPC platform for a long time and it’s still your ticket to the largest audience and most powerful dashboard you’ll find out of all of them.

Facebook PPC

Facebook reaches nearly 2 billion people, and their ad network can allow you to target these people with laser precision based on their interests, interactions and groups.

Many Others

Bing, Twitter, and many other ad networks are reaching new people everyday. We use our knowledge from years of experience on different platforms to help you with almost all of them.

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The Loganix Difference

You have many options when it comes to PPC partners, but there are several reasons that Loganix can offer you a better investment and experience than you’ll find with anyone else.

With Loganix, you…

Keep control of your data and assets

We use only your own accounts for our PPC campaigns. Once you’re done with our service, you get to keep your accounts along with all the data, images and past reports that are stored on them. You paid for this work, so it’s yours to keep.

Get veto power over every decision

We run transparent campaigns where you’re always able to figure out what we’re doing, and free to ask us to make any changes. We won’t charge ahead with a strategy that doesn’t have your consent.

Get reports white-labelled for your convenience

One of the ways we show you what you’re doing is our sharp, insightful reports that contain details on everything we did over the past month. These reports are always white-labelled so that you can add your own branding. We’re ready to support our agency clients however we can.

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