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Don’t Let Google Catch You SSLeeping with a Non-Secure Website!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Google has been downranking unencrypted sites since 2015, they’ve also announced that by July 2018, Chrome will start marking ALL HTTP sites as ‘Not Secure’!

It’s true. Google will say your site is insecure and warn users, if you don’t migrate your website before July. As it stands currently, Chrome displays an information icon in the search bar, but come July your website visitors using Chrome will now see an additional warning icon with the text “Not Secure”.

It’s advisable to migrate your site to HTTPS. We’re ready when you are!

WordPress HTTP to HTTPS Migration Done Better

You’re staring down a deadline to update your website, and you need to be ready when it hits. You’ve got just a few months left until Google penalties start to apply to websites that haven’t upgraded to HTTPS.

You never want Google to tell visitors your website is unsafe, but you also don’t want a website full of years work to go to waste. That’s where we come in. Our team uses a comprehensive migration process that…

  • Maintains your SEO and Google rankings
  • Secures your website and customers
  • Provides a greater return on your investment!

We’ve done countless WordPress migrations for our clients, and we know how to keep them efficient and affordable while still covering all the bases.

Hear what our customers—all business owners with time on the line—had to say about our migration process…

The Loganix team flawlessly managed our SSL Migration and made sure our website and SEO were not affected in the process.

—Kelle Goodwin, Florida Jet Charter

My SSL Certificate had expired, and I was lost! I sent a quick message to the Loganix team begging for help, and I received an even quicker response. My SSL Certificate was updated and re-installed onto my site less than 24 hours later. A huge thanks to the Loganix team for the excellent communication and solving my problem in no time at all. A disaster was averted for sure!

—Gregory Emmer, Equity Max

Times are changing and there are endless items and improvements that need to be made for a website to stay sharp. Sometimes it can be hard to hand pick which items need to be implemented. What I love about Adam and his team at Loganix is that they are always real with me about when something needs to be done and the positives and consequences that will follow. They will tell me when something is unnecessary or if there is a better use of our money.

We don’t collect credit card information over the internet so it wasn’t a priority before. But the time finally came when Google announced that NOT having a secure , https website would actually start to hurt SEO efforts significantly. As always, Adam’s team was on it and we stayed ahead of the learning curve to make these changes and do an SSL migration. The team is very well-rounded and made sure every possible problem was addressed in a very proactive manner. We migrated earlier while our competitors didn’t, and it feels great knowing and seeing that advantage in our SEO KPIs.

—Matthew Doyle, Excel Builders

Sites not running WordPress will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, you can reach us here to discuss your situation and if we’ll be able to assist in your migration.

So, What Could Go Wrong with a HTTPS Migration?

Oh, so much. An improper HTTP to HTTPS migration comes with side effects that include permanent loss of data, broken mapping and content improperly tagged as deceptive or dangerous and rendered inaccessible by web browsers. An improper SSL migration can be devastating for business owners, resulting in having websites penalized for months on end, and attempting to understand the errors in the process. Don’t become another statistic. Avoid disasters like these…

Duplicate versions of the site

http + https would both resolve separately, causing confusion with indexation and splitting link authority!

Incorrect canonical tags

Sites loaded the https version but pointed Google and other search bots to the http version, causing crawling issues and a hit to rankings.

Sites being marked insecure because of assets

Images and javascript were being pulled into the site via http after the migration, and not the https version, making the SSL effectively useless. After all, it was showing the site as insecure in the browser, and loading insecure assets into a secure page causes security issues (hence browser marking it insecure)

Incorrect redirects were being used to move traffic to the secure (https) version of site

302 and 307 ‘temporary’ redirects were being used instead of proper ‘permanent’ redirects (301s), destroying rankings and preventing link authority from passing

Servers not optimized to use HTTPS

Causing an increase in pagespeed and downfall in overall website performance

Can Migrating Not Just Save Results, but Improve Them?

Yes, a migration has the potential to deliver more “positive results” in terms of relevancy, improve overall page visibility and your top 10 search engine rankings…

With greater rankings and visibility, comes more website visitors, leads, and revenue. And that’s more profit for your business…

A Secure HTTPS Website Will Also…

If you have a new website, then it’s a good idea to implement SSL/HTTPS right from the start, but an SSL Migration can be done at any time.

Encrypt the connection

Protect customer information submitted through your website and sensitive data like usernames and passwords. This is important as it may be a defense against liability after hacking attempts.

Be required for online payments

If you have an online business and you accept payments online, your site must meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. You’ll require a SSL with an encryption of 128-bit. Without a certificate that meets these standards, your site may violate compliance with the PCI standard (a serious legal liability) if you try to take credit card payments.

Offer added brand power

Provide your customers with an additional level of assurance that their information will be safe. Display branded icons such as site seals and other images that show your customers you use well-trusted encryption.

Improve customer trust

Create trust between your potential customers and your business by providing greater security of all sensitive information passed through your website.

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Secure Your Website And Increase Organic Traffic By Migrating To HTTPS

At Loganix, we’ll handle all the technical aspects to perfectly migrate your business website from http to https, while maintaining your website’s SEO. Our complete SSL Migration Package includes:

  • Pre-Migration Website Crawl
  • Purchase of SSL certificate
  • Generate encryption keys and CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • Installation of SSL, Intermediate and CA certificates on your web server
  • Redirection of all traffic to the secure version of your site (https)
  • Updates to internal links to point to https
  • Checking IMG/CSS/JS references and make sure they are being called from the https protocol
  • Checking canonical references and make sure all point to the new https pages
  • Claiming and setting up the new https property in Google Search Console
  • Updating and submitting the new https sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Updating robots.txt sitemap reference to https
  • Manually updating all remaining internal links to point to the new https urls
  • Post-Migration Google Search Console Check-ins – Monitor new https traffic and make sure no 404 or other errors show up (x3)
  • Post-Migration crawl
  • A dedicated account/project manager throughout the entire migration process
  • Quality Assurance checks of all SSL/HTTPS migration tasks to guarantee quality standards on all work completed and implemented

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