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Pay-per-click campaigns are the shortest distance to the people who are actively trying to find the products and services that you sell in Vancouver. You can go from launching a PPC campaign in one day to grabbing stacks of new leads and conversions in the same day.

However, these campaigns are complex. If you target the wrong terms or the wrong audience, you could pay a substantial amount for almost no results. You need expertise and a PPC company you can trust. That’s why you need Loganix.

How PPC Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Paid advertising campaigns bypass SEO and deliver customers directly to your products and services from wherever they’re browsing on the platform of your choice.

For PPC, the age of your site doesn’t matter, the positions of your competition doesn’t matter and the SEO investments already made by your competitors doesn’t matter. The campaigns are the perfect solution for businesses that need to turn on the faucet of leads immediately while their SEO and other marketing campaigns pick up steam.

Research and Strategy Development

A great ROI starts with great research. We research your terms and how they’re being used by the competition to figure out the best way forward before you’ve paid for a single ad.

Building Ads and Tracking Set Up

With the research in mind, we begin developing the copy and banners that will be used for your ads. We can use the assets you already have on hand, or develop them for you with the help of our excellent copy and design team.


Now comes the exciting part. We take everything we’ve put together and launch it on the platform of your choice. We verify that everything is working and appearing as planned so that you send the message that you intend to.

Monitoring & Optimization

The most important work in a PPC campaign starts after it has already launched. We watch how your target audience responds and then tweak the targeting and messaging to make your campaign the most efficient engine for leads.

PPC Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is still the platform that gives you access to the biggest audience. We have the experience to build campaigns for this network and the Vancouver niches that can be targeted on it.

Facebook PPC

Facebook Ads allow you to target nearly 2 billion people who use the network to interact with brands related to their personal interests. We can help you craft ads that effectively target people based on the way they use this platform.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads has a bigger reach than many people realize, and its eagerness to draw new adopters has led it to offer some great incentives that can cut the cost of managing a campaign. We can tell you when Bing Ads are the best investment.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are delivered in a different way than many other platforms. You get attention though promoted tweets and trends and then pay based on impressions. Twitter can be a powerful choice in the right circumstances, and we can manage Twitter campaigns.

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The Loganix Difference

We are not the only PPC company in Vancouver, but we offer you some a combination of advantages that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Control your own accounts

You maintain complete control over the accounts that are used to for your PPC campaign. If you ever stop paying for our service, you can revoke our access to the accounts without losing the data or assets that are already complete.

Approve every decision

You’ll never be surprised by an unexpected budget item or a questionable decision. We operate completely transparently, and you’ll have the chance to review all of our decisions before we press forward with each stage of the campaign.

Track it all in white-labelled reports

See our work on a monthly basis in clear, easy-to-understand reports. Each one is white-labelled so that you can attach your own branding and present them to your clients as part of the strategy that you provide for them.

Start Planning Your Vancouver PPC Campaign Today

Talk to our team if you’re ready to talk about building a PPC campaign on Google Adwords, Facebook or another platform. We’re ready to help you build the campaign that will take you closer to all of your goals in Vancouver.