What Is Digital PR? + What It Means for SEO

Brody Hall
Apr 22, 2024
what is digital pr

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The days of puff-piece press releases blasting out empty boasts are over. Today’s digital PR is strategic and earns you the kind of online clout that boosts your rankings and bottom line.

Think authoritative backlinks that make Google trust you, press coverage that turns you into the industry leader, and content that positions you as the go-to problem-solver for your ideal customers.

Ready to achieve just that? Together, let’s craft a digital PR strategy that brings you the type of exposure your business deserves.

Defining Digital PR Through the SEO Lens

Unlike traditional PR that relies on print and broadcast media, digital public relations, PR for short, leverages the power of the internet. The online channels may include a business being featured on online publications, blogs, podcasts—anywhere a target audience is looking for information and insights.

So, how about digital PR for SEO? How does that look?

Most people think of digital PR for SEO in terms of backlinks, known as PR links. Makes sense, too. Backlinks are arguably one of the most potent ranking facts, so yes, digital PR does include securing backlinks from high-authority websites. PR releases or offering expert commentary as a source for journalists are a case in point.

But don’t limit yourself. Think bigger. Imagine your company’s CEO quoted as the industry leader in a major publication or your latest data study going viral on relevant industry blogs. Search engines recognize this type of exposure; it establishes your business as an authoritative voice within your targeted niche.

If they come, backlinks are a bonus. Worst case, you’ll bag yourself an unlinked brand mention, and there are indirect SEO benefits in that, too.

SEO Benefits of Digital PR

Let’s parse this thing out even more. The SEO benefits of digital PR include:

High-Quality Backlinks

Right off the bat, let’s cover the crème de la crème of benefits that digital PR offers SEO efforts: backlinks.

What Google really wants is to deliver the most helpful experience to its users. The more helpful their product, the more money they make from selling ads.

There is an assumption by Google that authority websites (those that have racked up a backlink profile to be proud of) are likely to offer the best answers to a user’s search query. Consequently, authoritative websites are heavily favored in search results (something that’s only become more evident with the Helpful Content Update or HCU).

So, when your website earns high-quality backlinks through digital PR, it sends a powerful signal: other reputable sources vouch for your content and expertise, so there’s a high likelihood Google users will find your insights helpful. High-quality backlinks = authority = assumed helpfulness = higher rankings. Easy peasy, livin’ breezy.

FYI: we offer link-building services.

E-E-A-T Factor, But Amplified

Okay, let’s talk about a buzzword that’s on every SEOs lips: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Think of it as Google’s way of separating the true experts from those just trying to game the system. People first content, remember? Google wants to make sure the top results for a search query genuinely offer value to their users.

Here’s how digital PR fits into the equation.

Simply having a website doesn’t make you an expert. But when your CMO is interviewed by a major industry publication about the latest market trends? That signals expertise. When your company’s research get shared and discussed on niche blogs? That demonstrates authority. And when your content provides actionable solutions to your audience’s pain points? That builds the kind of trust that both customers and search engines value.

The more consistently this happens, the more you become the go-to source of reliable information in your field.

Brand Visibility Snowball Effect

Even the most authoritative, expert-level content is useless if no one knows it exists. Digital PR is about getting your brand name, your insights, and your offers in front of the right people. That means showing up in the online spaces your target customers already frequent—relevant industry websites, podcasts, and even social media discussions where your expertise can shine.

This increased visibility has a snowball effect on your SEO.

More eyeballs on your brand lead to more people searching for you directly. More people searching for you directly increases click-through rates in the search results, another signal to Google that your website is relevant. Increased click-through rate metrics, the more people sharing your content and engaging with your brand. All indirect factors that will positively influence your rankings over time.

Just so you know: we also offer content marketing services.

Unlinked Brand Mentions (Not a Link, Still a Win)

Okay, hear me out on this one: sometimes, even just getting your brand name mentioned online has SEO benefits. Think of it like this: let’s say a respected industry blogger writes a roundup of tools, and they include your product but without a direct link to your website. Yes, a link would be nice, but that mention still has value.

Here’s why: it builds awareness.

Potential customers see your name and get curious. They might Google you directly. Search engines like Google are smart—they can start to connect the dots between your brand name and its association with relevant topics, even without a direct link. Over time, as these unlinked mentions accumulate across the web, they contribute to your overall online authority and can give your rankings a subtle boost.

Reputation Management for the Win

Your online reputation is super important. Actually, scrap that; that’s such an understatement. Your business’s online reputation is literally everything. Without a good name, you’re toast.

Reputation management through digital PR is not just about negative reviews or bad press (though it can help with that, too). It’s about proactively shaping how people perceive your brand. It can be the difference between allowing unfettered conversations to kill your brand versus taking control of the conversation.

Digital PR gives you the tools to do that.

By strategically pitching positive stories, highlighting customer successes, and offering your expertise on relevant issues, you can build a strong, positive presence that drowns out any negativity. This approach builds trust with potential customers, establishes you as a leader in your space, and even helps attract top talent who want to be part of a reputable company.

And guess what? When search engines notice that consistent positive reviews, it reinforces your authority and can contribute to better rankings. Bada bing bada boom.

5 Digital PR Tactics to Fuel Your SEO

What is digital PR for SEO—check. What are the benefits of digital PR for SEO—check. What’s next? The practical side of things. Tactics, of course.

Tactic 1: Expert Commentary + Proactive Press Releases 🗞️

Think of this tactic as a one-two punch for visibility. It marries the power of establishing yourself as an industry thought leader by strategically sharing your company’s newsworthy milestones.

Here’s a proactive approach: The moment something newsworthy happens within your business—a product launch, major award, exciting partnership—draft a compelling press release.

That way, when you see relevant journalist queries on HARO or through media outreach, you’re armed with expertly crafted content to pitch. When pitching, include a link to your press release (or attach it). Doing so will make it incredibly easy for journalists to get the information they need, increasing your chances of coverage. Once your insights are featured in an article, the press release can be published to boost visibility even further.

This tactic is ideal for businesses with a steady stream of newsworthy updates: new product launches, exciting partnerships, major awards—anything that showcases your company as a dynamic player in your industry. Done well, it’s a powerful way to build authority, earn high-quality backlinks, and shape the media narrative around your brand.

Tactic 2: Visualizing Original Data 📈

If you’re sitting on a goldmine of unique data, don’t just let it gather dust. Instead, transform your insights into content that demands attention and naturally attracts backlinks. Whether it’s conducting your own surveys, analyzing public datasets with a fresh perspective, or mining your internal customer data, the key is finding the stories within the numbers.

It isn’t just for data-heavy industries, either. Think beyond the obvious charts and graphs. Could you visualize customer pain points in a way that evokes empathy? Turn industry trends into a shareable timeline. The more useful, surprising, or visually appealing your data presentation is, the greater its impact. Make journalists and relevant bloggers eager to feature you as the source, translating into backlinks and establishing you as a thought leader.

Tactic 3: Thought Leadership Guest Posts 🗣️

Want to position yourself as the go-to expert on the topics that matter most to your customers? Guest posting on respected industry websites is a powerful way to do just that. This means strategically pitching article ideas that go beyond basic product promotion and instead offer genuine value. Think tackling common customer pain points, sharing unique insights, or offering contrarian viewpoints that spark discussion.

Guest posts are ideal for businesses with strong in-house knowledge and executives, founders, or subject matter experts who are comfortable sharing their expertise. By getting published on high-authority sites your target audience already reads, you gain exposure, build trust, and often earn a valuable backlink to your own website.

We got chu: yup, we also have guest posting services.

Tactic 4: “Newsjacking” with a Twist 🎙️

Forget chasing every viral meme or jumping on trends just because they’re popular. Savvy digital PR is about finding the opportunity within ongoing news and discussions that are genuinely relevant to your industry and customer base. Monitoring the news cycle and identifying where your brand can offer a unique perspective, expert insight, or solution that aligns with current events is the way to go. Google Alerts is your friend here.

The newsjacking tactic works particularly well for businesses with a strong brand voice or those who aren’t afraid to take a stance on issues their customers care about. When done well, you become part of the larger conversation. Journalists may seek you out for comment, bloggers might link to your take, and you position yourself as an industry leader with your finger on the pulse of what matters most.

Tactic 5: Creative Partnerships and Collaborations 🤝

Instead of going it alone, partnering with brands, influencers, or publications who share a similar target audience (but aren’t direct competitors) can propel your visibility. The key isn’t just about teaming up but finding collaborations that genuinely expand your reach in a meaningful way.

Partnerships and collaborations are a great fit for businesses open to experimentation and willing to think beyond simple cross-promotion. Analyze what your ideal customer finds valuable, then look for partners who will help you deliver that value in a fresh way.

Could you co-create a resource hub that addresses common pain points? Or perhaps host a panel discussion that tackles a hot-button issue in your industry? The more unique and valuable the collaboration, the more attention (and backlinks) it’s likely to generate.

Conclusion and Next Steps

We’ve covered a lot of ground, but you’re now filled in on why digital PR is much more than just scoring a few backlinks. Yes, the SEO benefits are undeniable, but the real power lies in building a strong online reputation, positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field, and connecting with your audience in an authentic way. The kind of long-term growth that fuels sustainable success.

Just remember, digital PR isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it tactic. It requires a strategic approach, a willingness to experiment, and a focus on providing true value.

So, if you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, our extremely capable team is here to help. Whether you need help securing high-quality backlinks and reputational building exposure, our press releases are the perfect solution.

🚀 Visit our press release services page, and let’s craft a strategy that attracts your ideal customers. 🚀

Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Brody Hall on April 22, 2024

Content Marketer and Writer at Loganix. Deeply passionate about creating and curating content that truly resonates with our audience. Always striving to deliver powerful insights that both empower and educate. Flying the Loganix flag high from Down Under on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.