What Is Google Business Profile?

Brody Hall
Sep 26, 2023

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Every business, from corner coffee shops to multinational corporations, needs a virtual homestead—a place for customers and prospects to find essential information and engage with the brand.

That’s where a Google Business Profile steps into the limelight. But what is a Google Business Profile?

To help you wrap your head around Google Business Profile and all the great features it has to offer, in this guide, we

  1. answer the question, “What is a Google Business Profile,”
  2. why it’s crucial for your business,
  3. and how you can set up and optimize your profile to attract a steady flow of customers.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) allows businesses—just like yours—to create a detailed profile that showcases their offerings and brand personality to potentially millions of Google users. Your Google Business Profile can include crucial information about your business, such as your business name, location, hours, and contact information. It’s also a space for you to upload photos, share business updates, respond to customer reviews, and even provide answers to frequently asked questions.


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Why is a Google Business Profile Important?

At first glance, a Google Business Profile might seem like a simple online listing. But in reality, it’s so much more than that—it’s a powerful SEO tool that can significantly impact a business’s visibility, especially in local search results. Here’s why:

  1. Boosts Local SEO. With “near me” mobile queries skyrocketing by over 200 percent in the past two years, it’s clear that consumers want to connect with businesses close to them. A Google Business Profile helps you rank higher in these localized searches, considering 97 percent of users primarily discover local companies online.
  2. Enhances Organic SEO. Notably, 96 percent of local businesses are viewed at least 25 times per month in search results, and 86 percent receive more than 25 views in Maps. These impressions and clicks drive organic traffic, helping to boost your organic SEO numbers, improve your standing with Google, and, ultimately, increase paying customers.
  3. Drives Customer Engagement. Engaging with customers is easier than ever with a Google Business Profile. In fact, 64 percent of consumers use Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses, making it a critical channel for customer interaction.
  4. Manages Online Reputation. With a staggering 89 percent of users reading online reviews before making a purchase, each interaction, each reply, and each resolved issue on your Google Business Profile creates an impact that echoes into your customers’ purchasing decisions.
  5. Provides valuable insights. A hefty 49 percent of businesses receive more than 1,000 average search views per month, and 33 percent receive 1,000+ on Maps. These insights push your marketing strategy and business decisions in the right direction.

Leveraging Insights from Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile offers a goldmine of data that can be a pivotal force behind your online decision-making process. But to leverage these insights, we must first understand them, delve beyond the surface-level metrics, and uncover the stories they tell.

Tracking Your Business Profile Performance


To get the most out of your Google Business Profile, it’s important to understand how it’s performing. Google provides you with performance data that shows how people interact with your profile over a chosen date range. You can access this through Google Search, selecting “Performance” to reveal insights such as direction requests, website clicks, and more. These insights are vital for understanding user engagement and enhancing your local SEO strategies.

Accessing Insights in Bulk

If your business operates across multiple locations, you can access and manage insights for all your profiles at once using the Business Profile Manager. This allows you to download a bulk Insights report and view how each of your locations is performing on Google Search and Maps.

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Viewing Insights from Your Business Profile on Maps


You also have the advantage of viewing profile view insights on Google Maps. This information can help you understand how often current and potential customers view your business profile. Use these insights to track your business’s popularity and make necessary changes to enhance visibility.

Deciphering Available Performance Metrics

Google Business Profile offers a range of performance metrics that provide invaluable insights into how customers interact with your business. Some available metrics include search queries, unique user views, direction requests, calls, website clicks, messages, and bookings. Understanding these metrics can offer a nuanced perspective on user engagement, helping you optimize your profile and overall business strategy.

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Imagine the impact of your business dominating local search results, captivating customers, and building a robust online reputation—all without lifting a finger. Well, it’s past time to turn that vision into reality. With the power of Google Business Profile and Loganix’s seasoned expertise, we’re ready to supercharge your local SEO and take your business to incredible new digital heights.

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Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Brody Hall on September 26, 2023

Content Marketer and Writer at Loganix. Deeply passionate about creating and curating content that truly resonates with our audience. Always striving to deliver powerful insights that both empower and educate. Flying the Loganix flag high from Down Under on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.