What Is Off-Page SEO? The Power of External Optimization

Brody Hall
Mar 21, 2024
what is off-page seo

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Off-page SEO is arguably the most difficult aspect of any good SEO campaign. It can be complex, time-consuming, and sometimes downright frustrating. What’s worse, the line between whitehat off-page SEO and blackhat off-page SEO is perilously thin.

But before you go pulling your hair out, understand that with a pragmatic approach and a clear understanding of Google’s boundaries, it’s entirely possible to navigate the off-page SEO landscape successfully—and profitably.

To get you up to speed with everything off-page, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll

  1. answer the question, “What is off-page SEO?”
  2. explore its importance, best practices,
  3. and dive into potential future trends.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO, in its simplest form, refers to all the activities that you and others do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page in search engine results.

And while traditionally, off-page search engine optimization (SEO) was predominantly associated with link-building—a strategic process of acquiring hyperlinks from third-party websites to your own, serving as endorsements that signal credibility and relevance to search engines—it goes beyond that. Alongside link-building, off-page SEO tactics include:

  1. Social media marketing involves leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your content and engage with your audience.
  2. Influencer outreach is the process of partnering with influential figures in your industry to boost your brand’s visibility and credibility.
  3. Guest blogging involves writing and publishing articles on other reputable websites in your industry to establish authority and generate backlinks.
  4. Brand mentions are instances where your brand is cited on other websites, contributing to your online reputation and visibility, even if they don’t link back to your site.
  5. Reviews and ratings are customer feedback on your products or services, which can influence your brand’s reputation and search engine rankings.
  6. Forum and community engagement refers to active participation in online discussions related to your industry, which can help build your brand’s authority and visibility.
  7. Podcasts are audio programs that can be used to share industry insights, interviews, and more, offering another avenue for content promotion and audience engagement.
  8. Local SEO tactics, such as optimizing your Google Business Profile listing, help improve your visibility in local search results, making it easier for nearby customers to find your business.

Learn more: Interested in broadening your SEO knowledge even further? Check out our SEO glossary, where we’ve explained over 250+ terms.

Off-Page SEO vs. On-Page SEO vs. Technical SEO

For clarity, let’s take a quick look at the differences between the three facets of SEO: off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. Understand that while each of these areas is crucial to your overall SEO success, they each have their unique characteristics and areas of focus.

  1. Off-page SEO refers to the actions taken outside your website that influence your site’s credibility and ranking. As we just covered, these tactics include but aren’t limited to earning high-quality backlinks from reputable sites, garnering mentions on other websites, and engaging in effective social media marketing.
  2. On-page SEO encompasses the strategies that you implement directly on your website to help search engines better understand and rank your content. On-page processes include optimizing your site’s content, using appropriate title tags, incorporating relevant keywords, structuring your URLs effectively, and implementing strategic internal linking.
  3. Technical SEO involves the behind-the-scenes activities that directly impact how search engines index and crawl your site, including processes like optimizing your site’s speed, implementing structured data, and ensuring mobile-friendliness.

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

Off-page SEO is an indispensable pillar of a well-executed SEO strategy. While this may seem self-evident, what’s less apparent is the role off-page SEO plays in signaling to search engines. It’s like a digital reputation manager, communicating how the rest of the internet—users and other websites alike—perceives your site. Are you seen as a trusted authority in your field or a complete nobody who doesn’t get a skerrick of a mention anywhere?

This is important because, just as you would vote for student council positions in your old high schools, the internet is a popularity contest—the more votes (in this context, backlinks, mentions, positive reviews, etc.) your website receives from third-party domains, the more search engines believe your site’s content and your brand as a whole is authoritative, trustworthy, and credible.

In other words, the more paths leading to your website, the easier it is for people and search engines to find you. This is the essence of off-page SEO.

For instance, if a user searches for a term like “best Italian pasta recipes,” search engines need to sift through their vast index of web pages to decide which ones best satisfy the user’s query. One of the strongest signals they use to do this is by looking at the number and quality of links pointing to each possible contender.

In other words, if a bunch of well-known and trusted websites recommend a pasta recipe to their readers that exists on your website, it’s a great indication that your page provides valuable content that users will find helpful.

The Future of Off-Page SEO

Remember, you heard it here first, folks—time for some juicy predictions on the future of off-page SEO.

Social Media Influence

While the direct impact of social signals on search rankings and SEO success remains ambiguous, there’s no denying that social activity positively influences visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and subsequent organic traffic. For these reasons, brands are increasingly turning to social media to promote their content to existing and new audiences—a trend that’s very unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Video Content

Video content is gaining massive amounts of momentum in the SEO world. YouTube, being the second-largest search engine behind Google, offers a powerful platform for brands to create promotional and informational content.

But it’s not all about legacy platforms.

There’s no denying the meteoric rise of TikTok, and just like YouTube, its success is firmly rooted in the global appetite for video content. With these trends in mind, the focus is on creating videos that inform and entertain rather than overtly advertise, adding another dimension to off-page SEO.

Multi-Channel Communication

More and more brands, just like yours, are recognizing the significant benefits of a multi-channel strategy when it comes to off-page SEO. Mutli-channel, what now? Multi-channel, as in publishing content on social media, blogs, forums, review sites, video-based platforms, and podcasts. All of it. All at once. Don’t slack, or you’ll fall behind. The aim here is to create a brand image and messaging that’s consistent across all channels.

Quality Backlinks

And then back to backlinks. Try saying that ten times in a row. Back to backlinks, back to backlinks…

We leave off on backlinks because they truly are one of the most potent SEO signals known to humankind. And we don’t see this changing anytime soon. Why?

They remain a critical factor in how search engines determine the relevance and authority of a website. The focus, however, is shifting toward the quality of backlinks rather than quantity. High-quality links from reputable websites are valued more than ever, making link-building strategies a vital part of off-page SEO and SEO as a whole.

Conclusion and Next Steps

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Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Brody Hall on March 21, 2024

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