Looking for a Yext Alternative? Try Loganix

If you’re looking for a Yext alternative for your citation building, we may be able to help. Loganix offers you a unique and powerful solution to bad citations all over the web. Our manual process offers you several serious advantages over what you’re getting from Yext.

Key Features LoganixYext
Price$4 per citation, $399 small package, $549 large package$199 per year
Live Citation100% (with additional free citations)100%
Project Delivery TimeSubmissions are completed within 3 days
Supported CountryANYANY
ReportingGoogle SpreadsheetYext Dashboard
Data AgregatorsYESInfoGroup, Neustar, Factual, Axciom
Google My BusinessYESYES
Yahoo LocalYESYES
Bing PlacesYESYES
Rich MediaYESYES

Loganix Advantages

Many more citation sources provided with affordable one time, no-contract options.

We offer you a unique and powerful solution with our citation-promotion feature.

Manual citation building means fewer opportunities for errors and robust profiles.

You own all the profiles we create, and are given logins to each.

Yext Advantages

You can quickly update data at any time & also promote special offers.

Yext provides clear reports & analytics on listing performance.

Offers more prominence on directories through ‘Power Listings’.

More, For Less

Yext has a fast process, but it comes at the cost of sources. Instead of having a direct relationship with a handful of the largest directories, we have strategies to deal with just about all of them. While Yext operates in the USA, Loganix is available all over the world. This gives us the flexibility to customize our packages based on where you’re selling, and to pick from the best citation sources possible when planning your campaign. Though we go through many more citations than Yext, Loganix is typically a lot cheaper per package for the same kind of results.

Unique Links Included

We don’t stop at readying your citations. We also give them an extra boost by building live links out to all of those new citations. Every one of these links is new and unique, so you get the best possible effect.