Citation Building FAQ

Do I need an address & phone number?

Legitimately, yes. Technically, no. If you don’t have an address and want to purchase Loganix, get in touch with us above and we will walk you through a dead, simple solution. It won’t help you get into local results, but it will help give your site a nice organic boost.

Will Loganix work in my country?

Most likely, yes. We’ve done work for clients in over 75 countries & 6 continents including, but not limited to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • The Netherlands
  • And many more…
Do you automate your citations, or are they manual?

100% manual. Because each campaign is tailored to exactly your needs, we only build manual citations and each campaign uses different citation sources. We’re not submitting the same 50 citations like everyone else.

Do you customize your Citation Building?

Each campaign is tailored to exactly your needs, we only build manual citations and each campaign uses different citation sources. You can check out our Citation Building Lists by Country & Profession to see some samples of the types of citations we’d build for you.

Who builds the citations? Outsourced?

We have a team of over 30, full-time, well trained citation building technicians that we have trained from the ground up over the better part of 4 years. They are knowledgeable, skilled and care a great deal about the accuracy and quality of your citations.

What if I already have lots of citations?

Before we even begin to build citations, we complete a very thorough audit of your current citations, which helps us know where NOT to build. This citation audit is included as part of your package, and can be found in our citation report. You are also very welcome to send along any lists you might have, from previous citation building.

How do you handle verifications?

In short, we don’t – well, we can’t. If citations require phone or physical mail verifications, it’s not possible for us to accomplish this, especially in a whitelabel capacity. However, we will provide you with instructions and advice on how to verify these important listings.

What the hell man? What’s up with spammy phone calls?

A necessary evil I am afraid. A lot of the directories that we submit you to, have paid upgrades. Quite literally, the moment they get your, or your clients information they are going to tell you how much business they can send you, or worse, that they are Google or a Google Partner and can make it rain for you. Trust me, there is no rain, and they sure as sh*t aren’t Google. While it is going to require ninja-like patience, take the calls. Some will say they won’t go live with your profile until you confirm info, which is often a ploy to get you talking to them, but there is a small percentage where they actually won’t. Just be warned, let your clients know, and in a couple weeks it will stop. My sympathies to all involved.

Alright, I can dig, but the emails? THE EMAILS MAN!?

Similar deal. When you give us the “business email” that gets put on the profile, sometimes shared with all. So you are going to get emails from the directory, and others. It should be noted, sometimes you will get genuine, interested customers. Rare, but it happens. Ignore the verification emails. We are getting the same ones. We setup an email address that we use to register all these profiles. So we got your back.

Can I see a sample of the citations you build?

We take client confidentiality very seriously. If you’re interested in a sample of work we’ve done, shoot us a message to get an anonymized sample report.

Do you offer white label reports?

Our reports are structured so that you can essentially take our report and hand it off to your client. No edits required, no fuss no muss. As far as they are concerned, you busted your chops to get this done for them. Except you’ve got a secret. You’ve got citation monkeys working for you. Enjoy.

What is Citation Promotion?

We’re glad you asked! These days, GOOD local rankings are composed of organic rankings factors as well as local. This is to appeal to the organic gods. We build links only to your citations, increasing their authority, and in turn, they relay more authority to your website – link authority to be exact. So, now you have your organic, and local components, all wrapped into one, highly-awesome package.

What is the nofollow dofollow distribution like? Anchors?

About 50-60% of the citations are do follow. We are always working on introducing more. The citation anchors are typically raw URL, generic or brand – it’s whatever the citation source uses. The tiers beyond the citation are a mixed bag, but typically only use about 10% keyword anchors.

How many keywords will Loganix rank my site for?

We will ask you to give us 5 keywords, but in local results, if you target a term like dentist London, you will often rank for its variation like dentist in London, London UK Dentist and the like. As long as you have selected the appropriate categories in your Google Places listing, so as to point Google in the right direction, we tend to see people rank for a whole bunch of keywords. Yes, we have had success with tricky terms like those suggested. However, I wouldn’t recommend ONLY purchasing a Loganix package, and expecting to rank for these terms. Competitive terms like these will require a well optimized site, additional backlinking, and more. Consider the value in ranking for these terms.

Are you doing anything black hat?

Tiers are pretty spammy without a doubt. Fortunately, because we are building the links to beasts of sites, they only end up helping. This is similar to how many folks approach ORM, and push their parasite/satellite/microsite properties to the top. Best of all, these sites act as a barrier between your website and the spam, protecting them from any fallout. Think….”link laundering.” We’ve been doing this for a couple years now in one form another, and the results continue to pile up. It would seem it is very hard for Google to figure out the root of this spam, and the best they could do is periodically de-value some of it, but by the time they get to that, we have a whole new list of links. You get a strong push but not so strong that you are worried.

Wait a sec, I swear I’ve seen you before?

Nothing fishy going on here, we are very open about our whitelabel offering. Indeed you’ve probably seen our reports before, our style and pizazz. That’s because some of the largest agencies, link building retailers, franchises and publishers employ our services in one form or another. Indeed, we have created versions of Loganix all over the place. Perhaps we can do the same for you?

Do you guarantee rankings? How long will they take?

Would you work with a SEO if they did guarantee rankings? Probably not. If you’re looking for local rankings, you are at the mercy of Google’s local index update, which tends to happen as seldom as every 60-90 days. I know, I keep telling them, like “bros, Larry and Sergey, I am trying to run a business here, hurry the heck up” but they aren’t too concerned about it. If organic is your game, it’s usually pretty quick. If you don’t see something happen after a couple weeks, you need to hit us up so we can have a look.

How many listings will be live once you’re done?

The fact that you have to ask this, is really telling of the other providers out there. I don’t want to call it magic or anything, but when you get a report from us, 100% of the citations you paid for, are live. And we deliver in a 1/3 of the time of most providers. Think about that for a second. What are they doing? I have no clue either.

Do you distribute to local aggregators?

Negative. We do not. Unless you require scale, I am not really a big fan of doing so. You have to wait 3 months before you see a darn thing. The profiles they do create are thin, and don’t create much value. And, you don’t control the profiles, which means if you want to edit them, you got to go through these guys, and they will only let you edit the most basic stuff. I’ll do it when I am working with 200+ locations, but otherwise, nah.

Do you handle phone verifications?

To sell you a whitelabel product, and then call your clients to see if they’d help us do phone verifications…’nough said. We will however do all the email verifications that we are able to do. No hay problema.

How many directories can you submit our business to?

How much money you got? A lot, a lot, a lot of directories. I’ll make you a promise. If we start running thin on GOOD sources, we will let you know, and refund you the difference. Let me clear: we do not build citations, for the sake of building citations. It’s that simple.

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