The Best Citation Sources and Directories for Japanese Businesses

Japan can be a very tough e-commerce market to break into, but with the help of our list of quality citations sources, you shouldn’t find it too difficult. Japan is an amazing market for many high-end goods, and that may be why so many of our clients have asked us to build citations in that country. What you see below is the best of the sources we’ve gathered so far.

Using Our Citation Sources

Using our list is simple. The links you see are to business directories that offer you the chance to create a profile with your NAP (name, address, phone number), website and other information. These instances of your NAP are powerfully effective at ranking personal websites and local results. Get started by building a profile for each of the directories listed below, and then check out our tips on building citations in Japan.

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Citation Building for the Japanese Market

Japan can be a tough market for E-Commerce if you’re not native to the country. Here are a few of the things we’ve learned.

For the purposes of getting your information out there, Google Translate is usually sufficient. Several directories for Japan are still available in English. If you’re having trouble, start with those as your first set. While we don’t usually include global directories, it may be a good strategy if you’re having trouble with websites in native Japanese.

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