South Korean Citation Sources

If you want to seize some authority on local results, citation building is one of the best methods. It’s easy to do, effective and mostly free. The hardest thing about it is choosing the right business directories. Fortunately, we’ve completed that step for you.

Below is a list of all the best directories for South Korean businesses. We know it’s the best, because we’ve painstakingly built it over years of close coordination with our Korean clients. While we’ve since expanded our list to include many more, our start list here will help you make dramatic leaps if you’re focusing on building for the first time.

Here’s the list. You can use the “add business link” to go directly to the page you’ll need. You can also read the section after the list to learn more about using citations correctly:

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Being a Better Citation Builder

Ready to get started? Citations are simple to create, and you won’t need anything except the information you already possess. Citations are listings, like any other, just online. For most directories, you’ll be asked for your business name, address and phone number. Some of the paid ones will offer you more options, and if you’re taking on the expense, you should take advantage of this.

Quality is the biggest consideration when creating citations. Some major directories distribute everything added to other directories. If errors are introduced, they can be spread all over the internet. Not only will these incorrect citations confuse your customers, they can also be recognized as a different or even competing business. It can ruin your strategy if mistakes are allowed to happen.

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