What Is Yahoo?

Aaron Haynes
Dec 23, 2021

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The majority of SEO professionals concentrate on optimizing for Google. This is due to Google’s dominance in the search engine business. According to Business Insider, Google-owned more than 90% of the international search engine market in 2018 and had done so for some time. Google is also more saturated as a result of this. As a result, more individuals are turning to Yahoo SEO to discover how they can effectively optimize for Yahoo ranking.

When marketers refer to Google as saturated, they are not referring to the fact that Google has access to more web pages and information than Yahoo. Both search engines have access to the same resources. What this implies is that more marketers are attempting to optimize for Google rather than Yahoo, which can make ranking on Google much more difficult.

So what is Yahoo? Is Yahoo safer than Google? What is Yahoo used for? What is Yahoo SEO and how does it work?

This article will delve deeper into these questions.

Let’s go!

What Is Yahoo?

Yahoo!, or Yahoo! Inc., is a multinational Internet services company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has been owned by Verizon Communications since 2017. Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students at Stanford University in California, established it in 1994. Yahoo! delivers online tools, information, and links to other websites to its customers.

Yahoo! began as a basic collection of Yang and Filo’s favorite Web sites and has now grown to include a search engine, an e-mail service, a directory, and a news section. The site was first known as “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” but as it gained in popularity, it was renamed Yahoo!, an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Yahoo! was founded in 1995 and has since purchased other firms, including Rocketmail and ClassicGames.com, which have now become Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Games, respectively. As one of the key players in the late 1990s dot-com craze, Yahoo! survived the 2001–02 collapse of many Internet-based firms, although it suffered significant economic losses.

For many years, Yahoo! battled Google, a key competitor in the search engine business, in an attempt to capture a bigger part of the market. Yahoo! notable releases include Yahoo! Instant Messenger, the acquisition of the Internet picture network Flickr, a slew of additional features, and the acquisition of a 40% stake in the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Despite such measures, several of Yahoo!’s competitors survived. Microsoft Corporation made an offer to purchase Yahoo! for $44.6 billion in February 2008, however Yahoo! rejected the deal, and Microsoft immediately retracted its offer. However, discussions between the businesses continued, and on July 28, 2009, a deal was reached in which Yahoo! will utilize Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, for its Web site and manage premium ads for Microsoft’s Web site, with a 10-year agreement.

In the midst of mounting financial difficulties, Yahoo! recruited Marissa Mayer as CEO and President in 2012. Despite having played a significant part in Google’s growth, her efforts to turn around Yahoo! were mostly unsuccessful. Verizon Communications stated in 2016 that it will purchase the company’s key assets, most notably its Internet business, for about $4.8 billion.

The public disclosure that Yahoo! had been victim to a series of security breaches, which were claimed to have affected more than one billion user accounts, delayed the completion of the purchase; it was eventually discovered that all Yahoo! accounts (about three billion) had been hacked.

The ultimate transaction, which took place in 2017, was for roughly $4.48 billion. Yahoo! Merged with AOL and was later absorbed into the newly formed company Oath, albeit it retained its own brand identity. The remaining component of Yahoo!, most notably its stake in Alibaba, was reorganized as Altaba.

Why Is Yahoo Important?

According to Statista, Google owns just 62.5 percent of the US market as of January 2020 and is gradually declining. Yahoo presently controls 11.4 percent of the market and has previously owned as much as 22.2 percent.

Yahoo is more than just another online email provider; it’s an online corporation with distinct advantages over other online firms, with products and services ranging from maps and movies to photographs, instant messaging, and technology. Yahoo Small Business, for example, may assist you in creating a profitable online business.  While the Yahoo Store isn’t free, there are a plethora of other useful free services only a click away.

Take advantage of some free code
It might be difficult to get Web applications to operate properly in all browsers. Unlike some other Web businesses, Yahoo overcomes this problem by providing free access to its large Yahoo User Interface Library to Web developers. The YUI is a lightweight code that contains free CSS and JavaScript code that you may use to develop fast, scalable Web applications that can enrich and make your Web sites more interactive.

Participate in social activities
Tumblr and Flickr, which were formerly separate blog and photo platforms, are now owned by Yahoo. Sign up for a Tumblr ID to start your own blog and share it with the rest of the world. Flickr is a free website that allows you to browse and share high-quality photographs with other members of the Flickr community.

Email like a pro
You may send and receive emails, manage contacts, and keep a calendar with Yahoo’s Standard Yahoo Mail service. Yahoo email is completely secured, and customers have 1TB of storage space for emails and files. You may also subscribe to Yahoo Ad Free Mail. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription for it, but unlike Standard Yahoo Mail, Ad-Free Mail does not display advertising and is never deactivated by Yahoo for inactivity. If standard email messages aren’t personal enough for you, try the built-in Yahoo Web Messenger to communicate with people directly from your email page. Some rival email providers do not support this sort of message.

Investigate advanced communication methods
Although you may send instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page, you can also download Yahoo Messenger and install it on your computer and mobile phone. It allows you to communicate with people via voice and camera. SMS and IM are supported, and you may share images and big files with conversation buddies. The software may also be used to make PC-to-phone calls. Similar software is available from other providers such as Skype and Google, however, Yahoo’s service is useful for chatting with other Yahoo members.

Yahoo is a search engine that may be used to find information on the internet
When you need to know the distance from Earth to Mars or a decent quiche recipe, put your question into a Yahoo Search box to find the answer. Yahoo, like Google, indexes the Web and makes information from Web sites accessible via Web searches. When you create a Yahoo account, you have access to extra features, such as the opportunity to examine your search history. Bing is one of the advantages of utilizing Yahoo Search over other smaller search engines. Yahoo performs searches using Microsoft’s Bing search technology at the time of writing.

Access a massive answer pool
If you have a question, it’s conceivable that one of Yahoo’s millions of users has already answered it on the Answers site. Browse the categories, ask questions, and see what others have asked and answered. If you sign up for a Yahoo ID, you may establish an Answers profile to answer questions, comment on answers, and vote on them.

Yahoo FAQ

What is Yahoo used for?

The Yahoo Everything page is the easiest method to access all of Yahoo’s web services in one spot. Here are some examples of things you can accomplish with Yahoo’s website:

  • Yahoo Answers: Post a question and receive responses from other users.
  • Yahoo Finance provides stock market information, quotations, financial news, and other services.
  • Yahoo Groups: Anyone may create a group that others can join and post in, similar to a forum.
  • Yahoo Mail is a free email service that allows you to send and receive emails.
  • My Yahoo: Personalize Yahoo to create your own unique home page.
  • Yahoo Downloads: Browser extensions that allow you to do things like reading Yahoo news every time you open your browser, view more of your email, make Yahoo your default search engine, and more.
  • Yahoo Entertainment: Movie showtimes, videos, and TV, movie, celebrity, and music news.
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports provides sports news, scores, rumors, fantasy games, and other features.
  • Yahoo News provides the most recent news from around the world as well as from the United States.
  • Yahoo Search: An online search engine that allows you to locate web pages, movies, pictures, recipes, and other information.
  • Yahoo Shopping: Browse stores, brands, or categories such as electronics, toys, sporting goods, flowers, gifts, clothes, and more.
  • Yahoo Weather: Check out the current weather and prediction for your location as well as the rest of the world.
  • Yahoo Developer Network, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Small Business, and Yahoo Sports are some of the company’s additional offerings. Yahoo used to provide additional services, such as Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo People Search, and Yahoo 360, which are no longer available.

Does Yahoo still exist?

Today, Yahoo is a reduced but still profitable amalgamation of diverse products ranging from fantasy football and celebrity gossip to site hosting and mapping, all packaged for Yahoo’s true clientele, advertising.

Is Yahoo safer than Google?

Google and Yahoo are the most popular search engines, with the largest market penetration, and both play important roles in the computer software business. Today, they have both branched into other businesses, and while they both use the same technology, they give different information. However, Google and Yahoo differ in terms of features, tools, and even search results, since each firm offers a completely distinct user experience. Yahoo, for example, includes news on its first page, but Google does not. Let’s look at some more distinctions between these two.

Search engines
Google and Yahoo both employ a specific set of instructions known as algorithms. The most essential component of every search engine is its algorithm, which is kept secret. However, Google’s algorithm is acknowledged to be superior to Yahoo’s. This is due to the fact that it favors excellent content over well-established connections and pages, as opposed to Yahoo, which still likes old and well-established websites.

Different search results
Google and Yahoo not only discover online pages, but they also frequently show search results. Both rank the sites based on the content they provide and what the user is looking for. Page ranking is crucial since most users want to discover information as fast as possible and on the first page of results. Despite the fact that Google and Yahoo index and search the same websites. While Google gives customers trustworthy and relevant results and provides them with rapid results, Yahoo’s homepage has greater appeal for its consumers due to an assortment of interactive elements such as news, sports, finance, weather, and so on. And people find it simple to get information and connect to the rest of the world.

Design differences
Here, design refers to the sort of information available on each website rather than its appearance. For example, if a user searches for a prominent actor or singer, Yahoo would give information with videos of the requested individual at the top of the page, but Google will merely provide the usual search result or similar results.

Tools and functions
Google and Yahoo both provide their consumers with a range of unique tools and services. Google provides a ‘Maps’ tool that allows users to discover any location and even zoom to the street level to view an actual image of most streets, whilst Yahoo has a ‘hotel searching tool’ that allows users to see hotel availability and pricing. Google and Yahoo both provide shopping features that allow consumers to compare the pricing of products at various retail shops. Both firms, however, are continually adding and upgrading functionality.

As a result, both Google and Yahoo provide a wide range of features, services, ranking methods, and algorithms. Despite the fact that Google has built a massive brand, Yahoo is not far behind. And this is not to say that one is better than the other. If you look at the current situation, you will see that most young people favor Google, while individuals over the age of 45 continue to prefer Yahoo.

What is the most popular search engine?

Google is without a doubt the most popular search engine/web portal, accounting for more than 70% of the search market share. Furthermore, Google accounts for about 85 percent of mobile traffic. Because of the high traffic potential, Google is a feasible choice for capturing organic or sponsored search traffic; the drawback, of course, is that practically everyone is vying for the same traffic.

Furthermore, new improvements to Google’s algorithm, such as highlighted snippets, attempt to satisfy users’ requirements directly on Google, eliminating the need for them to visit any links. These developments, along with Google’s prominence, may make it difficult for you to get the website visitors you desire.

How do you get a high ranking on Yahoo?

So far, the content offered on Yahoo provides the fundamentals you need to get started with SEO for Yahoo. Aside from that, when you look at the actionable actions, you’ll notice that they don’t differ much from regular SEO efforts.

  1. Provide a distinctive point of view
    A lot of the content on the internet is simply a rehash of something else. Companies take information from their competitors’ websites, twist it, and utilize it for themselves. This decreases the originality of the content accessible online, causing customers to bounce from article to article without discovering anything new on the same subject.

If you can break this trend, you may be able to gain new readers for life. Yahoo also promotes uniqueness by placing your web pages higher in search results. Here are a few ideas for adding unique information to your Yahoo SEO:

  • Instead of articles, use videos from credible sources, as algorithms do not yet read video content word for word.
  • Depending on the topic and the degree of risk you are prepared to take, approach the issue from a perspective that few people have considered or with which they may quickly agree.
  • Use user-generated content to break away from your website’s normal writing style, allowing you to focus on pieces created to enhance Yahoo SEO.
  • Return to the fundamentals of depending on textbooks for knowledge, as just a few publishers have produced digital editions capable of competing with you in the results.
  1. Conduct keyword research on your favorite keywords
    When researching keywords for your business, it’s critical to strike a balance between difficulty and affordability. The more competition there is for a particular term, the more resources you will need to invest in order to outrank them. “Travel” and “food” are two examples. If you have a limited Yahoo SEO budget, search for more precise long-tail keywords or an underserved keyword area.

The important question is, how do you go about finding them? Analytical data from your website is an excellent place to start. Whether you use WordPress Stats or Google Analytics, you should be able to identify the keywords that are already driving traffic to your website. Use them as a foundation.

  1. Create a blog post on what’s trending
    Writing about current events is solid SEO advice regardless of whatever engine you wish to optimize for. Yahoo, on the other hand, places a higher focus on this than perhaps any other search engine. Google keeps things basic on the main page, with only a search box and the occasional doodle. Trending subjects are pushed to the bottom of the search results page by Bing. Yahoo devotes the majority of its on-page real estate to trending topics and breaking news.

As a result, Yahoo’s search engine is an excellent tool for discovering trending subjects that it already thinks are significant. It is especially beneficial if you want to publish the information within the following 48 hours or less. Monitor social media and consider utilizing Google Trends to stay ahead of the curve.

What is Yahoo SEO and how does it work?

Knowing a little about a company’s history is a smart place to start when dealing with SEO linked to its algorithms. When it comes to Yahoo rankings, it’s crucial to remember that Yahoo’s search engine has merged with Oath to become Verizon Media. There are several more characteristics to consider:

In the same vein as Bing: Yahoo’s search engine algorithm is more similar to Bing than to Google’s. As a result, in most cases, if you optimize for one, you optimize for both. It is worth noting that Bing’s market share in the United States has been gradually growing since July 2010. It now controls 25.3% of the US market.

Less difficult: There is a reason why SEO professionals can make a full-time living from Google SEO. Simply said, it’s complex. This is why, even with a devoted team, it might take up to six months to start ranking for keywords in Google and getting actual results. Yahoo SEO is a lot less complicated. It is based on fewer elements, and the criteria are quite simple.

More focused on links: Links are gradually losing favor with Google, but not with Bing and Yahoo. This is one of the most fundamental indications of quality content that both search engines rely on. Building high-quality backlinks would thus help your website rank higher in these searches, even if it ranks lower in Google.

Greater emphasis on age: As early as 2017, marketers revealed that domain age has minimal influence on Google search engine ranking. Yahoo SEO, on the other hand, considers the age of a domain and how long it has been linked with a website. If ranking well on Yahoo is essential to you, you might think about altering the domain name.

Don’t forget: check out the other definitions (over 200) in our growing SEO glossary.


Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of Yahoo.

Yahoo.com isn’t the only website in this category. Google is quite comparable since it also provides a range of free services spawned by the same corporation, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google News, a finance search engine, built-in shopping results, and so on.

Yandex operates along the same lines; you can sign up for an email account, get directions on a map, and use a search engine to discover photos, online pages, and videos. Other web search engines include DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Dogpile. Yahoo Mail is only one of several free email services available.

Examine the analytical statistics for your website. Which search engine sends the most people to your website? Then, investigate further to determine whether one suggests higher-quality leads. Not every visitor converts into a transaction or a click on an affiliate link. Check to see whether the smallest source of traffic also delivers the best source of traffic for you.

The knowledge in this post provides a solid Yahoo SEO foundation for you to expand on. If you discover that you require more professional services in order to progress, choose no less than an SEO firm that is a world leader in the field like Loganix.

Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Aaron Haynes on December 23, 2021

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