White Label Local SEO

Aaron Haynes
Nov 25, 2022

Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Local SEO services offer a great opportunity to add another feather to your marketing cap.

But more service offerings mean more resources and overhead costs.

Instead of turning your back on a possible money-making opportunity, why not consider employing the services of a white label local SEO agency?

To help you find a white label local SEO partner that will compliment your business, here we:

  • define what white label local SEO is,
  • detail the benefits of white label local SEO,
  • and list the most in-demand local SEO services you can begin offering your clients today.

What is White Label Local SEO?

White label local SEO is a service provided by white label SEO companies and sold as an unbranded product to resellers — typically a digital marketing or fellow SEO agency.

The reseller then brands the service with their own logo and company name, allowing them to offer their clients local SEO services without taking on the venture themselves.

6 Benefits of White Label Local SEO

A white label local SEO service provider offers resellers several notable benefits. These include:

  1. Extend your service offerings. Offer your clients high-quality local SEO services without having to invest in the infrastructure or expertise required to deliver these services yourself.
  2. Comprehensive service. Become a one-stop shop for all of your clients’ online marketing needs.
  3. Stand out from the competition. White label local SEO also offers you the opportunity to differentiate your service offering from your competitors.
  4. Focus on core competencies. Free up your time and resources to concentrate on more important areas of your business.
  5. Remove the hassle of managing in-house staff. Rather than having to invest in hiring, developing, and managing an in-house SEO team, you can outsource this work to a partner who specializes in this area.
  6. Offer flexible services. Customize the solution to meet your clients’ unique needs and objectives. This includes tailoring keyword lists, optimizing on-page content, and developing citations and backlinks specific to each client’s business.

White Label Local SEO: 4 Services to Resell

Let’s run through in-demand local SEO services you can start offering your clients.

1. White Label Local Citation Building

A local citation is an online reference to a business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP). Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites, on map apps, and on social platforms. Search engines use citations as a signal to verify the accuracy of your business listing and to determine its relevance to user queries.

Citations are also considered a key ranking factor for local SEO. In other words, the more local citations your client’s websites have, the better.

A white label local citation building service provider will, well, build citations that boost the visibility of local businesses on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Here at Loganix, we build four types of citations for your clients’ local businesses that deliver the best results:

  1. Business directory citations that match your clients’ niche, industry, and location.
  2. Social media citations that allow users to find your clients’ businesses on relevant social media platforms.
  3. Photo citations that increase search engine visibility and boost potential customers.
  4. Video citations that are published on high-authority video sites.

If you’d like to know more, check out our local citation building services here.

2. White Label Local Citation Auditing

A simple change of address or phone number can result in a business’ citations to be inaccurate or inconsistent, causing a business’ citations to compete against one another.

In an already competitive market, this seemingly minor issue can have a dramatic impact on your clients’ businesses. It can frustrate potential customers and hurt a business’ bottom line.

The solution? A local citation audit.

A comprehensive local citation audit will identify any incorrect or missing citations, as well as any opportunities to improve the quality of your clients’ citations.

Our citation audit involves these processes (and more):

  1. Checks for NAP variations and details what citations could use the most work to boost local rankings.
  2. Catalogs current citations, so a client knows exactly where their business listings exist.
  3. Perform aggregator checks that determine if your clients have used an aggregator in the past to spread citations (often citations spread by aggregators are outdated and require updating).

If you’d like to learn more, see a detailed breakdown of our local SEO citation audits here.

3. White Label Local Citation Cleanup

Your clients may choose to use the citation audit you’ve provided to clean their citation profile up themselves.

Or they may wish to leave that task up to you.

A citation cleanup involves removing any citation discrepancies and duplicates that may hurt your clients’ ability to reach new customers.

Our citation cleanups not only rectify inconsistencies but also optimize citations for maximum impact on potential customers.

If you’d like to know more about our process, check out our citation cleanup and repair services here.

4. White label local SEO Services and Packages

For maximum impact, you may wish to offer your clients full local SEO packages.

What does this look like?

Local SEO packages typically involve optimizing business listings, building and repairing citations, link building, and even content creation.

We offer a suite of unbranded, white label local SEO packages you can offer your clients. With these services, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager, receive frequent progress updates, have access to comprehensive reporting, and have a full team of SEOs, developers, and copywriters ready and willing to tailor their working approach to your customers’ individual needs.

To read more, find everything you need to know about our local SEO services here.


White Label Services for Marketers

For more information, check out our guide to White Label Marketing Services.

Or, check out the other related services:

With help from an experienced and reputable white label SEO provider, resellers can get the help they need to improve their clients’ local search visibility while expanding their current service offerings.

By partnering with Loganix, you can offer your clients expert local SEO services without having to hire additional staff or invest in expensive software. Loganix will handle all the heavy lifting, from keyword research to link building, so you can focus on growing your business.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us here.

Hand off the toughest tasks in SEO, PPC, and content without compromising quality

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Written by Aaron Haynes on November 25, 2022

CEO and partner at Loganix, I believe in taking what you do best and sharing it with the world in the most transparent and powerful way possible. If I am not running the business, I am neck deep in client SEO.