The Best Citation Sources and Directories for French Businesses

If you’re not including the French market in your marketing, you’re missing out. The land of love and delicacy is also home to some of the most eager (and affluent) customers in the world for markets ranging from beauty to technology. The better your product, the better chance you have of doing well in this refined market.

To start getting some attention, use our list of provided citations. To be competitive, it’s best to have profiles on each of these French business directories. The list includes some of the best free and paid business directories in France, but we’re always finding more if you’d like to give our service a try. Read on to find out what we’ve learned about working in France.

France’s Best Citation Sources

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What We’ve Learned Operating in France

Lingua Franca. They take it seriously. Though it’s pretty safe to assume that the population of France speaks English about as well as any other European mainland population, they show a marked preference for businesses advertising in french. Your profile and likely your landing page too should feature professionally-translated French if you want access to these lucrative customers.