Ireland Business Directories & Local SEO Citations List

Ireland is a great place to go for online business. While more competitive for online commerce than some of the developing markets we’ve targeted, this country still has plenty of breathing room for marketers looking to a leisurely path to the front page. To make the work even easier, we’ve produced a list of some of the best citation sources on the emerald isle.

Our list should make it pretty easy for you to get any site moving. It includes some of the best in free business directory listings in Ireland, as well as other avenues worth trying out. If you’re looking for more advice or having trouble navigating irish business directories, read on after the list to find out what we’ve learned about tracking down and exploiting these resources.

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Best Ireland Business Directories & Citations:

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What We’ve Learned Operating in Ireland

While Ireland has many great resources, you’ll find that there are even more opportunities if you expand your search to the larger area. There are plenty of Irish business directory opportunities available in England and Scotland. based in England or in the wider UK that will host Irish citations.

Particularly when targeting consumers in Northern Ireland, you should be taking advantage of the massive amount of free business directory listings in the U.K. that offer space specifically for Northern Ireland. Naturally, advertising in the Republic of Ireland may take a bit more effort. Fewer UK sites will support the listings, but most of examples on this list should be safe.