Swedish Citation Sources

Use this list of Swedish business directories to launch your own citation-building strategy. If you’re interested in performing better in local search results, you’ll want to take advantage of all the work that we’ve already put into finding the best sources.

We’ve been building, cleaning and auditing citations for several years now. We work with clients all over the globe, and for each new country we build for, we develop a new list. The interest from Sweden has been surprising, and frequent work there it has allowed us to build one of the most comprehensive and well-developed lists online.

You’ll find it very easy to use our sources. What you see below is just a long list of them, with accompanying links to make it easier for you to navigate and organize them. To get started quickly, you’ll want to use the column that’s labelled “Add business link”. Just click each one to find yourself on the registration page you’ll need to create your citation.

If you have any questions, check out the tips that follow the list.

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http://www.allabolag.se/ 46 32 41
http://www.solidinfo.se/ 24 21 34
http://www.foretagsfakta.se/ 40 46 41
http://www.xn--fretagskontakt-vpb.se/ 17 11 27
http://www.par.se/ 28 36 38
http://www.eniro.se/ 78 58 46
http://www.hastnet.se/ 32 YES 42 41
http://www.driva-eget.se/ 35 YES 31 43
http://se.kompass.com/ 65 YES 27 36
http://www.swedenseek.com/ 29 YES 11 24
http://se.ondebiz.com/ 45 YES 4 25
http://www.eurobizdirectory.com/sweden/ 16 NO 4 20
http://swe.bizdirlib.com/ 43 YES 11 17
http://www.cylex.se/ 40 YES 28 44
http://www.scb.se/ 72 YES 59 47

Tips for Citation Building

Build Them All: We’ve prepared a large list for you, and it will likely take a long time to complete them all. Still, you should make sure that you build all of them if you want your strategy to be successful. Citation building is very much a numbers game.

Double-Check: The information in your citations, your name, addresses and phone number in particular, need to be completely accurate. Sometimes dozens of directories will seed from a single source. If you send the wrong information to one source, it can spread those mistakes all over the internet.

Never Stop Building: This list is a great start, but there are plenty of other good citation sources out there to find. Now that you know what to look for, you should easily be able to find the best.

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