Italian Citations—The Most Authoritative List of Directories

Citation building is an excellent strategy for improving local results in Italy. We offer one of the best citation building packages online, but you can begin your own campaign just by following up with each of the links that we’ve provided for you. You can jump right to the list by clicking here, or learn more about citations in the next section.

Using Our Helpful Citation List

Never built citations before? You’re in luck. Everything that’s hard about building citations has already been done for you, and you just need to fill in the same blanks over and over, now. Citations are just business listings like the ones you’d find on yellowpages or yelp. Building a lot of them makes your business look more authoritative, and generally puts you in a better position in local results.

“A lot of them” may be more than you think. Even setting up profiles with all the major directories isn’t going to make much of a difference. You need to build citations by the dozens, and that means tracking down all of the big directories for your each country. As you can see, that’s what we’ve provided for you below. All you need to do is click each link and start filling in the information for your business.

You can find some more information about building good citations after the list.

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Choose our Italian Citation Builders

Our team has been building citations for years now, and we’re one of the most trusted and experienced teams online. We would love to help you with your building campaign, but if you want to do it yourself, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

Triple-Check for Accuracy: Bad citations can create serious problems down the line. Mistakes in addresses or names can make growth impossible.

Build As Many as You Can: Start with this list, but keep going after that. You want to track down as many Italian business directories as you can, and add your info.

Build Them All Over: You can put citations in more places than just business directories. Look around for other opportunities to post citations.

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