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If you’re interested in citation building, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been handling these types of campaigns for years, and we’ve handled them for clients all over the world. Our experience has given us the opportunity to work with many different clients from Portugal, so we’ve had the chance to develop a really effective list.

The list below contains the best set of Portuguese business directories out there. Each one that’s been included in this list has been tracked over the years, and known to be authoritative. The best way to take advantage of this list is to follow the links and build out each profile as completely as possible.

If you’re experienced, you can skip to the list and start building right away. If you’re new however, you may want to take advantage of the introduction to citation building that follows the list.

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Website Link DA FREE? Trust Flow Citation Flow
http://www.infoisinfo.com.pt/ 38 YES 19 32
http://idnacional.com/ 25 YES 10 28
http://www.guiadoporto.net/Default.aspx 24 7 15
http://www.guiadooeste.pt/ 22 27 24
http://www.europages.pt/ 44 YES 52 41
http://www.misterwhat.pt/ 34 YES 33 32
http://www.lisboanet.pt/lisboa/index.php 16 25 36
http://www.tuugo.pt/ 23 YES 15 33
http://www.portugal-linha.pt/ 39 YES 23 29
http://www.directobras.pt/ 33 YES 16 29
http://www.portugalio.com/ 32 YES 17 35
http://www.takitudo.net/ 32 YES 34 36
http://www.mundopt.com/ 49 46 37
http://guiaempresas.universia.pt/ 53 30 28
http://www.guianet.pt/pt 38 YES 48 34
http://dir.aeiou.pt/ 69 YES 31 39
http://www.hotfrog.pt/ 36 YES 20 26
http://www.pai.pt/ 66 YES 57 59
http://codigopostal.ciberforma.pt/ 34 YES 33 35
http://www.guiadacidade.pt/pt 43 YES 49 52
http://pt.kompass.com/ 74 YES 21 28
http://www.directorio.iol.pt/ 73 24 23
http://www.directorioamarelo.pt/ 1 0 0
http://www.empresasnanet.com/ 17 YES 5 16
http://www.oportaldasempresas.com/ 27 YES 6 26
http://www.diretoriode.com/pt/ 25 YES 15 21
http://www.export.aeportugal.pt/ 52 26 27
http://portalnacional.com.pt/ 31 39 40
https://www.einforma.pt/ 29 0 15
http://olx.pt/ 56 YES 11 29
http://www.infoempresas.com.pt/ 23 17 20

Using Portuguese Citations Correctly

If this is your first time managing a building campaign for yourself or a client, you may find an introduction helpful. A citation is just a listing of your business information—notably your name, address and phone number. There are many places to post them online, and the business directories that we’ve included are the best for Portugal in particular. You just have to make an account on each one and create a listing for your business.

This works because the relevance of your business in search results is partly based on the quality of the sites that are linking back to you. When all of these business directories are pointing at your business, you look authoritative.

This is an effective strategy, but a lot of people have trouble with the amount of time it takes to build out all these listings. If you’re one of them, you can contact us to handle it all for you. Affordable, fast and accurate citation building is what we do.

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